Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm Not An Idiot

We all know Ben is a character with a vivid imagination who loves dressing up. We went to pick up Emily at school on Friday and he was a Sheriff. Sometimes, he's a cowboy, sometimes Batman, Spiderman, Superman. You just never know.

Usually, he ropes me into being somebody. Last week, I was a robber. Sometimes, I'm a dragon and he's the dragon slayer. I have to run around the house squawking until he stabs me with his plastic sword or hits me with his shield. It's a party at our house. If you ever feel the need to be slayed, come on over.

Today, I'm on the computer.
Ben walks up and says, "Mom, you're an idiot."

I'm a little stunned. I tell him, "Ben, it's very bad to say that. Never call me or anybody else that again."

He looked a little defeated, like he didn't understand. So, I repeated what I said with more emphasis on how bad that word is.

He walked away and said, "I didn't know Indians were bad."

Whoa..."Did you say that I'm an idiot or an Indian?"

Next time, I told him to call me a Native American to avoid any confusion.


Sarah said...

so funny. aren't you glad you're writing these things down?!

Linda said...

I love it and guess what - that's exactly how Sarah always pronounced Indian. :-)

Anonymous said...

Gina, too funny.I was laughing out loud when I read this chronicle. Ben is a character and I can just imagine the sad look in his little eyes when he said he didn't know Indians were bad. It's also refreshing to know it's not just the super heroes that clutter his thoughts.
It also looked like you guys had a nice weekend.What I want to know is who did the puzzle you and David, or the kids? LOL!
I hear Emily passed to her next level with reading words. I'm sorry we didn't have many opportunities to practice. Let me know when new words are in.☼