Friday, July 30, 2010

Scottsdale Part 3

We went out for dinner Wednesday night with my best friend Pam and Amy.

Amy did not get in a photo because by the time she got there, the kids were laying down in the huge circle bench table that we had and I was too busy trying to get them to sit up. The museum wore them out and who could blame them. The waitress put a mug of water too close to Noah and he grabbed it in about a half of a second. It went everywhere. It was chaos, fun chaos.

We woke up Thursday morning and I didn't feel great. I had a headache and was a little nauseous. Ben seems to wiggle all night and put his feet in my back and Noah woke up at 5:00 just to punish me. I fed him a bottle and was laying with him on the fold out sofa when David came in to relieve me. My husband...he's wonderful. If I didn't have a headache and fussy baby, I would've showed him how wonderful he is.

By the time David left for the conference, Noah and I were ready for a nap and it was only 8:15. I felt bad making Em and Ben sit in the hotel room while Noah slept, so I took them to the park for a little bit.

It was only 9:30 and the entire playground is shaded with a canopy and it was still so hot. And technically, we lucked out with cooler days in the low 100's. At least it wasn't 115.

They had fun.

See, Ben actually does smile! I just have to get a candid shot to see it.

And our little princess has another tooth with the wiggles! The other bottom front one. The tooth fairy is going to go broke around here.

Noah was loving the swings.

Is there anything better than a baby on a swing? No.

I could have pushed him all day. He'd laugh and smile and I'd eat up his toes. It was wonderful.

After 20 minutes, Emily said she felt like throwing up. Too much heat. We headed straight for the hotel and the kids and I vegged out in the living room area while Noah slept in the bedroom for over 2 hours. Then, we went to the pool and went to pick up David because he got out a little early.

We stopped at Dunkin' Donuts on the way out of town.

And you know what, I was totally unimpressed. They've automated everything since we owned one. And you can tell. A machine cuts them, fries them and frosts them. The love isn't in them anymore. David had about a teaspoon of cream in his and my chocolate frosting was skimpy. I can get a better donut at the grocery store. Sad. I'm glad we sold ours when we did. It would have been depressing to watch corporate ruin something so good. No wonder the store was empty.

We were all happy to be home. Ben went straight to his room and put on a costume. He was probably going through withdrawals. Emily played with her dolls. Noah was thrilled to crawl around his big home again and say hi to his dog.

He did not miss Rocko's breath.

Crawling up the roller coaster. He's a thrill seeker already.

I lived in Phoenix for almost 34 years. I never thought I'd move. Then we had kids and knew we needed to make a change for them, for us, and for our family. We wanted to raise our kids in a smaller town at a slower pace with moderate temperatures. It was fun to visit for 48 hours, but I was thrilled to be coming home.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Scottsdale Part 2, The Phoenix Children's Museum

One of the reasons I wanted to come on this little trip was to take the kids to the Phoenix Children's Museum. We've heard so many great things about it, but we had never been. Now I know what all the fuss was about.

We were greeted by this enormous climber. That's Noah in the stroller in the front.

This thing is over 3 stories high and the kids just had a blast. There's Em in the orange and Ben in the yellow shirt way up high.

This was the funniest little rat maze. Ben was afraid to just drop down, so he was making me laugh. Emily flew through with no problem.

This was this fun mix of tubes and you put in a colored scarf and it would pop out somewhere else way up high.

The kids thought that was it and they would've been totally happy playing here for 4 hours. But, we still had two floors to see.
Starting with the Noodle Forest, full of 5,000 trees, err, noodles.

At the other end was this desert den. The kids loved this cactus that had velcro tarantulas on it and you'd spin a wheel and they would fly off the top.

Then, I lost Ben.

I was making sure Em got her turn with the flying tarantula wheel and I turned around and he was gone. I was 99% sure he was in the noodle forest, but what if he went out of the desert den. I panicked for a few minutes until I saw his little nikes emerge out of the entrance of the noodle forest. Whew... Ben claims he was never lost, he was just in the noodle forest. Glad he knew where he was while I was freaking out.

We are on the third floor and that is the climber from the first floor behind them.

Then, they have a reading area. Great idea in theory, but my kids lasted for these pictures and then they ran off. Reading was not what they wanted to do with so much sensory overload.

These were cool cars that you put on the track and pulled a lever and off they went. The kids loved this thing.

This was the cutest market area. Where you could gather up groceries and produce and then get it rung up by the cashier.

And this is the cutest cashier I've ever seen.

They planted flowers.

And played with sand on a table full of colored lights.

I brought lunch and we stopped to eat, which the kids did not want to do, but I made them.

They rode bikes through the car wash.

About 10 times...

They painted a castle and themselves.

Ben thought this levitating ball was the coolest thing ever. I think he thought he was a magician because he could make it float in air.

It was like Disneyland, we saw everything and then we went back and did our favorites over again. The kids had a wonderful time.

And this little man was an absolute trooper. He just hung out in his stroller and watched everything. He is so curious and he still had a smile on after 4 hours.

Then we got in the car and the kids were complaining about how hot it was. I told Emily that her first word ever was "hot". Then, we decided to move to Prescott.

We got home and took a dip in the pool. And when you have a baby that was a tropper all day, you owe it to him to let him nap in the other room for as long as he wants. Plus, the kids needed a break too. Fold out sofa, pajamas, popcorn and we made it home in time for Arthur.

They have a rough life.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Scottsdale Part 1

We left for Scottsdale just in time for Noah's nap. He slept the entire way. The kids watched Jungle Book with heaphones. David and I relaxed and talked the entire way. It was almost too easy. But, we deserve a break every once in a while.

We checked in our room. Emily thought it was "lovely". I don't know how lovely it is, but it's spacious and will do quite nicely for 2 days. I kind of wish it was longer. But, it is what it is, so I will squeeze out every ounce of fun we can.

It was a little past 6:00 and we were all hungry. We fed Noah a big bowl of rice cereal with squash. And we headed to one of our favorite local pizza chains, NYPD Pizza. We thought we died and went to heaven.

We weren't sure if the skies would cooperate, but we decided to go to the pool afterwards.

It was so warm, it felt like bath water. It was lovely.

Then, it was time for baths and bed hopping.

David already gave me a lecture about how dangerous that is, so I'll stop them from now on. But, it's a must in a hotel room, right?

Now, Noah is asleep in the living room/kitchen area and we are all in the room with the beds watching TV. I feel like we are prisoners in this room because we don't want Noah to wake up. But we are heading to bed soon and it's only 9:00. Everyone is going to be up at 7:30 whether we go to be now or in an hour, so I'd rather have rested kids for tomorrow's adventures.

Whatever they may be.

We're Off

I haven't written in almost a week! I don't know how or why that happens. Sometimes, I feel like I could blog twice a day and other times, I have the ideas for blogs in my head but I just don't ink them, err type them, whatever.

This is what my kids look like in the morning.

I feel like being in a bad mood sometimes because I'm tired or whatever, but look at them and all those brown eyes. I turn to mush.

Anyway, David has a supervisor's conference in Scottsdale for two days starting tomorrow. If someone told me that I could go to Scottsdale for two days by myself, I would not even hesitate. Well, maybe for like 3 seconds (one for each kid), but then I'd think of the fabulous Kierland Commons shopping area where wonderful stores like Crate and Barrel and Anthropologie await and I'd leave my happy home during the 4th second. There is a Starbucks on every corner and the food. Don't get me started on the food. I took it for granted living in Phoenix. I can't even get a good pizza pie in this small town and forget about chinese food. Oh gosh, and my kids have never even been to a donut shop, like a real Dunkin Donuts. And my family owned one for 15 years! It's a crime I tell you.

Back to the conference, so David says he will miss us and wants us to come. I think he is smoking something good that my brother must have given him and maybe I need some of that. I imagine all of us in a hotel room and Noah up 5 times crying. I thought he could sleep in the bathtub and shut the door if it gets bad. Then, David got the info on where he was staying. A Homewood Suites. Two double beds in their own room, with a door and a TV! On the other side is a living room area (aka bedroom for Noah) and a small kitchen with a microwave for heating up bottles. It's only two nights. I'm thinking we can so do this.

So we are!
We leave this afternoon.
Wish me luck!
But just in case, I have my brother's number on speed dial.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Here Comes The Tooth Fairy

We went to Stacy's house today for an ice cream playdate. The kids made some crafts while the homemade ice cream did it's thing.

Then, they had ice cream with all sorts of yummy toppings.
Then, they had a rice krispy treat because homemade ice cream just wasn't enough sweets for one playdate.

Emily was eating her rice krispy treat. They weren't the chewy homemade ones. They were the packaged ones, so they are a little firmer. And the next thing you know, she is spitting her tooth into her hand. She said she thought it was a nut. Good thing she didn't swallow it.

I was so happy for her. Happy that the tooth didn't hang on with every fiber of it's being and twist and turn and be a complete pain. I hate those type of teeth. I'm glad her first one was quick and easy and painless. I'm also thrilled that I was there when it happened. I was afraid it would happen at school in the cafeteria and she'd want to be excited and happy and then the kid next to her would say, "big deal, I've lost 3 teeth already" and her little thunder would be stolen.

My kids are a bit freaked out about fictional characters coming in their room at night. We had to reassure them 100 times that Santa just drops the gifts off and hops on his sled. No time for going in their room to check on them. That and the fact that she is a light sleeper meant that I've told her that we leave the tooth for the Tooth Fairy on the island in the kitchen. She does not, I repeat, does not go into their rooms. They like that.

We weren't prepared with a tooth fairy pillow and all that stuff, so we are improvising. We used the ring bearer pillow from my Aunt Rosie's wedding 2 years ago and I tied on the tooth in one of those little ziploc baggies that extra buttons come in. It works perfectly and she's held the pillow about 20 times already today.
Her tooth is the off white dot at the bottom center of the pillow.

One of my friends is loaning me some glitter, so we can decorate the table with fairy dust after The Tooth Fairy visits. And, I rarely carry cash, so she may end up with $5 but I'll make sure she knows it's because it's the first tooth and extra special.

What's the going rate for teeth these days anyway?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hail, Phone Calls and Road Rage

We've finally got some serious storms this past week. I don't know how it can hail when it's almost 100 degrees out, but it was cool none the less.

I'm including this picture of Ben because I long for the day when his "dress up" shirts won't have velcro tabs on the back for a cape. I bet when that day comes, I'll long for the days when all he wanted to wear was a shirt with a cape attached to it.

I bought this little sit on toy for Noah at a yard sale ages ago. I think he was super excited that he's finally big enough for it.

Nascar here he comes!

He's got a little road rage going on here. Or maybe he's just friendly because when the operator talks to him he's trying to say hi by waving.

Emily needed some camera time too. I think they look so much alike here even though you can't see their eyes...same nose, same mouth, same eyebrows.

Emily sent a postcard to her friend Ellie who now lives in Mesa. Ellie called her to say she got it and Emily was thrilled to talk to her. Our girl needs some serious practice on the phone. Ellie was talking away and Emily barely said anything.

Today Ellie called again. And this time, Emily was getting the hang of having a phone conversation. Even if it meant putting each others dog on the phone.