Sunday, March 18, 2018

Our Last Day

We headed to the beach for a few hours this morning.  It was a gorgeous day. 

We showered up and headed back to orlando. We spent some time with Gwynne and Enrique and went to dinner. It was nice to see them one more time. 

We are at a hotel near the airport and heading out super early. The kids get to skip school tomorrow. I didn't want to come all this way and cut out a beach day just to get back on time.  It was a wonderful vacation!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Another Beautiful Beach Day

This view first thing in the morning never gets old.
And this morning their were a pair of dolphins swimming around.
We had breakfast and headed right out to the beach.  This was our last full beach day, so we wanted to get in as much beach time as possible.  We went for a little walk this morning and their was this nasty catfish that washed up on the beach.
And this is why we don't like the parking on the beach thing.  So, they have the parking on let's say the left, then the two way driving lanes, then it's the water.  When the tide goes out, there is lots of space after the driving lanes, but it's in wet sand.  So, they want to have the beach people that aren't driving hugging the top of the beach by the wall.  So our view went from ocean to this once they opened at 10.   
Um, yeah, no thanks. If we lived here and had a car, I'd love it, but as just a beach goer, I'll never stay at a beach you can drive on again. It's just not my bag. We moved to the wet sand and enjoyed the day there instead of starring at the red Toyota pickup.
There was this big dog run today for St. Patrick's Day.  These people get into their pets and their Irish holiday.  The dogs and owners were decked out in green.  This dog was even wearing a top hat. He's fancy.
My husband contemplating life or possibly dreading going back to work in two days. 
The people on this beach don't do a lot of lounging. They play volleyball, Frisbee, paddleball. It's crazy. Nobody sits. These college boys next to us played sports for hours. 
And these teenage girls took selfies for about an hour.  
And look at these people with the huge dog in the back. 
And this girl doing an aerial.  It's impressive. This is not a place with lots of fat people.  Everybody looks great and they are all wearing Miss Cheeky swimsuits showing off their cheeks. 
As the tide went out, there would be nice shallow tide pools of water that would get super warm. We liked those spots.
Ben preferred body surfing.
The kids just ran and ran and ran. 
 Then, my Uncle Louie and Aunt Brigid came to visit us.  They have friends with a condo near the beach, so they were with friends. It was great to see them and catch up.
Then, I looked up and it was like I was seeing a unicorn. These two were playing for hours. No fighting, no complaining. It was fantastic. 
We got a quick pic of us on the beach.
We came in and got showered up.  It's crazy busy here this weekend. Spring Break started for most Florida people this week and it's Biker Week and St. Patrick's Day. We didn't want to get caught up on all the crowds, so David went and got us Chinese take out for dinner.
Then, we went for a walk on the beach. 
And of course, a handstand.  She doesn't do them very often anymore, but this is pretty impressive.
Ben just runs and runs on the beach. I'm not kidding. He never stops.
My girl was being silly and wouldn't give me a real smile, but this pic is cute.
I'm not sure what Noah's hair is doing. I tell him to spike it up all the time, but he likes it slicked on his head.  But, it was spikey tonight. He looks cute. 
And sweet Ben... 
I took this one of Noah and I, and he goes "Aack! What's up with my hair?"  HA! 
And this is just bizarre.  How could this happen, and the eyeballs were missing. 
And one last ice cream at Treats on the Beach! 
We get just a few hours here tomorrow.  Then, we have to head back to near the airport. We'll see Gwynne and Enrique one last time for dinner and get ready for an early fight on Monday morning. I can't believe our vacation is almost over, but yet, it feels like we've been gone for weeks. That's a good vacation. We packed ALOT in! 

Friday, March 16, 2018

A Beautiful Beach Day

I woke up this morning and headed out to the beach. I don't know that I've ever seen the sun coming up over the Atlantic. It was a site.

The boys got up and headed down to beach.
We got our breakfast, got suits on and headed right to the beach. 
It was a glorious day.  A little cool in the morning and then warm and sunny in the afternoon. We really lucked out with weather on this trip.
The sand is so different here. It's like white powder. It's amazing. I haven't ever felt sand like that. 
We played some Frisbee and built sand castles and just laid around. 
David raced the boys down the beach. 
David and Noah found some sea creatures.  
More racing... 
Noah has perfected the relaxing, but then he buried himself in the sand. 
Then, Ben helped out.  :)
And the beach was packed!  It's spring break week and it's biker week and this place is hustling and bustling. The parking on the beach thing is cool.  But, I prefer no cars on the beach. It convenient, but it just distracts from the beach beauty.  I'm glad California has never adapted this east coast way of things.
David's friend, Michele, came to spend some time with us on the beach and we went to a nice restaurant that's in a tree house.  It was super cool.
It was a wonderful day.  And, I'm looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow!