Monday, January 18, 2010

1 in 7,213

I love reading the pioneer woman's blog. She has great recipes. She lives on a ranch and she's a photographer, which makes for interesting stories and beautiful pictures. A complete 180 from my life.

She has giveaways about once a week. I always enter. Why not, right? Someone has to win. About six months ago, I did! A beautiful Kitchenaid mixer.

The week leading up to Christmas, she had a giveaway every day. Now PW has hit the big time with her blog and new cookbook, so these aren't little prizes. One time the prize was a $500 gift card to I always enter for myself. And since David reads her blog, I would sometimes enter for him too. She also was having giveaways on her new cooking blog. We both read this blog and reference it for recipes when we are out of ideas.

She doesn't send you an e-mail if you win. She posts it on the blog and it's up to you to contact her and she will send you the prize. I checked in with both of her blogs every day to see if we won and to enter the new drawing for the next day. We didn't win anything. Bummer.

David googled his name this morning. You know, to make sure he hasn't made the 10 most wanted list. And guess what comes up? He won a $250 gift card to CHEF's catalog through her cooking blog. I don't know how I missed it. I imagine with the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I overlooked it. We've had the same pots and pans for over 7 years. I think we will get new ones.

Google your name once in awhile.
You never know what you may find.


Linda said...

You are sooooo lucky!! I used to try her contests but got out of the habit because it's hard for me to keep up with all of the blogs. Maybe I'll have to try them again.

The only thing that I ever find when I google my name, is my old blog articles and sometimes a newspaper article or two. Plus there are lots of Linda Kelleys out there. :)

pam said...

ooh, those are very pretty. Congrats! I can't wait 'till you make me some yummy tacos with those babies! :)