Friday, January 1, 2010

On The Ninth Day Of Winter Break...

...My Mommy gave to very first New Year's Eve Party.

In years past, I don't think the kids even realized or knew it was New Year's. We'd tuck them in at their normal bedtime and David and I would stay up to watch the ball drop live in New York, 10:00 our time. Then, it's off to bed. Seriously, I don't think I could make it to midnight if I tried. Thank goodness we are on the west coast or I'd have to celebrate Australia's new year.

There was the New Year's a few years back when David and I went to our friends for a party. We got home and my Mom, who was babysitting, was watching a Neil Diamond Rockin' New Year's Eve with Emily at 1:00 A.M.

Other than that though, the kids have never stayed up to see the ball drop or celebrate the New Year. Aunt Pam came up to spend a few days with us this year and ring in 2010. We decided to let the kids stay up until 10:05! It was a big night.

We played some Wii and I was most impressed with myself for achieving a fitness age of 26. Two days ago, I was 61! The Horror!

Emily spent a little time loving on Noah before the festivities began.

A little warm up for the "show" that was about to happen.

Now the party is starting!

First came some singing. Here's Ben doing the theme from Backyardigans.

Then, came the dancing.

I swear we were just drinking sparkling grape juice, but I think Ben needs to be cut off! He looks totally drunk.

An interpretive read of Batman.

No party is complete without charades.

Finally a toast at midnight, err...10:00.

We all had a great time.

Ben said, "This is the best party ever."

Emily was disappointed that all the talk about a toast at midnight didn't actually mean that we were going to make toast.

Maybe next year...

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Linda said...

How fun!!! :)

Again though the differences in lives... Somewhere I have pictures of Sarah staying up until Midnight on New Year's Eve as a little girl. She's a night owl like me. Hoo Hoo. :) We're up past Midnight a lot here, so it was really nothing different, except Sarah wasn't here this New Year's Eve, so she and I texted around and at Midnight.

I missed not having her here with her friends for our usual Midnight party, but Jim and I made the usual noise out the front door at Midnight, in her honor, lol.

Loved your photos and the story of your fun night. I will never use the Wii fit because I can imagine, despite the fact that I do 3 mile walks in the middle of below-zero winter, that my "age" on there would be something like 100, because I cannot bend in certain ways and never will be able to again due to arthritis and other issues. Oh well - I'm happy with walking :D