Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Aye Matey!

Today's preschool theme was all about pirates. One of the boys was sick, so it was just Ben and Caleb. I love that it is a little group. There is no way we could do so much fun stuff with 24 kids. Ms. Stacy went all out and the boys had a blast.

There was a treasure map.

To find a treasure chest filled with jewels and chocolate gold coins.

Each boy had their own "boat". Ben's was named "Royal Fortune".

Here is his best pirate impression. He looks fierce, right?

They shared their booty.

They sensed danger from the North.

No, it was from the South.

Luckily, it was just Caleb's baby sister. I think she was after the jewels. Ben got her with his telescope/cannon.

No pirate would be complete without a parrot. Ben colored the other side. Then, he fed him graham crackers.

We even had pirate music! What a fun morning, made even better by the fact that Noah slept the entire time in his car seat.


Anonymous said...

I think you are lucky to have found Ms. Stacey. What wonderful themes she comes up with and what wonderful learning experiences for Ben.Also the fact that you can be there and take Noah with you makes it all the more entertaining for you as well.
Sorry to see that the little oven is not quite what everyone had in mind for Emily's cooking experiences. But, that's OK she'll be cooking up a storm someday soon, in spite of the oven.
Great posts. ☼

Linda said...

How imaginative Ms. Stacey is ~ this is wonderful! Such fun :)

Here we are looking forward to our own fun tomorrow in the form of a Winter Storm. We are under a Winter Storm Warning, which means the "W" is on our television screen in the corner and they're calling for up to 8 inches with strong winds, blowing snow. I plan to be working from home tomorrow, unless they get it totally wrong. If it looks bad enough in the morning - meaning several inches here - I'll have to watch the television for school closings. Oh the horror, says Sarah (NOT).

Glad to see you're having a fun week.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog about preschool today, Gina! It was a blast! :)
~Ms. Stacy