Thursday, June 30, 2016

Gibsons, Day 9

It was another beautiful day in Gibsons.  We went for a walk this morning.  There are wild blackberries every where and we found some huckleberries too!  The blackberries aren't quite ready yet.  But, when they are you'll see bear skat all near the berries.  Ben tried his first huckleberry.

Can you spot the water snake in this picture?

Here he is slinking off to the ocean.

Our walk was along the water and so pretty.

But, we did way too much stopping for beach glass.  It took us an hour just to go 30 minutes.

I had to stop for pictures along the way.  The flowers are so pretty here.  This bee likes it too.

Here's Ben on a rock pondering life.

More pretty flowers.  These ones hung upside down.

My sweet kids.

More pretty flowers....

Emily's tree trunk.

This looked like something from a Dr. Seuss book.

The pretty view with low clouds.

Noah on a rock we named Noah's Rock.

Ben on Ben's Rock.

More pretty flowers.

Then, we came home and had some lunch.  Later, we went pier jumping.  We usually sit there for about an hour and think of jumping.  This time, off we went.  I was in first.  

It's always fun to jump.  Noah still didn't do it this year.  Maybe next.
Then, we just played on the beach.

They tried to through Noah in the water.  

Then, we all went out for Chinese food for dinner.  Yum.  

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Gibsons, Day 8

We spent the day at Soames Beach.  It's the beach right by their house.  We gather up stuff for the day and make some sandwiches and head down.

Noah wants a mason jar full of beach glass like Emily has.  So, we got right to work. Noah was like the manager walking around and collecting glass from everyone.  We were his minions.  But, it's so nice to just sit and look around for glass listening to the waves.

Then, Noah wanted to be buried in the sand.  So, Amy and Emily did just that.  

Then, they turned him into a mermaid with boobs. But, Noah didn't like the boobs so they smoothed them out and made him a merman tail.

Then, Noah needed to relax.  

David went for a swim.

Emily and Amy played.  Amy is leaving Friday for a rodeo with her friends, so we only have 2 days with her.

Ben ran around the beach all day.
Uncle Terry came down and him, Aunt Paula and Amy went for a swim.  That's Terry in the front and Amy and Paula are tiny heads in the back.  It was great that Aunt Paula felt well enough to join us at the beach this year.  She's had a bum knee and some other problems, so it's nice that she was able to spend some time at her favorite place with us today.

And this is a crazy story.  So, my friend, Jodi, from Prescott Valley, and I were talking a month ago. I told her we were going to Gibsons and she says her friend lives in Gibsosn.  Really?  Gibsons is a pretty small town, so it was weird.  She told me she owns this cute little store called Giggles and Bloom.  It's right by the Dollar store we take the kids to when we come here.  So, we are sitting on the beach and these people next to us have a old english sheepdog named Phoebe who is sweet and keeps coming over to us.  So, we start talking and wouldn't you know it....she says she takes her dog to work a lot and so she's used to people...oh, where do you work?....Giggles & Bloom....wait a second, do you know Jodi....Jodi from Arizona?....Yep that Jodi!  It was funny.  

So, I took a selfie with Chelsea and put it on Facebook for Jodi to see.
Talk about a small world.

Then, we went for gelato again tonight.  I shouldn't be having ice cream every night, but YOLO.  That's my motto.  :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Gibsons, Day 7

I always seem to have a few pictures from the night before.  After I post the blog, something always comes up that's camera worthy.  Last night, the kids were playing out on the lake until past 9:00.  We could just sit on our balcony and watch them.  They were jumping off the wall.

And Emily did some handstands...

The drive today from Osoyoos to Hope was super scenic.  One lane highway most the time, but curvy and beautiful.  

We stopped in Hope, Canada as I had found a cute little park in the main part of the city.  It was such a cute little town.  The kids made a sprint for the playground after 3 hours in the car.

We brought all the fixin's to make sandwiches, so we had a nice lunch.

And the flowers were so pretty.

There was this super cute little coffee house called Blue Moose across the street.  Oh my gosh, they had the best muffins.  We got coffee caramel and chocolate banana.  They were the best muffins I've ever had.  It's a good thing we didn't eat them until we left the store, or I would've gone back and bought 6 more. Seriously.

Here's the huge trees in the park and I noticed the bear proof trash cans.

Then, we hit the road again for Vancouver.  I love this bridge.

We boarded the ferry and there was a sea otter.  Not sure if you can see it.  It's the little black ball in the  middle of the photo.

Look at Emily and Noah lovin' on each other.

The ferry pulled up and I couldn't get over all the barnacles all over this pillar.

Then, we finally got Uncle Terry and Aunt Paula's.  Noah was having a deep conversation with Uncle Terry.  I think about math.  

Then, we went for gelato.  Ben got bubble gum with a piece of bubble gum on top.

Then, we walked down to the city park to play for a bit.

And this was so cute...a public piano.  Emily played a bit.  Then, we played Heart & Soul.

Tomorrow will be a fun day at the beach!  The weather should be perfect here in Gibsons!  We can't wait to just relax and look for beach glass.