Thursday, July 21, 2016

All Day Doctor Appointments

My kids are all very healthy, and for that Im' truly thankful. But, we still have routine appointments. Today, they all had dentist appointments.  We are trying a new dentist since our current one is a 45 minute drive round trip.  We wanted something closer.

The boys love that it had a playstation in the waiting room.

And even more exciting, was the TV on the ceiling that they tuned in to cartoons.  

Here's Noah totally relaxed and Ben is like a hyper basket case.  God love him.  Nobody had cavities.  Yea!  They all got xrays and we could see all 4 of Ben's wisdom teeth under the gums.  Emily, nothing.  No wisdom teeth, not one. They said by now, she should have a little bubble where the teeth would be or full grown teeth, like Ben. She has nothing.  And she is thrilled.  

The appointments took longer than I thought.  I barely had time to drop the kids, pack a lunch for Ben and I and we were off to Scottsdale for Ben's annual eye appointment.  Here's Ben after drops.  He hates the dialating drops.

The doctor is concerned with Ben's eye.  It was a lazy eye and turned in, which they did surgery to loosen the inside muscle and he patched for years.  This was to get that eye stronger and not lose sight, which it worked great.  But, now the doctor is seeing his eye drift, which means it's going to the outside.  He's hopeful that a stronger prescription will fix the problem.  And he wants to see him again in three months.  I didn't like that.  We have been on yearly appointments for about 3 years, so to go back to 3 month appointments is not good.  But, he just wants to stay on top of it.  He says as Ben grows and changes, it's just life that the eye can change like it is.  Kind of like how I got Lasik surgery 15 years ago and had perfect vision, and now I need glasses.  

So, the worst case scenario is Ben would need another surgery.  This time to do just the opposite of what they did ...loosen the outer eye and tighten the inner eye muscle.  But, he's hopeful the stronger prescription will help.  Needless to say, we are getting him new glasses tomorrow.  The good news is the vision is good in his eye.  The stronger prescription is just to train his brain to keep using both eyes together.  

We drove straight home after.  Ben is miserable after his eyes are dialated.  He was literally in his room laying there for hours, but he's doing well now.  

It was a super long day and it was so hot in Phoenix, it felt like a sauna.  
Looking forward to a good nights rest and a nice weekend.
Next weekend, we have one last hooray before school starts...another camping trip!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Around Our House

Well...I fell loved. I talked to my Dad a few ago and he told me that I haven't blogged in 11 days. My Mom texted yesterday wondering why I haven't blogged and to make sure all was alright. Aunt Linda emailed me this morning and so did Aunt Paula. It's so sweet that people miss us and my little blog posts. And Gwynne, I know you would've emailed but are refraining as to not be a "pest" as you'd say, but you know you never are. Anyway, it's nice to be missed.

So, what have we been up to....

Well, this happened while we were on vacation. We sold it on Craiglist.  We are sad it's gone, but the kids just rarely played with it anymore.  It was time for it to be sanded and stained again and we didn't want to do that for something the kids go on about once a month.  Hopefully, another family will get good use out of it and we are turning the area into an outdoor firepit!  The kids all agreed they wanted that more than the swingset.  So, I'm on Pinterest trying to find cheap ideas. It kind of makes me teary to think that they've outgrown it.  I'm glad I wasn't here for the disassemble and haul away.

The kids did the annual patriotic singing and piano playing at the senior care home.  I was so sad to here that Oval had died.  She was there from our first visit, but died at 105.  

The kids did another week of church camp.  They are having a blast.  It's daily from 9 to 3, so it gives them something to do and me a break.

School is starting in 3 weeks!  I don't know how that happened so fast.  I still have stacks of school papers from last year to go through.  I'm not feeling on top of my game....yet.

David had his final interview and exam to become a U.S. citizen yesterday.  He studied for the 10 question oral exam and was totally prepared.  He knew all about Congress, our Senators and everything in between.  And then they asked him questions like what ocean is on the west side of the U.S.?  Really, challenge the guy some.  There was only 1 question out of the 10 that he even had to think about.  So, he's approved for citizenship and we will get a letter about his final swearing in ceremony.  That'll be fun to go to.  

And that's about it!  I wish I had something exciting to report, but we are all doing great and I guess that's exciting enough.  :)

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Gibsons, Day 11

It was supposed to rain today, but luckily, there wasn't a drop to be found!  Yea!  We had plenty of sunshine.  So, we got to what we call Starfish Beach this morning.  You have to get there when the tide is low to see all the starfish.  

And they are everywhere on the rocks.  It's kind of pretty and kind of gross.

Uncle Terry and Aunt Paula joined us for a bit.

These are the rocks that the starfish are on.
At high tide, these rocks are covered in water.  That just amazes me.  

David was the official digger and found a prawn or crawfish or something gross.

Emily found a hermit crab.

At low tide there are all these nice sandy areas.  

The walked out to a sandbar.

Emily did a handstand.

Then, we found this big crab.  I told the kids their Grampie would take that thing home and have him for dinner.  

The boys were out there playing.

Then, they came up and they decorated a small starfish with green seaweed, like Patrick the starfish from Spongebob.  Pretty creative.

More handstands.

Ben ran, and ran, and ran.

Noah being cute.

More handstands.

This little girl wanted a starfish, but was afraid.  Noah was so sweet and would get her one when she asked.

This one is sucking on some shells.

We stayed for a few hours, and the tide came up.  Then, it's just too rocky.  So, we left and went to the beach by the house.  But, we found Thor's hammer on the way out.  The kids tried to pick it up.  

We stopped at Starbucks for Frappaccinos and Wendy's for Frostys.  Then, we went to the beach.

Noah never goes all the way in, so David got him and dunked him.  

We sat on the beach and played and found glass and relaxed.  

When we got home, Uncle Terry and Aunt Paula had a delicious rib dinner for us.  We are truly spoiled on these trips.  It was a perfect last day of vacation.

We hit the road early for a 12 hour travel day.
It's been a great vacation!
Thanks to my Dad and Suzy and Uncle Terry and Aunt Paula who are always so hospitable.
We appreciate the family time and memories made!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Gibsons, Day 10

I can't believe we are down to one last day of vacation. Boo!

We woke up to rain and clouds. It's Canada Day today, which the same as our 4th of July. There was a parade and stuff like that we planned to go to, but with the rain, we opted to stay home. Instead, Aunt Paula made her famous pancakes! YUM!

Then, Noah and I went on  a slug hunt.  Aunt Paula hates the slugs since they eat all of her garden and plants.  But, all we could find was this cute(ish) snail.

Then, Aunt Paula found a slug and Noah got to sprinkle him with salt to end his laugh.  I felt a little bad about it, but since he ruins the garden, oh well.  

Then, we went for a walk.  Emily and Noah, the two who complain, stayed home.  It was just David, Ben and I.  We saw a cute deer.

The path to the beach was pretty.

We found some ripe blackberries.

We went to the same beach that we jump off the pier and were shocked at how low the tide was.  Holy moly, the kids would never jump from that high.

Look how many rungs are on the ladder. 

We walked farther down the beach and there was this massive tree.

We were trying to find a shortcut home, so David went exploring, but it was too rocky.

When we got home, Aunt Paula and Noah made banana bread.  Noah has eaten almost the entire loaf by himself.

We got home from our walk, had lunch and went to the beach.  

Then, the kids played Master Chef and made seaweed salad and rock soup.  We were the judges.  It was good, but everything was a little over salty from the sea water.  HA!

Then, we headed back to the beach where we pier jump and the water was high again.  Look how little the ladder is now that the tide is up.  It looks like nothing, but it's about 10 feet.

The jumped.  Noah still hasn't done it yet.  Maybe next year, and we will need to be in the water when he jumps.

David pushed Emily on this one as she was hesitating.  

They climbed to a higher part of the pier to make it more challenging.  

We are hoping for good weather tomorrow and a full day at the beach for our last day of vacation.