Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Noah turned 8 today!  
He was born on 8/8, and he's 8.  
I'm thinking this will be a great year for him!

He woke up and I made him his favorite cinnamon rolls!

I did this thing for Ben and hid his presents, so Noah wanted that too.

So, while he was at school. I spent time writing little cards with clues on them.

The first clue requires he acts like a ninja to get in his room and find the next clue. 
I wrote little rhyming cards.

He was super excited.

Then, he had to run all around and find his presents.

Luckily David got home a little early because Noah couldn't wait to open presents.

He got to his cards first. Thank you to everyone who sent him a card. He loved them!

He only asked for 2 things for his birthday.  They were both video games.

I felt bad that he didn't have much to open, so I got him a box of his favorite candies too... candy corn, bubble gum, Andes mints, Hot Tamales, Milk Duds, Rolos.  Lots of sugar!

Then, we went to the pool.  Emily's friend Alissa has 2 little sisters. Noah is smack dab age wise in the middle of them. We joke all the time that he will marry one of them. We just don't know which one yet. We got to the pool and he thought they'd be there and they weren't.  He was so sad.

Then, they showed up and he had the biggest smile on his face.

Here's David throwing Noah and he's squirting Clara with a water gun.

Here's him and Clara both flying in the air after the Dad's threw them.

And this little cutie is Savannah.  How will he ever choose who to marry?  HA!

We had a yummy steak dinner, his favorite. Noah is not a cake person, so he asked for pumpkin cookies. I made him those last night as they taste better the next day and I think he's ate at least a dozen today.  

We usually do lovin' at night where we all pile in our bed and watch TV. But, we have a new thing where we put down a blanket and we all just watch the stars, looking for shooting stars and talk. So, Noah requested we do that for his birthday. 

It was a perfect ending to the day. 
He's so full of spunk and love. He tells me all the time how much he loves me. 
He loves cats, ice cream sandwiches and magic. 
We love him so much.

First Day of School

The first day of school was so simple and easy.  We got this.

Emily got up early and got ready for 8th grade. I'm so glad she's still not even interested in make up. A little lip gloss and she's off. She's in no hurry to grow up or look older.

Noah was looking sweet for his first day of third grade.

Noah gets to go on the big kid playground with Ben now, so he was super happy about that.

Here's Ben looking handsome for the first day of sixth grade. This will be his last year at this school, and he gets a little sad when he thinks about leaving this school.  But hopefully, Ben will be ready for bigger and better things. 

Noah walked through the door after school and passed out on the kitchen floor. He said the day was exhausting.  He makes me laugh.

We're looking forward to a great year!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

End of Summer

How can it be that school starts in 3 days???? 

I feel like summer just started.  My kids aren't even driving me crazy yet. How can it be time to send them back to school?  The past week has been crazy busy getting ready for school.

I took Emily on a shopping spree. I hate when she makes these faces in pictures. But, I did that as a kid. Karma. Anyway, we had fun and got lots of nice things.

The kids went for their dentist appointment and Emily needed to get 2 teeth pulled. She had a cavity on one baby tooth and they didn't want that to ruin her permanent tooth. The other is causing her permanent tooth to totally go crooked. We've been watching it for a few years and it's not coming out. So, out the both came. She was so so nervous.  I'm not even kidding. She asked us about 100 questions.  She even watched youtube videos which probably did nothing to squelch her anxiety.

The numbing was a piece of cake.

She didn't feel one shot, but felt the other slightly.  Then, pop pop and both teeth were out.  Easy peasy. She regrets not doing it the week before at the cleaning because it was so easy.

They even gave her a balloon bouquet for being so brave.  HA!

She had registration at her jr. high. We got her locker all decorated. She was an old pro and found all her classes and we were out of there in 30 minutes.

Then, she stayed to help her friends with finding classes.  Her friends are all a grade below her and they are switching schools to go to Jr. High. Em is super excited to have them all with her.

Then, David and I had a date night to see John Mayer in Phoenix. It was so nice to get away with him for a few hours. We ate at his favorite place, Pino's. YUM!

Here we are at the concert.

The show was great! The things they do with a stage nowadays is fantastic.

Tonight was open house at Noah and Ben's school.  Noah got the same third grade teacher that Emily and Ben had. We like her a lot. And he's in class with his best friend, Collin, so life is good.

Ben got my favorite sixth grade teacher, but his best buddy is not in his class.  They've had the same class together since Kindergarten. I know he was a little bummed.  But, he can still hang with him at recess and what not.  Plus, it's probably a blessing in disguise as his friend is going to a different Jr. High next year. So, maybe this will make Ben find some new friends. Not that he needs a lot of friends, but it's hard when your one and only goes to another school in a year.  So, I think it's good for him.  Look at the seating...it's a new thing called flexible seating.

Ben actually has 3 teachers this year and his class switches for math, English and social studies/science.  This is one of the other classrooms.  The seating is so fun and David was headed right for the sofa!  

All in all, I think it will be another great year!