Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Whose Your Mommy?

We've always been told that Emily looks like David. Ben was a dead ringer for my side of the family, but now he is looking like David. And Noah, well, I'm sure he will look like David. It's just the way it is. I'm okay with that. I have a handsome husband and I'm glad everyone can see their Daddy in our babies.

It is nice though when someone says something random like:
Your daughter has your curls. or
Ben has your eyes. or
They all have your smile. (according to my husband)

Nobody came out with red hair. How is that possible? My Mom is a redhead. My Grandmother had red hair. Surely, I would produce a redheaded baby. Nope, I have brown, blond and what is looking to be dark brown.

It's retro week on Facebook. So, everyone is posting a young picture of themselves. I chose this one from when I was Emily's age. I was pouting because we were in the snow in Flagstaff and I wanted to go inside. My Dad wanted a picture of me. All I can say is it's no wonder I got whatever I wanted. Could you deny this face?

This is also why I never gave Emily bangs. They always look jacked up when you have naturally curly hair.

People have commented on Facebook that Ben looks just like me or would if he put on a red wig. I even got a comment that I look just like Emily. Happy to hear that. Usually, I think that Emily looks more like David's sister (Alisa). The dark hair, eyes and wonderfully natural golden skin. Actually, Emily looks more like Alisa than Alisa's own daughter.

Today, my Mother in law sent me this picture of Alisa as a young girl.
She looks a lot like Ben!

Geez, I can't catch a break!

Hey, at least Ben and Noah have my eyelashes!

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Anonymous said...

Yep the eyelashes definitly came directly to your kids from you. No nice long eyelashes on this side. It is nice to know that my gorgeous grandkids also have your happy sunny disposition almost all the time. Although it is sometimes trial and error to catch Ben smiling in a photo, he is a really happy, contented, sensitive kid.
Over the Christmas holidays I had plenty of time to think about myself as Grandmother and the 5 beautiful grandchildren I have acquired in a few short years. Each of them are unique and special in their own way and isn't that the way God planned it? Isn't it great that none of them turned out to be Chubby like their grandmother.( You've now seen my baby picture) Thank you God for that and for all the special qualities that they each possess.☼