Sunday, June 24, 2018

Emily's recital

Emily had her piano and violin recital a few weeks ago. I'm so behind on blogging. I'm behind on everything.

She did great and we are proud of her accomplishments.


David's Days

David's birthday and Father's Day are always within a week of each other. It's kind of nice, and kind of hard.  I feel like I just buy him gifts and then split them in two piles for each holiday. Whatever, it works.  Here hs is getting cards for his birthday.  Ben drew a funny picture.

And he got a french press. Ugh, I'm not happy about making coffee more difficult, but it's not my gift.  See, David makes us all coffee every morning and it's hot and waiting for me when I get up. I love that. But, if he wants fancy coffee from time to time, so be it. 

We made him a cake.  

He had to work, so it was a rather boring day for him. But, we did go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, so that was nice.

Now, on to Father's Day.  We went to see Incredibles 2. Emily went the night before with friends, so she wasn't with us. 
I made David lasagna and we hung out on the trampoline.  
And he got work pants and shirts. How exciting!  It may not be the most exciting, but it was nice to celebrate him. He does so much for all of us. Seriously, this past year has been difficult. We prayed he'd get this new supervisor position last July and he did. Now, I wish he never did. But, it is what it is and he works his ass off for all of us.  We're lucky to have him.

Friday, June 8, 2018

YoYo Summer

Our friends' kid introduced us to the term, Yoyo, while we were camping. It means You're On Your Own. And it's fabulous!

I've realized I do WAY too much for my kids. I do it for them gladly and willingly, but they need to step up. So, this summer, the are expected to make their own breakfast and lunch. We've done away with enrichment hour. I'm not forcing them to read an hour every day, do workbooks or write in a journal. When I need help with some chores, I ask them to help, and they chip in.

Seriously, there are these charts floating around on the internet and they kill me!

Seriously, you're going to make your kids do all that before they get on electronics.  Have you done all that before you checked your phone Mom?  Hell NO!  So, why would I make my kids. It's called SUMMER!  Let them enjoy being kids and throw away the charts. Plus, all I do is stress about getting lesson plans ready and figuring out writing prompts. Ugh, it's just awful. My kids are brilliant. Let them be kids for 2 months before they have to go back to school.

And you know what? They're proving they don't need to have charts forced down their throat. They go out and jump on the trampoline about 10 times a day. We go to the movies. Emily has hung out with her friends almost every day and practiced her piano and violin. Her friends had a horror movie marathon. Yes, that's what summer is all about. And the other day, Noah made this robot.

It's a Yoyo summer, and I'm loving it!

Friday, June 1, 2018

Newport Beach, Day 3

We had donuts from our favorite donut place and got right to the beach.

The kids got busy playing frisbee and volleyball. 

And we went out swimming. We had enough boogie boards for everyone this time, so at one point we were all out there riding waves. 

I love this pic of Ben and all the boogie boards. This wasn't even all of them. 

There was more sand burying. 

And this was Emily's solution to sunburnt legs. Just cover them up with sand. 

By the afternoon, we were all ready for a nap. 

We got pizza for the kids and went the adults went to our favorite Vietnamese food, Saigon Beach.  We get this 420 downtowner rice. It is so good. 

Then, we ran down to the beach as the sun was setting.  We have to get the sunset every night. 

The Suttons get almost the whole day with us tomorrow before they head to a concert.  We are looking forward to one last beach day. 

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Newport Beach, Day 2

I woke up and my boys were all on sitting together on the sofa. I love these boys.

David and Ben went for a run.  Ben's still learning to pace himself. He takes off with a bang.

Then, we headed for the beach.  
We went for a walk. Emily sometimes acts like a teenager at home, so it's nice to see her connect with her Dad.

Noah loves finding seashells. We have a bucket of his treasures. 

Emily found this heart rock and thought of Aunt Paula. She collects heart rocks. 

Then, the boys walked out on the rock wall. 

They got all the way to the end and it was making me a little nervous.

Then, a wave splashed up and I about had a heart attack. David was almost running through the water baywatch style. But, they were fine, and they just walked back.

Emily buried Noah in the sand.

Then, they took a nap.  They were sleeping exactly the same, 

Even their arms are the same. 

Noah enjoying a Coke. 

And this helicopter flew in so close to the beach. 

We were all out in the water playing. It was such a great day. 

We went up, showered and had dinner. The Suttons showed up and we went for a walk on the beach at sunset. 
We went to the pier again, but it was too late, so we could barely see the sea lions stealing fish. Maybe tomorrow night. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Newport, Day 1

The internet here is a bit sketchy, so I'm just going to do phone pics daily and I'll add good camera pics when we get home.

We planned to leave this morning by 8, but were about an hour behind schedule, which was fine. When we were camping one of the girls was sick in another family. Then her sister and Mom got sick. So, Dakri tells me this and I decide to pack the puke bucket just in case. Noah was hanging out with these girls the entire time.  So, we start heading down the windy parts of the trip and I forgot our Sea Bands. They help with motion sickness.  Noah says his tummy is queasy. Ugh, is he getting sick or is it the turns. Then, Ben says his is not feeling great. Oh Lord. Then with about 1/2 mile of winding road left, Ben threw up all of his Cap'n Crunch. Thank God we had the puke bucket. So, we stopped at a gas station a few miles down the road and disposed of the bag that was in the puke bucket. Ben went to the bathroom and he was all better.

It was so crazy, but I'm so glad it was just the road and not any illness.

We stop right on the state line before crossing over to fill up with gas since Arizona is way cheaper than California. The kids get an Icee or soda drink which to them is a treat as we don't do convenience stores at home. They all chose blue Icees. Then, Ben had a salami sandwich. See, definitely not sick. That is not a normal after puke meal.

Yea the windmills!  That means about 2 hours left. 

We finally got here a little after 3.  I just wanted to get a little situated before we headed to the beach. The boys just wanted to go to the beach. I wish we were right on the beach, but this is a pretty nice spot too.  The on the beach house are easily $600 a night. That's just too much. Plus, we are only here for 4 nights, so we plan to spend all our time at the beach.

Noah got to the sand and collapsed in happiness. 

And Ben took off running.  

Noah got the boogie board and headed right to the water. 
I have a few pics of Emily, but they were on my camera and taking forever to load, so I'll post those when we get home. But we went for a walk to look at seashells and she got something stuck in between her toes. She pulled off a little shell but said something else was in there.  So, she went to rinse it but by the time she got back to the blanket, her toes were sandy. So, her Dad had to carry her back.

We went super easy with meals and brought our pasta sauce, so I whipped up dinner, salad and bread. It's nice to have quick easy meals that we all like. 

Then, we went to get ice cream (again pic is on other camera) and walked down the pier. These guys were catching 4 to 6 fish at one time. It was so impressive. This guy had just hauled in 6!

And the seals were super impressed with the fishermen too. 

The seals would wait for them reel in their catch and they'd go after them and always snag a few fish off the line. The guys next to us said they must have gotten 50 or 60 fish and they just keep coming back for more. 
Then, it was tag on the beach.  

And they climbed up on the lifeguard tower. They'll have to do it again tomorrow when it's light out. Yes, it says Keep Off, but whatever. 

 So, that was day one. More fun tomorrow!