Friday, July 31, 2015

Catching Up

The last days of summer have been busy, so here's a wrap up.

Ben had his annual eye Doctor appointment yesterday. David took him to Phoenix. The doctor saw him and said how much he's grown and that his eyes will likely have changed a lot. But, they hadn't, which is great. It was just a slight tweak in his prescription and they were out of there for another year. Literally to Phoenix and back and the appointment in under 3 1/2 hours.

I was refilling my printer ink cartridge because you know, I do anything to save a few pennies. I had to get the ink up in the tube so it would fill the syringe without a bunch of bubbles. And pop, it went everywhere. I thought it was just on the countertop and floor. It cleaned up easy breezy. No problem. Then, four hours later, I'm walking back to the kitchen from down the hallway and noticed something on the ceiling. Our 14 foot ceiling!

I had this giant story ready for David about a huge octopus that came in our house and inked on our ceiling.  But, the kids threw me under the bus the second David got home from work.  Oops. Luckily we have some paint and a tall ladder.

Emily was bored the other day, so she made herself a jump rope out of grocery bags.  But, then that got boring quick, so she turned it into a headband.  Rather creative.

Last night was the meet and great at the school, and I think it's going to be a great year!  Here's Ben with his best bud, Andrew.  They are in the same class.

Here's Ben trying to look upset over the stack of books waiting for him at his desk.

The school mascot came in to see the kids. 

Everything went great and the kids all have wonderful teachers.  Em and Ben both got some of their best friends in their class.  Noah got some kids he knew from his class last year, but his best buddy, Levi, was not in his class.  But, they can still play together at recess and lunch.  Noah is my most social kid, so I don't need to worry about him.  He'll be just fine.

I'm volunteering in Noah's class already today.  I already got roped in, but that's all good.  If I can make things easier for the a teacher, it's the least I can do.  Three more sleeps and school starts!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Friends and Ball Games

We got a visit this week from Em's friend, Ellie.  Her family was up here in Prescott and Ellie came over for a few hours to play.  These girls have been friends since Kindergarten!  Here's my blog from Em's Kinder graduations with a pic of these two friends. I'm so glad they've been able to stay in touch over the years.

We got invited by Fry's grocery store to enjoy a baseball game in the owner's suite!  They do this every year for some bloggers.  I always jump at the chance if we are home as it's a great time.  Plus, David loves all the free food!

The even brought in the world series trophy for us to see.  We kept hiding behind the bars and ruining all the photos.  Oh well, it was funny.

The kids go back to school in less than 2 weeks!  I yelled at Noah the other day for throwing away a banana after he took two bites and I realized that I just hit my max with them.  We've had a great summer and I haven't raised my voice much in over 8 weeks.  Now, I'm ready to have my days free again.  I could tell from my out burst that summer vacation needs to be over.  It's been so much fun, but the third can't come quick enough for me!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Noah's Mohawk

Emily gave Noah a mohawk  tonight. I think he's rockin' it!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Beach Glass

One of the things we love to do in Canada is find beach glass on the beach. It's basically tiny pieces of smooth glass that has been broken down after years in the ocean. It washes up on shore and gets mixed in the sand and rocks. We collected it the last two years. I kept saying I would decorate a picture frame or make an owl mosaic for Emily  or something. Yet it still sits in a baggy. 

We spent hours looking for it. My Aunt Paula says we find a years worth in a day. Since I know my motivation for crafts is non existent right now, I put it in this mason jar and it's in Emily's rom now. Much better than in a baggie in the drawer.

There are also a few pieces of tile in there. All this stuff thrown in the ocean. It's crazy and so pretty. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Vacation, Day 12

After I posted the blog for yesterday, we were treated to this beautiful sky.  

I love waking up to this view and having coffee out on the swing on the dock.  I'll miss it.

Noah will miss Grandma Suzy making him Taylor Swift pancakes every day.  She makes Ben a plate of bacon too every morning, and Emily gets blueberry pancakes.

We basically hit repeat on all of the activities for the past 4 days.

I took out the kids for a jet ski ride.  We went swimming, kayaking, jumping on the trampoline, etc.

Then, my Dad put the speed boat in the water to pull the kids on the raft.

Oh my gosh, it's a whole different world on this thing versus the pontoon boat.  Seriously, the pontoon boat feels like a merry go round in comparison to this roller coaster.

Noah preferred to stay on the boat.

He's smart because things get a little rough out there.  This is a funny sequence of pictures where we almost lost Ben over the side.

Holy moly, Emily got some air.

No fear, he's okay and they were good to go for another 45 minutes.

Ugh, I felt sea sick after we got off the boat.  I can only imagine how their bellies are turning.  Yet, Emily asked me right away, "Can we go out again tonight?"

We ate dinner.  Suzy has seriously spoiled us with delicious meals every night.  It's been such a treat to not think about cooking.  Thank you Suzy!

After dinner, I told the kids we needed to digest first before we went back out.  I got this nice pic of the boats and kayaks.

Ben was making some window art.

And it wouldn't be a vacation without someone losing a tooth.  Again, the tooth fairy needs to find us in Idaho tonight.  Seriously, every time we leave, someone loses a tooth.

Then, we went back out and oh my gosh, it was even harder than the other time.  The water was so rough from the wind.  The kids were bouncing every where.  The entire raft got at least two feet of air one time.  It was crazy.

This guy was happy on the boat.

It was so rough that the majority of my photos looked like this.

They had a great time.  Thanks, Pops and Suzy!

We head home tomorrow.  We are sad to leave.  It's always just the best vacation ever.  I mean really, who could want more.  Emily asked me, "Mom, will we always have money for this vacation?"  I told her yes.  She said if not, she would sell her stuff.  I think that means she has a great time.  We all do.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Vacation, Day 11

We started the day with some paddle boarding.  I've always wanted to try it, but I've never had the opportunity.  The lake was like glass today with hardly any boats, so it was the perfect time.

David was up first.  I have a hilarious video where my Dad and I were thinking he'd fall, but he didn't.  I'll post videos later after we get home.
 Em gave it a try and did great too.

It was my turn.  Getting up from your knees was tricky at first, but once I got going, I was golden.

Even my Dad did it.  Nobody fell in once.  What the heck?  He did pretty darn good for almost 70 and a knee replacement 3 months ago.
 Ben is so light that he practically jumped on the thing and took off.

He was actually trying to tip it and couldn't.  I told him he needed to chill out, so he got down and meditated.

Then, David took Noah out.  Noah felt too unsteady, so he wanted off.

Then, we took a boat ride to a little beach nearby.  This is my Dad and Suzy's cabin in the background.

It was sprinkling this morning.  Then, it cleared up by about noon.  We headed out and then the clouds came again.  Oh well, it was still warm out and we played in the sand.

David and Ben wrestled.

I think Ben lost.

I think my husband is a big kid.

I was helping the kids build a sand castle.

Ta da!!!!!

Then, this huge cloud came in and the thunder and lightening started.

We headed home and I said to my Dad, "Is that a huge wall of rain we are going into?"  Why, yes it is.  And it was pouring when we pulled up with the boat.  Suzy ran out to help us get the boat in and we were all soaking wet by the time we made it to the house.  It was crazy.

The storm passed in about 10 minutes and within 30 minutes, the sky was blue.  The kids were already back in bathing suits.  Crazy!

My Dad, David and I went out for a 2 mile kayak ride.  I can hardly feel my right arm.

We came back and the kids went swinging.  Noah is so stinkin' cute.

The neighbor, Judy, was so sweet and gave Emily this little owl made out of wood.  

Tomorrow is our last day of fun and then we are headed home on Wednesday.  It seems like we've been on vacation forever, yet it seems like we still need two weeks more!