Thursday, January 18, 2018


I'm trying to make an effort on 3-day weekends to get the family out doing something we've never done. For MLK day, we decided to head to Jerome with our friends. It sits at the top on the other side of the mountain that is just 20 minutes from our house, so it made for a short drive and a nice trip. We've gone up there before, but never really did much.  I think the kids and David took Gwynne up there for ice cream once. But, they didn't go splorin'. That's our term for exploring.  :)

After winding up the mountain, we finally came to Jerome. It's an old mining town, but now it's an artsy town with a population of a little over 400.

Here's the Fire Dept. They were on the roof doing drills.
We parked and headed for the first old structure we saw. It was an old hotel that was destroyed in a fire.  Now they put out toilets and people throw coins in. I gave everyone change and Emily was the only one to make her penny in the potty.

In the middle of town is a little park with a playground. So, you now, we all had to go play. This is an old school slide. The ones that would burn your thighs when you went down them in shorts in the middle of an Arizona summer.

Here's Ryan going down. You know all the adults went down. We couldn't help ourselves.
There was even a horse shoe pit.  How quaint is that?
And there was Ted the teddy bear in the backseat of the car. 
Dak and I...
This is an old movie projector.  It's crazy how big it is and now a high def 3 hour movie fits on a tiny thumb drive.
We went to this cafe and got brunch.  Noah got hot cocoa and he thought the foam looked like an angel.

The kids were playing outside while everyone went to the bathroom.
I went in with Noah and they had a chalkboard wall.  I put g+d and then Noah put N+G.  How cute is that?  I love that he loves me so much.
We were headed to see the old jail and came across this cool building. So much of the town got destroyed in fires. Also, some of it just slide down the hill. With all the blasting underground, it would sometimes get unsettled and cause slides.
This just makes me laugh.  Ish.

Gorgeous views of Sedona behind the kids.

And here's the old jail. It slid over 200 feet and now it just sits in a random spot.  This is the bed.  Looks comfy, eh?

The boys are happy anywhere they can run and climb things.
We hit the candy store.
And this is the old Mexican Methodist Church. I liked the Italian Cypress trees. I knew my Dad would too.
Because of MLK day, all state parks were free. So, we decided to head to the museum. We probably would've never done the museum as it would've been $30 for my family to get in.  But, if it's free, it's for me!  It was cool. We even saw a video about the history of Jerome.  The investors of the mine made over 20 million dollars and that was in the early 1900's. That's an insane amount of money.

Here's an old period room.  The kids liked the phone on the wall.

And this is a model of the underground mines for copper, zinc, silver and gold.
And this is all the different bottles from that era. And it totally reminded me of the beach glass we find every year in Gibsons.  The blue pieces are super rare.  This is what it comes from.
The minerals on these rocks glow under LED lights.  So bizarre. I wanted to hang some from my bedroom ceiling.
Here's a view of the town. Did I mention that it's supposedly haunted? Maybe that's not the sunlight on the left side of my picture, but Casper flying through.

Our final stop was to visit an old mining area.  This is one of the "elevators" they used to take down. I wonder how many men would cram in there?  My 3 kids barely fit.
Then, there was a glass and you could look down 1900 feet into a mine.  That's 650 taller than the Empire State Building. The kids put some rocks down there.
Talk about scary. Your mind plays tricks on you when you stand on it.

This is the Jerome Grand Hotel that is haunted. It was a hospital; then, a mental hospital and now a hotel. They offer haunting tours around Halloween. We'll have to go sometime and see what or whom we can find. 
It was an awesome day and I'm so glad we went.  Sometimes, I just feel like being a hermit. But, it's so good to get out with family and friends and go splorin'!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Big 4

We had our friends over for carnitas last weekend. Emily and her group of 3 girlfriends have been referred to as the Big 4. So, it's the Big 4 families.

David made amazing carnitas and we enjoyed hanging with our friends. 

But, the cutest part is Noah and these two girls.  Savannah is the little one and Clara is the older. Noah is smack dab between the two in age and they are all great friends.

I'm convinced one will be my daughter in law one day. At least, I hope so!  They are both beyond adorable.

Noah and Savannah even made little people out of a popped ball.  How cute is that?
I save all these pictures for the wedding video one day.  :)