Monday, January 4, 2010


After an overwhelming response (3 people), I must say that my mother in law was the closest guess at 280, but you can tell from her comment that she knew she was short.

We have 347 children's books. I'm sure there are more hanging out somewhere, but that's all I could find.

Here's a picture of the finished bookcase with our own little Vanna White modeling. I am going to cherish this picture because I know it will never look like this again.

Our little man is standing up with enthusiasm at the sight of our new bookcase.

Today was back to the ol' grind. It was a shock to get up and hit the ground running...get Emily to get dressed, make her lunch (where did I put her backpack and lunch box?), make her breakfast, fix her hair, get her to brush teeth, find coat (where are her school gloves), find a matching pair of boots (must be boots or the gravel rocks on the playground get in her tennis shoes), we are ready with 3 minuts to spare, shoot forgot her note on her napkin in her lunch box, quickly write something while the phone rings for carpool, Noah is hungry, Ben wants juice, out of juice, need to get to the grocery store, etc...

Wish me luck.


brownymama said...

Sounds like we have a similar "book addiction" as Ryan calls it. Your bookshelf looks great in there!

Linda said...

You have an exhausting schedule, but then again... you knew that.
;) Thankfully, I don't have this schedule - Jim and I wake Sarah up (meaning we call to her several times to keep moving) while we prepare for work in the morning and then it's up to Jim or my Dad, depending on the morning to get her over to the school, while I leisurely drive into work and arrive at my office to a still-quiet building.

Though, this morning, I thought to leave my cell phone on (completely unusual for me) and a text message came through from Sarah, asking if she brought home her P.E. clothes - which she did not, so stinky clothes awaits for P.E.

Now... onto the bookshelf unit. It's gorgeous and what a wonderful use of the space! :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to know I came closest to being the winner. Yeah Grammie!
I love the picture of Noah standing up so straight and tall. He is growing up faster than I can believe, but once again I know pictures are deceiving. Ha!
The bookcase looks very nice in that alcove. Fits perfectly. Do we need to get more books to fill up the rest of the shelves?

pam said...

347 books?!? Wow. That's a lot of reading. The bookshelf is beautiful! Excellent work, friend!

Holly and Bo said...

Oh my that's a lot of books! The book shelf looks very nice though and perfect level for the kiddos to get to. Noah looks great!! It was like all of the sudden he got some chub on him. What a cutie! :) Bo and I were looking back on pictures and it seems like somewhere between the 4 and 5 month mark Brayden turned a corner and started closing the gap faster. Although we've reverted back to waking up in the middle of the night so I sympathize with you!