Thursday, January 7, 2010


It's fun to watch Noah as he fills out and his face looks less like an elderly man or an alien. Everyone says he looks like Ben, but there are expressions and the dimple on the right side that looks like Emily. He actually looks quite a bit like her.

Sometimes people get lumped as look alikes because a few characteristics are similar. I've been told that I look like Wynona Judd or Reba McEntire. Really? I don't know that either is a compliment. Is it just a redhead thing? Can't they tell me I look like a pretty redhead like, like,, there's got to be one.

Anyway, here are pics of the kids all around the same age.
What do you think?

Emily (gosh, my hubby looks hot...still does!)



Julia Roberts! Thank God, there's at least one!


Linda said...

You're so funny, lol

In those pictures, Emily and Noah look very much alike. I tend not to compare siblings, since to me, everyone looks just unique - like themselves, though...

the other night when we were sitting at the dinner table, Jim looked across at Sarah and I and said "You know - you two are looking more and more alike all the time" and Sarah agreed with a laugh.

Amy said...

Amy Adams!!!!
(Princess Giselle from Enchanted)

Sarah said...

are you kidding me? they look like the same cute baby! that's uncanny.

Anonymous said...

OK so they all look like me! LOL!
But it is true Noah's eyes are more like Emily's then Ben's. But something uncanny happened today. I was just looking at pics of the 3 of them and although on this computer I don't have any baby pics of Emily( at least not that young)I was looking at that very picture of Ben and made the decision that they did not have the same eyes. Then I look and see your blog and you have chosen the very same pic for comparison. What do they say, "All great minds think alike"?
Happy Weekend. ☼

Anonymous said...

well, you got me on that one. I was the first to say Noah looked like Ben, but not so much. His and Emily's eyes are one of the same.(and noses!) Anyway, you have three gorgeous kids who look like a combination of you and David! And YOU are the beautiful redhead that doesn't need to look like anyone but yourself! Love you.
Stepmommie Suzy