Thursday, January 28, 2010


Here's Noah's latest trick. He's flipped on and off for weeks, but it was never consistant. Now, he will always flip when put on his stomach. Probably because he hates it.

Don't they usually flip the other way first? Back to stomach. I don't remember.


Linda said...

Hooray for Noah!! :)

It's funny because so often when I read your blog, I'm reminded of something from way back when with Sarah - listening to Noah getting frustrated before he flips over, reminded me of Sarah - she used to get sooooo mad when she would get stuck in the flip. Btw, that's exactly the motion she made - front to back and not back to front.

Amy said...

Yay Noah! It's always so funny when they try and try and try to flip and then look stunned when they actually do!

Anonymous said...

Too cute, Emily is such a sweet Big Sister. I love to see and hear her interacting with Noah. I don't think she was quite so sweet to Ben! Noah is sounding like his cold must be going away. I hope so at least.☼