Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mom's Tea, A Picnic and A Water Fight

Today was a different day for Emily at preschool. Instead of class, they had a Mom's Tea. Siblings were not allowed, so Granny came up to watch Ben. Surprisingly, he didn't cry at all. I prepped him and bribed him with a tootsie roll pop. Hey, whatever works. It was a special day for just Em and I.

We got dressed up and headed off to her school. They had a lovely set up with finger sandwiches and desserts. The kids all made their Mom's a flower pot. Emily's was the prettiest, of course! They sang us some songs.

While the kids were singing. The mom's were doing this:
How many cameras and camcorders can you count? Leave it to us Mom's.

Then, we came home and had a picnic for lunch.

The kids look cute here or I would never have posted a photo with so much skin. But, of the best things about being pregnant for 9 months is great boobs.

It was time for a good old fashioned water fight.
Ben got me.

Then, he got Granny.

It's been a fun filled day and it's only 2:00!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Tantrum and The Makeover

You wouldn't believe it unless you were here. There was a major tantrum that went down in this house this morning. The screaming, the crying, slamming the door. Who knew I could be such a drama queen?

Yes, it was me having the tantrum.

Emily and I have been butting heads lately. I tell her things 3, 4 and finally 5 times which is when I have to yell to get her to do anything. It isn't like I slave her around all day. I might make one request an hour. Like "pick up your toys" or "put your cup in the sink". I'm not asking her to massage my feet. I don't get why I have to tell her things repeatedly and then yell at the top of my lungs to get her to do it. Of course then she yells back. It's monkey see, monkey do. But, she sees me pick up toys and do the dishes all day. Why can't she follow my good example?

And it's not only me, her and Ben have been fighting all the time too. I think she was awake for 72 seconds (the first 60 seconds were spent guzzling her cup of coffee) and she went over and told him, "Ben, you're going to die someday." To which he came running over crying to me that he didn't want to die.

***Side note...she got the whole "die" thing from me. I was cleaning the tool bench area yesterday when I told her once, twice, three times to not reach her hands up there. I had 3 saws and a staple gun within her reach. I finally yelled to stop it or she will get cut or hurt. To which she asked if she would die. And I (mind you I was already frustrated at this point and I know I'm not going to win parent of the year) told her that she probably wouldn't die from cutting her finger with a saw, but we are all going to do someday." In hindsight, maybe not a good time for a death discussion.***

I know, wait until she is a teenager, right? In the meantime, I pulled out a white hair from my head yesterday and said, "that one is from Emily!"

Clairol here I come.

How would I look as a blonde?

Maybe darker red?


Go to and get a makeover while you ignore your kids! At least you'll be having some fun!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Stranger No Danger

I read a few blogs written by complete strangers. I've stumbled upon thier blogs somehow and I'm hooked. I've added a sidebar under "my blog list". I've read them for months, but have kept the fact that I'm a stalker to myself.

Until now.

Barefoot In The Kitchen taught me how to hem my pants. They came out perfectly.

Pioneer Woman has one of the most beautiful ranch homes on the planet. I love her stories and photography. The cooking section from her blog is amazing. I repeat AMAZING. I want to try everything. Maybe because I'm pregnant. Nah, even David wanted to cook something when he looked at it. Take a gander and become a stalker yourself.

But don't say I didn't warn you.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Ben surgery was 8 days ago. He's been back to his normal energetic self for 7. The glue that covered his incision flaked off over the past few days. The cut is about 1 1/2 inches. It's healing up great.

Emily is officially not a thumb sucker. It's been almost a month and she has done so well. Thumbelina is coming for another visit soon to bring a follow up toy as a reward. I still paint Emily's nails every other night. If I forget she even reminds me. She has done so well with this. We are very proud of her.

Monday, April 20, 2009

That Isn't Fertilizer

Rocko is a very sweet dog.

But he likes to poop in our garden. It didn't have much in it during the winter, but we knew this would be a problem throughout the Spring and Summer. We did have broccoli that was growing well. After finding several deposits in and around the broccoli, I'm not even feeding it to my kids. Maybe I should feed it to the dogs.

We needed a fence at least 2 feet high. He's not a jumper. Garden fences are expensive. Pretty, but with 50 feet to cover, it could easily cost $100. So, we came up with our own solution.

PVC and nylon twine.

He won't go near it. David even stood in the garden and called him and he just sat there on the other side of the "fence".

It's not the prettiest, but it only cost $10!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Did It!

With the help of the manual and some trial and error, I figured out how to work my sewing machine. I'm officially a sewer ( that sewer, like where poop goes). I'm not that.

I made many mistakes...

Oops forgot to put the thingy down that holds the fabric in place.

This is definitely not right.

I'm finally getting the hang of it.

Luckily that was an old dish cloth. Once I was confident enough, I hemmed my maternity pants (now it's too hot to wear them). I fixed David's winter gloves, Ben's shorts and a pillow. There is still more to do, but for now, I'm feeling like I accomplished something. I'm not ready to be called Martha yet.

Friday, April 17, 2009


My ex-husband gave me a sewing machine 15 years ago. Did you know that I was married before? So was David. It was ages ago and it's almost like it never happened. But, I do remember getting this sewing machine from my ex. I actually asked for it for Christmas.

I never used it. So, I gave it to my Stepmom Suzy. She never used. She just gave it back to me as I need to learn how to use it.

I made a hot dog pillow in 8th grade Home Ec. Usually, if something needs a button replaced, I ask David. I desperately need to learn how to work this machine. My maternity pants are hemmed with safety pins. I have about 10 items off the top of my head that could all use some help from a sewing machine. I have the owners manual and I can goggle "how to thread a sewing machine" for help. For now, I'm just going to start playing around and try to figure out where the thread coming up from the bottom of the machine is coming from.

This is my weekend project.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Recap

For those that didn't know about Ben's surgery. You can read about it here .

We drove down to Phoenix on Monday afternoon. We figured this would be a better option than making the trek down on Tuesday morning. We had to be there by 8:00. A drive that would take 90 minutes could take 30-60 minutes longer in morning rush hour traffic. Also Ben was restricted from food and water, so that long drive would seem even longer. So, going down the night before was for the best. We went to my sister's new house and met my Dad and Suzy there.

All 9 of us headed to NYPD, which is a wonderful pizza place that we dearly miss living up here. We stuffed ourselves on salad and pizza. It was a wonderful dinner. Then, we went by one of our favorite stores, Sprouts. It's like a healthy grocery store. The kids raid the candy bins which isn't very healthy, but I was letting Ben have whatever he wanted. Gummy bears and taffy.

We enjoyed the rest of the night at my Dad's. The kids took a bath (surgery requirement) in my Dad's huge jacuzzi tub. They were having a blast. We didn't go to bed until after 10. I sleep with Ben and David with Emily. The kids don't sleep if we put them together. Plus, my Dad's house isn't exactly kid proof. Who knows what the two of them would get into unsupervised. Ben was wired (too many gummy bears) and didn't go to sleep until almost midnight. I didn't sleep well. Come to find out that neither did David. Fear and anxiety over the upcoming events were weighing on us. Luckily, Ben had no clue, so once he fell asleep, he was out.

We were told to check in at 8:00, surgery at 9:30. I'm convinced this is for all the slackers who think a check in time is 30-60 minutes later than what they are told. For me, I'm always 2 minutes early. It took 3 minutes to check us in. There we sat from 8:03 to 9:15 waiting. Ben was soooo cranky. Tired, hungry, thirsty and bored is not a good combo for any 3 year old. They had a small play area that held his interest for about 5 minutes. The rest of the time he complained in my arms.

As a parent, you want to take away their pain. I'd have the surgery 100 times over if it meant that he could just be content. The stress was building for David and I. Our friend (thank you Dakri) had mentioned giving Ben a "cocktail". The anesthesiologist could give him a little liquid medicine that takes the edge off. I requested this as soon as they called us in the back room.

We sat there with a group of people in this room and waited. They took Ben's vitals. When everything is ready in the operating room, they would come get Ben. I knew this would be where the problem with Ben would come in. He won't let me leave him, let alone some strange nurse trying to take him down the hall. Thank God for the cocktail. The anesthesiologist gave him a dose and within 15 minutes, Ben was feeling good. He was smiling at me and poking his fingers in his eyes. When the nurse came for him, he didn't even complain. Then, I needed a cocktail.

During that 40 minutes, one parent had to stay in the waiting area. I'm pregnant, starving and completely stressed at that point, so I went to the cafeteria for a bite. Uh, breakfast food. I'm not a real fan of breakfast. I get hash browns and bacon. I go back and David goes for a bite to eat. It made the time go quicker which is good. The Dr. came out and told us that Ben did great. He was in recovery and they'd let us go back in a few minutes.

In the information they gave us, it stated recovery would take 1-2 hours. The lady that was helping us said he'd be ready to go in 15-30 minutes. What? We multi tasked and David got Ben's pain prescription filled while I helped get him dressed. I was shocked at how quickly we were sent out the door. They gave us a small cup of juice which Ben drank in the car and then he puked everywhere. Oh, I guess I know why they want us out of there so quickly.

We met my Dad and Suzy who thankfully kept Emily the entire time. Then, we headed home. It was a long car ride. David and I were tired. Ben puked again. This time popcorn. All over. I brought a bucket, but Ben had never puked before. He kept saying "I have angels in my belly." Which he says when his stomach hurts. I thought the pain meds were wearing off. Nope.

He didn't sleep the entire drive. When we got home, we all crashed. I slept with Ben for a few hours. David slept for an hour. Emily, well, she doesn't like to sleep. My Mom was here, so her and Emily played about 20 games of Old Maid (or Old Navy as Emily says).

The night went well and we are all recouping just fine. Ben was back to his normal tricks this morning of climbing over the sofa and running around. His only restriction is no straddle toys for 2 weeks. Everything seems to be a straddle toy, no rocking horse, teeter totter, roller coaster, bikes... That's the hardest part at this point.

But, he's just fine.

Thanks for all of your prayers and well wishes. We knew this was a minor surgery, but risk is always involved in putting your child under. We are glad it's over.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We're Home

After a long exhausting 24 hours, we are home safe and sound.

I'll post more later as we're exhausted, but Ben's surgery went well. He's watching Toy Story and eating suckers right now.

Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. It was a minor surgery but majorily it was physically, emotionally and mentally tiring for all of us.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Relaxing Weekend, Busy Week

We had a wonderful weekend together as a family. Just the 4 of us.

Saturday was rainy (snowy around us) and we ran some errands. We also made a stop at the library. The kids were so excited. I realize I don't take them often enough. It stresses me out though. I'm a hawk with my kids and when one walks around a bookshelf and the other is looking at books, I have to divide my attention. I hate that. It was nice to have David to help, but the kids did a great job of staying together and not wandering off.

We dyed eggs on Saturday. The kids thought it was magic.

It's non toxic right? Luckily, he didn't drink it.

Notice the bowl of jelly beans...the sugar high is starting.

The kids were very excited for the Easter bunny to come. We told Emily if she wasn't in her bed asleep (which is always an issue) that he would hop right by our house. She stayed in her room, for 11 hours! She didn't get up until after 9. I woke up early just to see their faces when they saw their baskets and they both slept in way longer than normal. Go figure.

The first of many rolos.

Emily is already too smart for her own good. She asked why the Easter Bunny used their old baskets. Um, it's called recycling sweetie. I told her that he asks the parents to leave out any baskets and plastic eggs, so that he can fill them instead of leaving new ones. Apparently, the Easter Bunny is environmentally friendly and cheap!

The Easter Bunny hid 75 eggs in the backyard.

Notice the sugar coma sweeping through her eyes.

Definite sugar melt down.

We flew kites that the bunny left.

We rode bikes. Notice the snow on the mountains from the day before. Wacky Spring weather!

Then, David and Emily played about 20 games of Crazy 8's and Old Maid which Emily calls Old Navy. Does that mean she shops too much? I took a nice afternoon nap. David made a delicious pork roast for dinner.

It was a relaxing weekend which was nice as we are already kicking it into gear for the week.

My Mom is coming up in 4 hours to watch the dogs while we head to Phoenix for the night. We are meeting my Dad and Suzy, going to dinner and spending the night at their house. Tomorrow is Ben's surgery to repair his hydrocele. I'm worried about him being put under, but I'm sure all will go fine. Luckily since my Dad and Suzy haven't left for Idaho, they are watching Emily while David and I take Ben to the doctor. Please pray, send good thoughts, rub the Budda belly, whatever it is you do that all goes well tomorrow for our little man.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Guess What I Found?


It was hiding out in my 2nd trimester. Who knew? It's always the last place you look.

My husband will be so happy. I'm cleaning the house and I have plans for dinner. And not Captain Crunch Berries. I try to convince him the berries have antioxidants in them. Okay, maybe not these berries, but a bowl of cereal is sometimes the only thing I can muster at the end of a long day.

Let's hope I don't crash and burn at 4:30.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Screwy Spring Weather

I just don't get Spring. In my mind, Spring makes me think of flowers and sunshine and me running from butterflies (can't stand the suckers). At least this is what spring meant when I still lived in Phoenix.

But, this is what we were doing 3 days ago. (looks like Spring)

Mind you the kids finally came inside when hypothermia was starting to set in. The water was freezing, but still they were in bathing suits enjoying the weather.

Today we have 30 mph winds and a chance of snow. I seriously doubt it will snow, but there is a chance. What the heck?

Spring is so wishy washy. Make up your mind already.

And to top it off, I officially outgrew my pants yesterday. I had to unbutton and unzip on the way home from Costco. One day they fit, the next day they don't. I'm happy I made it to almost 4 months in my regular clothes. But, now with this cold weather, I actually have to break out the maternity jeans. Being due October 2nd, I was hoping to slide from my regular jeans right into stretchy waist capri's and cute drawstring chino shorts. But, NOOOOO Spring can't make up it's mind. So, here I am in my elastic jeans.

I'm ready for Summer.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ben's Favorite Things

Ben is three and I love this age. He's using his imagination more and he talks well. He's always amusing.

His three favorite things right now are:

1. Playing Barbies with his sister. Just when they have all the dolls set up, he takes his robot and stomps through the townhouse Godzilla style.

2. He's really into pretending to be somebody else. He will tell us (in his best robot voice), "I'm not Ben, I'm a robot." He still dresses like the wicked witch on a daily basis and asks me to paint him green. I put a dab on his nose which satisfies him. He also loves outer space, especially Buzz Lightyear and astronauts. He uses an old licorice container (bucket, bowl) as a helmet and pretends to be a spaceman.

3. He'll tell me 10 times a day about the status of his penis.
"Mommy, my penis is big."
"Mommy, my penis is small."
"Mommy, my penis is big again. Can I make it small?"
"Yep, get your hand out of your pants."

It's all rather amusing except when he gives me an update in a crowded grocery store.

I love this kid.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Gone In 60 Seconds

We went to an Easter event hosted by our town on Saturday.

The kids jumped in a bounce house.

They did a ring toss to which they ringed nothing.

Then came the egg hunt. David gave them a pep talk.

They were eagerly awaiting the 11:00 start time. 8,000 eggs divided into three age groups. We stayed with the 3 and under crowd to avoid any possible injury from over excited 8 year old boys.
*I flat ironed Emily's hair!

Emily was running all around the eggs. She said she was trying to find the ones with candy. Does she have x-ray vision that I don't know about?

Ben took his sweet time.

Then the masses closed in on us.

It was over. A minute after it started, 2,666 eggs were cleared out of our section. Nothing left but a few half broken eggs. Even the prizes were looted out of those eggs leaving just the crushed shell. Savages.

Emily insisted we go to the petting zoo. She had to touch every animal.

Ben was afraid of every animal.

On the way home from the egg fest, the kids opened every egg and ate every piece of candy. I didn't stop them. It was lunch time after all.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Whose Laughing Now?

This is the wild west. We have tumbleweeds and lots of them.

Tumbleweeds start off as a weed, dry out, then tumble with a good wind.
The name isn't really very unique now is it?

Last week, we had some wicked winds. Several of our neighbors had tumbleweeds piled up as high as their 6 foot tall fence. We were lucky and only had about a dozen in the backyard. We have a field behind us, so we just tossed them over the wall. I felt sorry for our neighbors and in my head I thought thank God that's not us.

It's payback time.

Emily was supposed to have a bike-a-thon at her preschool today. I woke up at 5:45 to let the dogs out and the wind made me gasp. Bike-a-thon cancelled, at least for us. I'd like to see a kid peddle a bike against a 30 mph wind, or it would probably be more fun to see the wind at their back and watch them almost fly on the bike. That's mean. Anyway, we weren't going.

We were enjoying a lazy morning when I notice the patio furniture flying into the grass along with every other toy in the backyard. Then, I see the tumbleweeds flying over our 6 foot tall fence right into our backyard.

Winds are picking up this afternoon and I have a feeling we are going to spend the majority of our weekend picking these up and throwing them over the wall.

As for our plans for the day, we were supposed to go grocery shopping. But, the kids are having so much fun watching the flying tumbleweeds that we will probably stay home.

How's that for free entertainment?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


My kids are cracking me up lately. I don't know if I'm losing my mind and I find them more amusing, or if they are just getting cute little personalities. I'm thinking it's the latter, but I could be wrong. I have been at least once or twice before. Ha!

I know this probably is nothing you care to read about, but this is, after all, my journal to my children. So when they do or say funny things, you will have to bare with me while I blog about it.

I get headaches, maybe twice a month. Nothing 2 Excedrin can't knock out. Except when I'm pregnant. Excedrin is forbidden. It's all the caffeine that's in there. But, that's what knocks out my headaches. I've been getting headaches on a weekly sometimes daily basis now that I'm pregnant. I have to suffer and take Tylenol followed by a cup of coffee or a coke (which I don't normally drink). It usually does the trick, but my kids are sick of seeing me slumped over in the sofa rubbing my brain.

Here are Emily's solutions:

"Don't think about being pregnant. Think about Christmas!"

"Maybe you should stop screaming at us so much and your head won't hurt."
To which I replied, "Maybe if you picked up your toys when I asked you the first time, I wouldn't need to scream."

In any case, she makes me laugh which is always good for my soul.