Sunday, September 25, 2016

Around Our House

I know it's been awhile since I blogged when I get the text from my Mom. Then, the very next day, my Dad calls and asks where I've been. And I know my mother and father in law check daily. It's nice to be missed.

Not a ton has been going on around here.

Rio is happy to interfere with Emily's homework.  He really is a great cat.  We are all enjoying him so much.  He's funny and mischievous and full of spunk, especially at 3 AM. 

We saw this at Sam's Club the other night.  Is it a dress?  Is it a mannequin?  Is it a Christmas tree?  I don't know.  And for $100, I don't have any idea what kind of person will think this is a must buy; maybe in New York City's Fashion District, but not in Prescott Valley.

Our church had a "county fair" last night.  Full of water slides, without water since it's about 65 at night right now.  But, they were still fun and there were obstacle courses and this bungee thing that Emily loves! 

Noah liked the cotton candy.  So did I.  I love cotton candy.

Ben got a snow cone.

After all the inflatable slides and bounce houses, Ben got on the bungee jump.  Noah didn't want to do it.

Next weekend, we are headed to wet n wild with friends.  Then, we leave for Newport Beach for fall break in 12 days!  Can't wait.  My feet need the sand.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Around Our House

I've always loved cats. The only cat David has ever lived with was our cat Max, who was anything but nice. You pet him the wrong way and he'd bit you. He'd attack you out of no where. He wasn't the most loveable cat, but we loved him just the same. We haven't had a cat in about 6 years, so my kids have never really known or remembered having a cat around. Rio is such a character and a really great cat. David tells me some funny story about what Rio did that morning almost every day when I wake up. David shuts the bedroom door when he gets up in the morning, and all I need to do is get up, go to the bathroom and I see his little paws reaching for me under the door.

I love watching everyone become cat people.

A big project that we've been putting off is moving our shed.  When we put it up, we didn't level it, just put it on the rocks and put some 2x4's where needed.  Well, now, they've swelled up and are rotted and the floor was never level in the shed.

So, we bought pavers and decided to move the shed onto those. David had the good idea to put the pavers behind the shed and just move it onto the pavers.  This way, we only move it once.  Genius.  So, that's what we did.  He got it cleared of rock this morning.  

Together, we got the pavers laid.  I went through with a little rake and got each square foot as flat as I could.  He came along behind me placing each paver.  We wanted it done right, but it didn't need to be perfection.  It was only holding a shed.  So, we didn't bother with sand or anything to make everything level.  Compared to what it was before, it was 100% better.

David got the last one in place.  

We emptied the shed and borrowed some techniques from the Alaskan Bush People.  We used some old round tree steaks as rollers and rolled the shed onto the pavers.  It worked perfectly!  Four good pushes and it was in place!

And just like that, a project that we've put off for about two years is done!  David hosed out the shed and moved everything back in.  He also hung over the side of the roof and sprayed a hornets nest.  It was a productive day!  

Friday, September 9, 2016

A Fun Day

We're not very spontaneous people. Pretty much everything is planned ahead of time. We didn't have much going on for Labor Day weekend. It was Sunday. We were all sitting around. I saw a gift card for Olive Garden in my wallet. And thought, let's go! So, we did!

We headed to Target first to spend Noah's birthday gift card from Aunt Pam. Oh, Pam, he had a blast! He got some tsum tsum's and Darth Maul for his video game. He loved it. Thank you!

Then, we headed to Olive Garden with a gift card from Gwynne! Thanks, Gwynne and Enrique!
Emily always wants to go to mini golf, but it's like $5 a person.  On holiday weekends, they always do a .99 promo.  So, we went! 
Noah hit like 5 hole in ones.  Emily was trying so hard and couldn't get one.  She was getting so mad at him.  Every time, we turned around, he was doing a victory dance for another hole in one.  I think my Dad needs to take him golfing.
Ben was more interested in climbing on and in everything around. 
 I think he's too tall for this mini house. 
Then, they all had a free attraction coupon from good grades at school, so they all choose soft play.  Which is like a 3 story tall fun house. 
And that was it.  I figure we are good for awhile!
It was a nice way to spend the evening, and it's good to mix things up sometimes.