Thursday, October 12, 2017

Our Last Beach Day

Dak took this picture last night, but I just got it this morning. So, I'm posting it now because I love it.

And Ryan took this picture yesterday, but I love it also.  

Oh, and I don't know why it won't allow comments anymore on my blog. I didn't change anything and I checked all the settings and everything looks normal.  My Mom was having problems earlier in the week, but she figured it out.  So, I have no clue what to do.

Ok, now to today...

This was the lovely sunrise from our balcony this morning.

And this was the gorgeous sunset.

Now to fill in the gaps...

We all knew it was our last day, so we immediately got to having fun. Noah is having a blast on the boogie board and copying his Dad with the peace signs.

Emily and David in the water and Alanah in the back.

We saved our leftover chips crumbs and bought a cheap loaf of bread, so we could feed the birds.  Wouldn't you know it, the one legged pigeon came to see us for the third day in a row.  Noah was making sure he was eating and Ben was keeping the bully seagulls at bay. 

Then, the invasion was too much. So, Noah just fed them all. 

He's so cute. We all got so tan on this trip.  

There's Ben playing in the water solo.

Then, Noah and I built a mermaid.  

Noah made her boobs. Isn't she pretty?  He named her Julie and we built her close to the water, so the sea would take her out.  Then, rumor has it, she becomes a real mermaid.  So, we made Juli.  Then, Julia. Then, Juliet.  The sea is full of new mermaids tonight.

There's the whole crew playing in the water.

My sweet boys.

I told Ben not to puff out his stomach, so they both did this.

They're sweet.

There's Ben running around in his natural habitat.

My sweet hubby.

And more dolphins.  We saw so many dolphins today.

Then, we walked to the pier for some shaved ice.

And on the way back, we noticed this homeless man sitting in the sand. So, we gave him $5.  Then, we got back to our stuff and I had the boys bring him some snacks and a water.

It was such a fun day. Dakri and I stayed out there for as long as our bodies could take it.  Those waves were beating us up.  Then, we came in and had yummy dinner.

We had some leftovers and when we looked out over our balcony. The homeless man was still there.  So, we had the kids bring him some ribs, salad, chocolate cake, rolls and a Coke.  His name is Don.

Ryan's brother Aaron came to visit tonight. He lives about an hour away and we went for a walk on the beach.  We got a few last pictures.

Here's the whole tribe.  

Vacation 2017 is over.  Another great trip in the books.  This was honestly one of our best trips yet. We got an upgraded house with a killer view.  The weather was nearly perfect. We are grateful for all of these blessings and know that we are so lucky to be able to make such great memories every year.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


This has got to be one of the best birthdays ever.  

It started with David having my coffee ready right as I woke up and Noah made me 15 birthday cards.  They were so super sweet.  That kid is a romantic.  

The girls made me a cake and David and Ben got me donuts from my favorite place.

Then, we headed to the beach.  People watching is the best.  This guy...well, there was so much going on.  From the bathing suit to the tiny man bun. And then, he'd bend over and pick up seashells.  My oh my, he was entertaining.

Then, we had dolphins several times today.

Oh and this guy with the go pro on his chest.  Really, your beach walk probably won't be as exciting when you watch it back.

And this surfer who broke his board and then ripped it apart to make a boogie board.  Now, that's making lemonade surfer dude.

We walked to the pier for shaved ice. 

Then, Noah took over my camera again. 

Ryan and Noah built a sand castle.

David assisted with the moat. 

Then, Noah went out boogie boarding again. I'm so proud of him.
Earlier, he was kind of playing in the waves and he was up to his chest.  Then, a big wave came and a saw him and then, he was gone. And I freaked for a second, but he came up. He said he did a flip and hit his chin on the bottom of the ocean.  A little scary, but he brushed it off and stuck to the board from now on.

The girls made a new friend named Bella from Colorado.

Then, Noah worked on another sand castle since his got ruined.

The poor pigeon with only 1 leg came back to see us again today. We fed him good!

Here's the other view of us packing up.

Here David and I are beach tousled and needing a shower.

Now, we are all ready and enjoying a few cocktails before heading to dinner.  

My girl got way too much sun today.

He's a goof ball.

Another gorgeous sunset.

Before dinner.

We decided to try a Vietnamese place. It had 5 stars with several hundred reviews.  Unheard of. We've never had Vietnamese and it was delish.

Then, we walked home and Dak had the girls decorate the house for me.  So sweet!

There was cake too, but those pics are on Dak's phone.  

It was a perfect day!  Thank you to everyone who made me feel so special.