Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Not So Easy Easy Bake Oven

I never had an easy bake oven as a little girl. I don't have any fond memories of baking a perfect little cake to share with my friends. When Emily got one for Christmas I was almost as excited as she was. How much fun this would be! Before Aunt Pam went home last weekend, we decided to give it a try.

Pam is the hooded person. It was early morning, no make-up. Hair not done. I don't blame her. I'm not in any pictures either.

The kids are really excited. Until we read the instructions and find out the light bulb needs to pre-heat for 15 minutes.

Um, seriously? This is all of the batter? We are going for the yellow cake here.

Emily puts it into the oven and we wait 15 minutes for it to cook.

Times up. Push it through to the cooling area for another 10 minutes.

It looks okay. But it looks more like a sugar cookie consistency not cake.

We sprayed the pan. What the heck happened?

We'll just frost it. There, that's MUCH better.

Ben refused to eat it. Smart kid.

After coughing on her first bite...

Emily finished the "cake"...barely.

It took 40 minutes to bake an "easy" cake with a light bulb. Honestly, it tasted pretty disgusting. I don't know if it was operator error or what. I know I'm not the best chef, but my family isn't starving.

Next time, I'm going with Betty Crocker. Add some water and 3 minutes in the microwave and we'll have something that looks like this:

I love Betty Crocker.


Linda said...

LOL - too funny. :D

I DID have an easy bake oven, but remember I'm older than you - so mine was the classic 1960's Easy Bake Oven. Cut and paste this link to have a looksie:

Yes, it looked just like that. I still fondly remember it's charming blue color and yes - the yucky cakes and PIZZA. That's right - Pizza. You can only imagine... I don't remember using it often, but I still have great memories of that silly little blue oven. If I saw one in an antique store right now, I'd probably gobble it right up, just to have because it takes me back. Sarah had one of these newer models and she used it ONCE. At least the old model was cute looking. Same old yucky stuff though.

I enjoyed this funny post. :)

amyraye said...

i agree: easy bake ovens are way over-rated. i had a very similar experience when i bought my daughter one several years ago. we donated it to goodwill within that same year. :(

brownymama said...

We got Cameron an Easy Bake last year. I think we have used it 3 times MAYBE in the last year. It's such a pain and kind of gross. Why not just let them help us with the real thing? It's so much easier!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay Gina,
I called you from the store before I bought it and you said, "YES!" At least I didn't go wrong with the Wii...

Sarah said...

the easybake oven is great in theory. every little girl wants one, and should have one, i suppose. but i am totally with you - such a disappointment.

and when will the elusive pam start her own blog?

Amy said...

We started last year with the easy bake cupcake maker., which is really only a cupcake froster. mixing batter for individual cupcakes uses 2 different bowls, 2 different spoons and has to be washed in between cupcakes because of the different flavors. I had to scrape it off the inside of the microwave once because I put 3:00 instead of :30. Then when you use the contraption to frost it, it swirls the cup cake around and frosting flies everywhere. Yay! the Easy(frost) accidentally fell into the trash can last month after my exchange students said that was the grossest thing they'd ever tasted.