Thursday, January 21, 2010

By 4:00 On A Snow Day

I'm going to greet David when he comes home by hiding in the drapes, poking my head out and saying "Heeeeeere's Gina!"

We've eaten an entire box of Vanilla Wafers and we are on our third cup of coffee. Well me, I stopped the kids at two cups. They do need to sleep tonight.

Everybody is still in their pajamas.

I tried to keep the TV off today, but Ben has been on a Tom and Jerry/Scooby Doo marathon since about 1:00. He's bored with it now and is moving on to more important things like trying to figure out what his super powers are. That ought to keep him occupied for the next few hours.

It has definitely been a long day. Cabin fever is setting in. The rain is really coming down now. There is no snow on the ground. The wind is picking up. Something is banging in the backyard and I need to figure it out before bedtime or it will keep me up all night.

This is the little area by our mailbox. There is a drainage ditch right in front of the mailbox, so I'm hoping it doesn't back up. I wonder where that water goes.

Here are the same spots that I took pictures of twice earlier today.
No snow.

I wish it would get colder and snow. Snow is fun and beautiful. Gray clouds and muddy water, not so much.

I also want to give a special shout out to my garbage man from Waste Management. Thanks for dumping the garbage in this horrible weather. Although you don't have to leave your drivers seat, so I'm sure you had the heat on and you were listening to Miley Cyrus. Next time, can you flip the can right so that the lid closes? I now have a few inches of water at the bottom of the big green monster.

David will be home in 1 hour and 19 minutes.
Not that I'm counting.

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Linda said...

lol, your one day description sounds like a weeks worth of time.