Friday, January 29, 2010

Young Scientist

Today was Scientist day at Preschool.

Ben: What's a Scientist?
Me: Someone who does experiments.

Ben: What's an experiment?
Me: Um, when you mix and control substances and see the result.

Ben: What's a contwol sustance?
Me: Um, um, it's when you limit the environmental impact on something.

Ben: What's environmental?
Me: OK! A Scientist blows things up!
Ben: Oh! I can't wait to be a scientist!

Preschool was so much fun today. We had a white jacket, crazy glasses and spiked hair.

Then, they built a volcano and got to watch it explode.

It was very cool.

Noah was unimpressed and was happy to hang out driving their Jeep.


Anonymous said...

COOL! I think it is great the things that Ben is learning and experiencing.I love the little props that Ms Stacey chooses to go with the learning experiences. It is funny but I always picture Ben in a profession such as that. But maybe I'm way off base, he's a great humanitarian as well. Guess time will tell. ☼

Linda said...

Fun!! :)