Sunday, January 31, 2010

Noah's First Photos

We took Noah for his 3 month photos today. He's 5 months, but minus the 9 weeks early part and he's the same size as Emily and Ben were for their first professional pictures.

Here are my favorites.
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Friday, January 29, 2010

Young Scientist

Today was Scientist day at Preschool.

Ben: What's a Scientist?
Me: Someone who does experiments.

Ben: What's an experiment?
Me: Um, when you mix and control substances and see the result.

Ben: What's a contwol sustance?
Me: Um, um, it's when you limit the environmental impact on something.

Ben: What's environmental?
Me: OK! A Scientist blows things up!
Ben: Oh! I can't wait to be a scientist!

Preschool was so much fun today. We had a white jacket, crazy glasses and spiked hair.

Then, they built a volcano and got to watch it explode.

It was very cool.

Noah was unimpressed and was happy to hang out driving their Jeep.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Here's Noah's latest trick. He's flipped on and off for weeks, but it was never consistant. Now, he will always flip when put on his stomach. Probably because he hates it.

Don't they usually flip the other way first? Back to stomach. I don't remember.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

100 Days of School

For the 100th day of school Emily got to decide what she would buy with $100.

I was a bit concerned.

She wants 100 Berz.

Luckily, she meant 100 bears not 100 beers.

It could have gone either way.

8 Hours Straight

One of the hardest things about having a baby is the lack of sleep. Sure, I still get 8 hours of sleep a night, but it's always broken up by an hour (sometimes two) when I have to get up to feed Noah. The feeding and diaper change usually only lasts 20-30 minutes. It's the falling back to sleep part that is difficult.

The sleepless nights started well before Noah ever came. I was up with all sorts of pains thinking I was getting old. I didn't quite realize my liver was about to rupture. Oops. It's been about 8 months since I've had 8 hours of STRAIGHT sleep. I'm starting to go a little crazy.

We all caught colds last week, Noah included. We had the worst night that we've ever had with him on Friday. He was up from 1 AM to 7 AM. It was horrible. The only thing worse than having a sick baby is having a sick baby and being sick yourself.

We were supposed to go to Phoenix for an adult only party on Saturday. My Dad and Suzy were coming up to babysit. We didn't go. I was exhausted and I felt crummy. My Dad and Suzy came up anyway. Suzy took the baby monitor and told me to get a good nights rest. Oh sweet Jesus, can it be that I get 8 hours of straight sleep?

The good intent was there. But between being stuffed up and secretly coming out to make sure Suzy wasn't suffering with Noah like we had the night before, I still didn't get a good nights rest. Turns out, the kid slept until 6:20. Unfortunately, Suzy didn't sleep either as she was worried about waking up to get Noah. Turns out, the only one who slept well was the baby.

Today, David had to leave early for a meeting in Flagstaff. Which meant he had to wake me up an hour early. I am really not a morning person. But, I did get to see my first sunrise in a very long time.

Sunrises are overrated.

I'd rather get an extra hour of sleep and watch the sunset.

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Difficult Decision

As you all know, we've been battling with the anxiety issues with our dog Roxie. She has had them from the day we got her, but things have gone downhill since October.

We doubled her dose of Prozac a week ago per the Vet's instructions. He wanted us to try it for a week and see how she does.

She has gotten much worse. She has had 5 accidents in 5 days. Four while we were home. It's like she isn't getting the message that she needed to hold her bladder. She has also been shaking almost constantly and her teeth are chattering.

We talked with the vet tech who had been helping us through this. She said the Prozac is usually a "wonder drug". It's having no effect on Roxie. She thinks she is mentally ill, that she is suffering from doggie dementia.

Still we are struggling with the decision to put her down. We know her issues won't get better. We know her quality of life is poor. She is either sleeping or in a state of panic and anxiety. She doesn't like to go on walks. The only thing she wakes up for is food. Yesterday, she started limping. We know she has arthritis and I imagine it's bothering her with this weather.

We are happy that we got to give her a good life for the past 15 months.

The vet tech told me, "We love our pets and we make a lot of choices for them. The hardest choice is knowing when it's time to put them down."

It's her time.

Goodbye to Roxie Cinderella.
She was not what we expected, but we loved her just the same.
She will never be forgotten.

By 2:00 On Our Second Snow Day

As quickly as the snow came...

**This was Roxie's last photo.

It started to melt. But, the kids didn't mind.
In fact, I think they had fun in the slushy water.

She needs to get her brother with these snowballs, not me!

These are the Mingus Mountains. They reach an elevation 2,000 feet higher than we are. I'm thinking sledding on Sunday will be a must!

Ben likes to eat the snow.

I carried you in my womb for 280 days. Be nice!

The snowy slide is always fun.

The wet clothes and boots and socks and overalls....

My washing machine is calling.

By 12:30 On Our Second Snow Day

Noah was looking a bit perplexed.

Because of the Spiderman on my back.

Emily took a nap. How can sucking her thumb be comfortable? Doesn't her mouth dry out?

We are finally getting real snow. That sticks!

Our satellite dish no longer works because it is covered in snow. Can't they make a remote controled windshield wiper for it?

The snow is beautiful. I'm happy. I also realize that when Emily wakes up I will have to take out all of the snow gear. It will take me 20 minutes to get them dressed. They will go outside for 15 minutes. Then, it will take me 30 minutes to clean everything up and get it dried.

A mother's work is never done.

By 10:30 On Our Second Snow Day

The kids played in a box in the garage. Yes, they are wearing the same thing as yesterday. I plan to get them out of these pajamas at some point today.

Oh goodness, I can't handle this mess again.

Great idea...let's get out every Thomas the Train piece and leave it there for the entire day.

This was my view outside my kitchen window at 9:30. I was about to call the principal and tell her what I thought of this "snow" day.

Within 30 minutes, it had turned to this. It's snowing. Good thing I didn't make that call.

Now it is sunny again.

It's shaping up to be a glorious day.
I got to watch 6 minutes of Project Runway before I was urgently needed.
The urgent matter was resolved by turning the Spiderman costume the right way.
Hey, it got him out of his pajamas!
One goal already accomplished.

Now it is snowing again.

Snow Day Part 2

Today is another snow day.

They decided this yesterday at 4:30.

I didn't hear much wind during the night.

It's not raining anymore (but more may come).

It is wet and cold out, so outdoor play is not going to happen.

There is no snow.

Talk about jumping the gun.

Today may be harder than yeterday because my bag of tricks is empty.

My goal is to just get everyone out of their pajamas.

Everyone (but me) was up at 5:50.

A nap is a must.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

By 4:00 On A Snow Day

I'm going to greet David when he comes home by hiding in the drapes, poking my head out and saying "Heeeeeere's Gina!"

We've eaten an entire box of Vanilla Wafers and we are on our third cup of coffee. Well me, I stopped the kids at two cups. They do need to sleep tonight.

Everybody is still in their pajamas.

I tried to keep the TV off today, but Ben has been on a Tom and Jerry/Scooby Doo marathon since about 1:00. He's bored with it now and is moving on to more important things like trying to figure out what his super powers are. That ought to keep him occupied for the next few hours.

It has definitely been a long day. Cabin fever is setting in. The rain is really coming down now. There is no snow on the ground. The wind is picking up. Something is banging in the backyard and I need to figure it out before bedtime or it will keep me up all night.

This is the little area by our mailbox. There is a drainage ditch right in front of the mailbox, so I'm hoping it doesn't back up. I wonder where that water goes.

Here are the same spots that I took pictures of twice earlier today.
No snow.

I wish it would get colder and snow. Snow is fun and beautiful. Gray clouds and muddy water, not so much.

I also want to give a special shout out to my garbage man from Waste Management. Thanks for dumping the garbage in this horrible weather. Although you don't have to leave your drivers seat, so I'm sure you had the heat on and you were listening to Miley Cyrus. Next time, can you flip the can right so that the lid closes? I now have a few inches of water at the bottom of the big green monster.

David will be home in 1 hour and 19 minutes.
Not that I'm counting.

By 1:00 On A Snow Day

I haven't written "redrum" on the mirrors, so that's a good thing.

We had popcorn for lunch.

The snow is quickly melting from all this rain. I understand the flooding problem now because it's melted snow and rain all at one time. Luckily, we aren't close to any areas that may flood. I think.

Also, the problem with the great flood was taken care of. I seriously think if it had not, our block wall would come down with this storm. Did I mention they are expecting 70 mph winds later?

These pictures were just taken. Two blog posts down and only 4 hours ago, everything was covered in snow.

We are having pasta and meatballs for dinner. Doesn't that sound like a perfect meal for a day like today? I'm making these buttered rosemary rolls to go with it. The recipe is from the Pioneer Woman. We tried them the other night and I seriously could've just had the rolls for dinner. They looked just like the picture and they were incredible. Seriously try them. You will be loved by everyone at the table. Well, except my kids didn't like them, so I ate theirs. Emily thought the rosemary was grass and she wouldn't even try it. She's a visual eater. Her loss

By 10:30 on A Snow Day

This is going to be a long day.

I made a nice breakfast for us.

I'm not sure what the kids were thinking with this look. Love Ben's eyes in this picture.

Then, they were dragon slayers. The dogs were the dragons. Better them than me.

Noah hung out in his jumperoo.

This is what the entire house looks like.

Emily fed this doll and then it pooped green stuff on my tablecloth.

Emily and Ben built a tower.

It's 10:30. Emily is tired and watching Lilo and Stitch in her room. Yes, she started sucking her thumb again. She stopped for 5 months and started back up when I was in the hospital having Noah. Comfort I suppose, like a visit from an old friend.

Noah is ready for nap number 1.

Ben doesn't nap, but he's our champion sleeper at night so I'm okay with that. He wanted to watch Tom & Jerry.

My husband won't be home for 7 1/2 hours. I don't know if I will make it.

Rain Day

We have been getting back to back storms here (Prescott Valley, AZ) since Monday. Last night, I woke up to feed Noah and watched the snow fall. It was a nice quiet moment, until the cat attacked my leg. Cabin fever. I threw him outside. Snow isn't really wet.

We only got about an inch of snow. Now it's raining. School got cancelled today. They are calling it a snow day, but it isn't due to the 1 inch of snow on the ground. It's a rain day for the rain and snow that is expected to come. I imagine they don't want 600 kids to be stuck at school later this afternoon.

They are anticipating that this will be a historical storm for us, with up to 6 inches of rain followed by 6 inches of snow. This is Arizona, we sometimes don't see that much precipitation in a year. Many creeks may flood including one in Prescott. You can read about it here. They are already evacuating some homes.

Right now, David drove into Prescott for work and said the snow is just coming down hard. He's going in to cancel the interviews that were set up for today and then driving to Prescott Valley where it's a little lower elevation. If it gets too bad, he will head home and work from here for the rest of the day.

Here is our front yard from this morning.

The snow is too slushy to play in and it's raining, so we'll be inside all day.

I'll be hanging out with...
This funny boy. He saw the snow this morning and exclaimed, "It's back!"

And this crazy girl. I told her that she didn't have school today and she said, "Yippee!"

And this huggable baby. He didn't say anything about the snow, but he does like watching the fire.

My dear sweet husband went out this morning with our enormous ladder and wiped the snow off the satellite dish for me. God, I love that man more than words can express. He may have just saved my sanity today.

The rain just turned to snow....

I'm going to get the fireplace going and make us bacon and pancakes for breakfast. Oh, and entire pot of coffee. I think I'll need it.

Anyone want to come over?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Emily's Friends

In the past, I chose who Emily played with.

First there was Victoria. We were at the park. Emily was a little over one and I was pregnant with Ben. Along came another family. The little girl was the same size as Emily and the Mom (Lindsay) was pregnant. We started talking. We were both due with boys just a few days apart from each other. We instantly clicked and became friends. The girls got along well and we had many playdates. Then, we moved when Emily was almost three. We still see each other on occasion, but we keep in touch regularly via Facebook and blogs.

When we moved up here, I contacted my cousin Denise. She has lived here for 10 years. She's not really my cousin, but her Mom and my Mom have been best friends for 55 years, so they are as close to family as I can get. Denise and I are the same age and grew up together. She has two kids. Stella is a little younger than Emily and they get along well. The kids would play and Denise and I would catch up, drink tea and relax in the sun.

I joined a Mom group to try to meet new friends. I found Dakri. She's fun, organized and laughs easily. My type of friend. Her daughter Alanah is just a few weeks older than Emily. They play so well together. The girls play while Dak and I chat and gossip for hours.

Then, Emily started school.

I no longer got to choose who she would play with. I'm sure I knew this would happen, but it still came as a shock to me.

She was free to make her own friends.

There are only 8 girls in her class, so she is friends with all of them and the boys too. But, she definitely has one that she would call her best friend. After the first month, all I heard about was Ellie. When it's pick up time, us Moms have to line up outside a locked door and wait to be let in to sign out the kids. One time in line, I was chatting with another Mom. Turns out it's Ellie's Mom. I was thrilled that she was nice. I only talked to her a few times and then Ellie started riding the bus home with her older brother.

Emily and Ellie must talk a lot about going over each other's houses because that's all I would hear about. Around Thanksgiving, her Mom got my phone number so we could get the girls together. It was the holidays and everyone was busy. It never happened. Honestly, I was a little nervous. I've never dropped my kid off at someone's house before. But, I wasn't friends with the Mom. I didn't feel comfortable going in and having some coffee uninvited.

David is a social worker. He's seen all kinds. What if their home is dirty? Or they make crystal meth in their kitchen? I was fairly certain that we didn't have to worry about either. I had seen Ellie's Dad a few times at school. He wears Dockers. Hardly, the drug dealer type. David wanted me to go to their house and scope it out first. It just felt awkward though.

I decided to do some investigative work and google them. Immediately I found a blog. Good sign. Mom is dedicated. Kids look normal. I was a total voyeur, looking at all the pictures, getting a glimpse into their normal lives. And there it was. A picture of her girls at a ballet recital next to a little girl that I know. I am friends with that little girls Mom. I called her immediately. Turns out they are wonderful people. And the Dad is not a drug dealer, he is a bishop in the Mormon church. Can you get any more different than that? A breathed a sigh of relief.

Now that I played detective, I was comfortable with Emily going over their house to play. We set up a playdate for last Saturday. 15 minutes before, Emily got nervous. She had never been dropped off at anybody's house. She started crying. I tried to reassure her that everything was fine, after all, I did a thorough background check. Then, I realized that my adventurous little girl is only adventurous when David and I are around. We are her security blanket.

I called Ellie's Mom and she brought Ellie to our house for the playdate. She came in and met David. I'm sure she was relived to see that he was making homemade sauce and meatballs in our kitchen and not crystal meth. Did she google me?

The girls played for over 2 hours and Ellie is sweet and respectful.

She picked this friend all on her own.

I couldn't have done it better myself.