Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Body Blows and Blankets

We got a Wii for Christmas and we love it. We didn't realize it only came with one remote and nunchuck. I went to buy another one and was astounded that it would cost $69. I went on Ebay and bid on a new set. I won it for $23 with free shipping. The only negative was that it would ship from Hong Kong! We got it on Monday and it's like having a whole new game since we can now play against each other.

Emily immediately wanted to play the "Punch Your Face" game with Ben. That would be boxing.

I immediately realized that we need to separate the two people playing or there will actually be punches to the face. It was getting a little dangerous in our family room last night.

Today I decided to take Noah for his first walk in the stroller sitting up. We've taken the stroller before but he was either sitting on top in his car seat or laying completely flat. I thought he'd love to take in the sights and sounds of the great outdoors.

He was very excited.

Really, really excited.

Ben was all ready to go.

We got half way through our walk and turned a corner. It's been 3 years since I've walked with a baby in a stroller and I apparently forgot that you must bring an extra blanket as a sun guard because this is what happened.

I spent the rest of the time walking backwards pulling the stroller.

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Anonymous said...

Gina, I love the happy pics of Noah, What a drag that that's what you had to do with the stroller all the way home.
At least the Wii is getting lots of usage even if it for the "punch him in the face" game. Who would ever think that our little, quiet, well mannered Emily would be so rough and ready to distroy her opponent?? Ha!
Glad you found the likness of Ben to Alisa an interesting thought. I know they are not that much alike just something about them seems so "familiar".☼