Monday, January 11, 2010


We had a nice weekend. We didn't do much and that's always a good thing.

We put together a puzzle I got at the dollar store. It came with an extra piece. At least we didn't get the puzzle after it that came with one piece missing.

We went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse on Saturday night. My Dad gave David a gift card for Christmas. We were a little worried because the last time we went we had to hold Noah the entire time. This time, he fell asleep in the car seat. I could not believe it. We were able to talk, laugh, color and enjoy ourselves. It was lovely.

The kids practiced their Wii Yoga.

Emily looks more like she's perfecting a move from Karate Kid.

I've taken to showering at night. After playing Wii throughout the day, it's nice to feel all shiny and clean before bed. Plus, the hot water defrosts my toes. David informed me last night that the shower head in our bathroom was broke. I'd have to use the frog (kids) bathroom. I wasn't too excited about this at first. I like my shower. My stuff is in my shower. But, what choice did I have? As I shut the door of the frog bathroom behind me, I realized that I haven't shut the door to shower in 5 years. Our master bath doesn't have a door on it. My first thought was if I should lock the kids out? One of them always interrupts my shower and sometimes they strip down and jump in. I didn't lock the door and I'm glad I didn't.

Five minutes into my shower, Emily walks in and exclaims, "How did the fog get in here?" She thought it was the coolest thing ever. Her and Ben take a bath in my jumbo bath tub in the master bath with no door. David showers in water that is cold enough for a polar bear. And I take a shower hot enough for the devil, but there is never a door to trap the steam. Emily climbed on the sink and was busy writing her name on the mirror. And I watched her hair immediately begin to curl up.

I feel like I taught my daughter something new. Maybe I should shower in the frog bathroom more often.


amyraye said...

there's something about mom being in the shower that's a magnet for kids. makes no sense. i can't seem to lock the door either. what if something happens while i'm in the shower and i can't hear it?

Linda said...

lol, I've never really had this issue with only one child, but I find it funny. :)

Loved your descriptive story and laughed at the water preference (I too like the water extremely hot and Jim is the complete opposite). You made me think that I've never once used the bathtub/shower in "Sarah's bathroom". We have two full baths in our house - one is the common bath located on her side of the house and the other is our master bathroom (which does have a door that annoys me because it's a small bathroom and the door is always in the way of the cabinet when I'm getting ready). Anyway - the common bathroom, is known as "Sarah's bathroom" since she's the only other one living here with us and it's near her room.

Now that I've bored you to death with my lengthy comment... enjoyed your post as always. :)