Friday, June 29, 2012


I picked up the DVD of the kids recital performance last night. I figured the kids could watch it while David and I got some stuff ready for camping. Most of the video was new to them as they couldn't watch any of the show from the green room.

This hip hop number had Noah dancing. I was cracking up. Emily and Ben knew I was filming, so they were hamming it up for the camera. Noah, on the other hand, was just being himself. He has more rhythm than I thought!

Out of the 5 dancers, 3 are boys and Ben has stated he wants to take hip-hop next year.

I've been telling Emily all along that ballet and tap may not be her bag and she may like lyrical or jazz better. She didn't want to listen. Shocker. After seeing a lyrical dance, she proclaims she'd much rather do that than ballet. Duh, listen to your mother!

I'll make a copy of their individual performances soon and get them posted!

And speaking of mothers and daughters not listening to each other, on Monday, Emily and went to see Brave together. This picture is a little scary, but it was us in the theatre.
It was such a departure from normal Disney movies. The princess isn't looking for her prince. She doesn't want one. When/if she changes her mind, she at least wants to choose who she marries. The mother and daughter butt heads on the matter, which Emily and I do often too. It was a good story for a mom and daughter to see together. It teaches that we should listen to each other. Oh and most importantly, don't find a witch to cast a spell on your Mom to change her because she may change into a bear!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Tornado

I spoke too soon about the kids making summer messes in my last post. Today a tornado came through their rooms and the destruction is unlike anything I've seen.
Emily has a friend over.
This is what happens when they are quietly playing while I pack for camping. This camping thing is turning out to be a lot or work!

Summer Mess

The kids kind of get free reign of the house during the summer. I have work do to and other stuff and I just let them play and be kids. The house always looks like this in a few hours.
Noah insists on dressing himself lately. There's a 50/50 chance he'll get the clothes on the right way, but everytime, they are backwards. Go figure. And if we don't have anything going on that day, they usually don't change out of their pajamas.

About 30 minutes before David comes home, we all go aerobic and pick everything up. I make them stand where David does when he walks into our house. If that view is a horrible mess, they need to get cleaning until it looks good.

Things are pretty much super chaotic right now. We are leaving for camping tomorrow. Yes, our one annual camping trip that our friends talk us into. I'll admit, we enjoy it.

Here's hoping we don't get eaten by bears. There have been several attacks in Arizona lately, but not in the area we are going. We are bringing our only weapon, a cast iron skillet.

Here's hoping we don't lose Noah. He likes to wander. I'm thinking a leash?

Wish us luck!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Last summer, Emily took piano lessons. When school started, she didn't want to continue. David and I struggled with letting her quit. I think every adult wishes they had learned how to play an instrument when they were younger. Should we force her to keep playing or let her make her own decisions? We let her decide.

She quit.

Her good friend, Alanah, kept playing the piano through the school year. Emily was at her house for a sleepover a few weeks ago. Alanah was playing the piano and Emily decided she wanted to take lessons again. Jealousy? Maybe, but whatever works.

Emily had her first piano lesson again last week. She remembered quite a bit. Her Grampie and Grammie are very supportive of her playing, so we made videos for them.

I don't know if she'll stick with it or if she'll be the summer school piano kid for the next 10 years. Either way, I feel that she'll learn something and that's worth it.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Yesterday I need to run some errands...alone. It takes three times as long to tote three kids into stores and I wanted to browse around Kohls and get my haircut. It was a lovely 3 hours.

David took the kids to the pool. When I got home, Noah immediately showed me how he swam at the pool. Head down, arms moving like a frog. Then, David told me Noah jumped off the side of the pool in the 4 foot section and swam to the steps with no floaties! I couldn't believe it.

We went today and I got some video of him. He has no fear.

For his next trick, he swam across the pool with a short stop and help from Dad for a breath. This freaked me out a little as he was under for so long. You can hear the panic in my voice. But, that's just a Mom for you!

For his last and final trick, he jumped in and swam to Dad.

Emily learned to swim at 4 years old. Ben was 5. Noah is 2. I think he'll be swimming next summer. Have I mentioned he's my strong willed child? In this instance it's a good thing.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Crib Idea

Thanks to Piper who reads my blog, she pointed out a few really cute designs on pinterest that caught her eye for repurposing a crib. Those links led me to this blog and all I can say is WOW! I figured out what I want to do with our crib.
I love the color, so I won't mess with that. I want to turn it into something similar to this:
Again, the idea is from Cassandra Design.

I love it. Three baskets, so the kids can put their shoes, hats, scarves, mittens, etc in their own baskets. I love that it has a little saying on it. Ours would say "Galeana est. 2002". How cute is that?

So, now the problem comes in. I don't know how to do anything like this. Maybe my Dad who is retired and needs projects could chop up our crib with his table saw and make some magic. What do you think Dad? Dad? Dad?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Birthday and Father's Day

David's birthday is the 12th, so we always have his birthday and Father's Day within the same week. It's a lot of celebrating, but we all enjoy it and David deserves it.

For his birthday, we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.
We came home and opened gifts.
The kids decorated the wrapping paper with pictures of flowers and superheroes.
We made David a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. His favorite.
We sang Happy Birthday.
David made a wish.
Not sure what he wished for, but I hope it comes true.

For Father's Day, David made us breakfast. Then, we headed to the pool. We seem to do this every year on Father's Day.
The kids took turns riding on David.

Then while Emily was trying to do some tricks, Ben and David did their own trick.

Emily doing some more tricks and David and Ben doing the helicopter.

Noah doesn't like to be left out, so he gave it his best.
Noah got his first swim lesson with no floaties.

I'm getting ready to make David lasanga for dinner, which I do once a year on Father's Day and he gets to relax for the rest of the day.

What I really want to say about David is that he really is a blessing to all of us. When I married him, I knew he'd be a great husband and he is. But on top of that, he's a wonderful Dad. He is always there for them. From the second he wakes up to when he goes to bed, he is never too busy for them. I love that about him. November will mark 10 years that we've been together, and I still wonder how did I get so lucky?

Happy Birthday and Father's Day to the best husband and father around. We love you.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Big Boy

Noah will be three in August and I feel like he's going through so many changes right now. His vocabulary is expanding every day. He'll say the funniest things. He's totally independent which is a nice way to say he'll run off and not care.

He's getting really good with potty training. We have pee pretty much down, but are lacking in other areas. He'll make a mess in his pull up and tell me, "It's a tiny poop, youah no scream?" He sounds like my Italian Grandmother.

The time had finally come to get Noah a bed. Emily was in a bed at 18 months, and Ben was 2 years old on the dot. Then, neither one of them ever took a nap again. You can understand why I was holding off on getting Noah a bed. He doesn't nap every day, just a few times a week, but I need him to take a nap sometimes. I need it more than him.

In any case, the time had come. We are going on vacation in a month and I want him to be adjusted to a bed since that's where he will be sleeping. We always get double beds for our kids as we want to be comfortable when one of us needs to sleep with them for some reason. David rented a truck from Home Depot and went to Costco to buy his bed.

While David was gone, I got his room all cleaned up and moved stuff around. I took down his changing pad on his dresser as we don't really use it anymore. I moved the glider to the living room. I felt a little lump in my throat. This is it. There will not be another baby in that crib, another naked baby on that changing table, or another sleepless night in that glider rocking a baby. We've had the same furniture for all three kids. How can I possibly put that glider on Craigslist with a statement of "$50 obo"? Luckily, I can use most everything in our home and maybe I can find some clever use for a crib on pinterest or something.

Anyway, Noah didn't care about my sappy moment. He just jumped right on his new bed.
But then in true third child fashion, I thought it might be best to switch his mattress with Emily and give him the old one. Emily's bed already has a few pee stains on it from years ago. Why should we mess up the new mattress if Noah has an accident, which I know he will at some point. So, he got an old mattress and I put Ben's old sheets on them (which have a hole in them) and put on Ben's old Lightening McQueen comforter.

Basically, Noah didn't get anything new at all. But, he doesn't know or care.
He still looks so little in his room.
He is inviting everyone to come sit on his bed and read him books.
I left his crib up in his room in the other corner just in case, but I'm hoping all goes well tonight. I have a feeling he may be a wanderer at night just like his sister. Unfortunately, she's at her second sleepover tonight or I'd let her sleep with him and they could party all night long.

Emily's at a sleepover. Noah's in a big bed. My kids are growing up and I'm not sure I like it.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Emily's Cooking Show

I've always thought Emily would be a great chef or food critic. She was the only 3 year old I knew who loved calamari. Her Dad's pea soup is one of her favorites. She'll try anything and usually like it. In preschool, they were asked to bring their favorite food to share for a Thanksgiving feast. Most kids brought Cheetos, donuts or cookies. Emily wanted to bring green beans. I was worried that kids would shun her choice and make her feel bad, so I asked her to pick another favorite food. She picked sweet potatoes. I think we ended up bringing corn.

Lately, Emily is obsessed with cooking shows. She never misses an episode of The Pioneer Woman and loves to watch Master Chef with us at night. She says she wants to have a cooking show one day. Last week, we decided to start with M&M cookies. We had received one of those jars for Christmas with all the ingredients already measured, so she made them all by herself.
I only helped crack the egg. She did the rest.
She did such a great job. I knew she was having fun. She was even talking through what she was doing just like on TV. At one point she asked me, "Where's my cameraman?" I think she's a natural.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

I Love Our Town

When we moved to our small town of Prescott, we felt it was a good fit. It's big enough to have a Target, but small enough to have the homecoming queen on the front page of the local newspaper. A perfect mix in my opinion.

There is also a small town feel and you tend to know people everywhere you go. Last week at Harkins, which is the only movie theatre in town, we ran into family after family that we know...old neighbors in the concession line, Emily's classmate two rows below us, an employee from David's work whose on maternity leave sat behind us. It's like that all the time. It's wonderful. It's like a big family.

Last Friday, we went to a block party. Not our block, but our friends who live 4 blocks away. They finally got all the homes in their cul-de-sac filled and they invited all the neighbors.
It was bring your own meat and David was not thrilled to be eating a hamburger, so our friends very kindly gave him a steak. He was happy.
Everyone sat around and talked and got to know each other. And Noah tried to make a run for it. Luckily, I spotted him and had David run after him. I wonder how far he would've gone?
There were kool-aid faces.
A game of hoops.
Some stomp rockets.
Smores over an open barbeque grill. Due to the fire danger, open fires are prohibited, so we had to make do.
He wasn't complaining.
She had a ball too.
At the end of the night, the kids were a hot, sticky mess which is exactly how they should be after a fun summer night.

And just when I think that our small town of Prescott, Arizona isn't really all that different from anywhere else in America, we spotted this going down the highway today.
I think this town is one of a kind.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Yea For Motown...or not

I can truly blame Dancing With The Stars. David and I were watching an episode over a month ago, and it was Motown night. Smokey Robinson and The Temptations performed and we were loving the music. I grew up with all those oldies. My parents listened to them all the time and I can say I know almost every word to most of those songs. Who doesn't?

My kids, that's who. As an adult, I've never put on a motown or oldies station for them. I don't even listen to the radio anymore. I felt it was my job as a parent to expose my kids to some classic oldies.

Now that we have our iPhones, we have a docking station with speakers in the kitchen that David got me for mother's day. I stream Pandora (internet radio) and whatever genre of music I want will play. It's fabulous. Every night when I cook dinner, I turn on an oldies station.

Last night was no different. I was making homemade sauce and meatballs, so I was in the kitchen longer than normal. The kids were on the island watching me.
We'd heard lots of great songs. Earth Angel. Oh, Donna. Unchained Melody. I thought that my kids were becoming more well rounded by the minute exposed to this music.

I was stirring my sauce as Emily came walking through the kitchen. She was singing an oldie! In her lowest voice she sang, "let's get it on..."

Tonight, we are finding the Broadway station.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I've caught a nasty cold. There are 1,000 things wrong with having a cold in the summer. David has it too and now Ben woke up with it.

Yesterday, we were supposed to go to the zoo. I woke up feeling horrible, but knew I should muster up the energy to go. I knew the kids would love to go, so I got lunches packed and sunscreen on and we met our friends.

I didn't take any pictures.

My friend snapped a couple of the kids at the splash pad after. This is the highlight after a hot morning of walking around.
Give Ben a sprinkler and he's a happy boy.
It was a fun morning. I'm glad we went.

Other exciting news...
We got new stools/chairs for our kitchen. We bought 2 originally (5 years ago) because we had 2 kids, but then Noah came along and I truly hated those other stools. They swivel and almost as bad as nails on a chalkboard is the stool hitting the counter...tink, tink, tink. Drives me crazy. I also hated the microfiber seats. The kids would spill and they'd get nasty. I also hated that they were really little. Made no impact. Our friends around the corner have the same model of home as ours and they moved. They couldn't use these Pottery Barn stools anymore. But, I could! So I bought them from her and couldn't be happier!
And just when I splurge on some chairs, I realize Noah needs a double bed, my car needs new tires, the carpet steam cleaner broke and our lawn mower is on the fritz. Isn't that always how it works?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Lovin'

Having the kids home for the summer rocks my schedule. I've been exercising faithfully since January, but with the kids home and the heat, it doesn't leave a lot of time in the day.

So, I'm waking up around 6 and getting some exercise in.
If you knew me well, you'd know I don't get up before 7:30 unless the house is on fire. This is quite the accomplishment for me.

I don't enjoy getting up early, but I do enjoy gettting in a 7 mile bike ride before the kids even get up.

Speaking of bikes, Emily got a new one. It's an early birthday gift. Her legs were hitting the handle bars, so we looked and looked and she fell in love with this bike. Not too girly, and she'll easily be able to ride it for 3-4 more years.
She's begging us to go on bike rides with her every day now.

Today also started summer tennis lessons. The kids took lessons last summer and wanted to take them again this year. We found a lady who is giving us (and our friends) a private lesson once a week. It's the same price as the parks and rec, but it's at our neighborhood tennis courts and we don't have 10 kids in the class! Awesome!

Emily got the hang of it again right away.
Ben was getting frustrated that he couldn't hit the ball.
I think it was lesson 4 or 5 last year before he even made contact.

Coach Sarah ran them through a bunch of hand eye drills and they tried hitting again. Em knocked every one out of the park. Emily is very coordinated and there is nothing that she can't do. She picks things up quickly.
And Ben did too!
He hit 5 balls at the end and he was so super proud of himself. I was so happy for him. He said he couldn't want until his Dad got home from work to tell him!

The kids were very hot and tired. Next week, we'll bring bathing suits and change and go for a dip in the pool. Today we came home and Emily got creative in finding a way to cool down.
Yep, she's in the fridge.
I bet Whirlpool never had this in mind.
They both had a few otter pops and were good to go.

Up next today, the dentist and spa/margarita night at our friends.
Have I mentioned how much I love summer?