Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oh Gourd!

This is what our garden looks like this year. It's still a learning experience. As in, we are learning not to put anything in the pumpkin family in our compost bin. It can't break down through our cold winter and by spring, we have seeds mixed in that we spread throughout our garden. We are calling this years garden "Our Mystery Garden".

Now, pumpkin plants in the beginning look a lot like zucchini, which looks like yellow squash, which looks like watermelon and cantaloupe. You get the idea. So, we aren't really sure what is growing, but we are thinking we might be able to open our very own pumpkin patch this year.

I took the kids to a pumpkin patch in October and they got 2 of those cute little pumpkins. They are too small to carve, so they usually get painted or stickers put on them. Well, 2 went into the compost bin and I think about 30 are now growing. Or is this something else that I'm unaware of? I'm just assuming it's the little pumpkins.

Notice it's in a pot. We didn't put it there. What was supposed to be an herb pot of cilantro and basil also has a corn stalk, tomato plant, cucmber and snapdragons (which I haven't planted in that pot for about 3 years).

And the big pumpkins have started growing. I think we have about 5 so far, pumpkins that is. The plants themselves look like there could be dozens.

We planted other things that are growing just fine, like these green beans.

We also have lots of tomato plants, but none are growing where we actually planted them. Go figure. David says next year, we should forgo seeds and just spread out our compost bin and see what we get.

We are either the worst gardeners in the world or we're really onto something.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

How Long Does It Take You?

My best friend, Pam, came up yesterday to visit. She spent the night. We have a fun day planned of going to Target to register for a few baby items (some mommy group friends are having a brunch for me, so nice) and to lunch at Wildflower Bread Company. But, I'm beginning to think it may never happen.

Pam got in the shower over an hour ago and is still getting ready. At this point, we will need to go to dinner before we do anything.

I vaguely remember a time when it took me an hour to get ready. Well, I don't think it ever took quite that long, maybe 45 minutes. I recall road trips and vacations that Pam and I would take. She'd get in the shower first and start getting ready. Then, I'd get in the shower and I'd still be sitting on the bed waiting for her mapping out our day.

After 2 kids, my skills have greatly been refined. I'm usually ready in about 20 minutes. Showered, make up on, dressed and ready to go. Now, I don't wash my hair everyday like I used to and maybe my legs aren't always as silky smooth as they once were, but it's my life now and I've happily adjusted.

I wonder what Pam would do if she had a baby? I'm laughing thinking about her wearing a baseball cap every other day.

Oh my, she just said she's ready. Gotta go...

So, how long does it take you to get ready on a regular day?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

When Are You Due?

Finally. A complete stranger asked me that question today.

It is a loaded question and one you never want to ask unless you are almost 100% certain.

Up until this point, I feel like people just wonder if I am pregnant or maybe I just have a big stomach. I'm hoping they will now be able to tell that I am indeed pregnant. After all, I am 26 weeks along.

I'm coming into the homestretch.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

3 year old nightmare

Ben came in our room last night at 3 AM. He's a good sleeper and rarely does this. He was crying a little and seemed upset. David laid him in bed with me and went to sleep in Ben's room. I asked Ben what was wrong and he didn't say much. After a few minutes, we drifted off to sleep with his little body tucked against my ever expanding one.

This morning when he got up I asked him again what was wrong last night.

He said he had a dream that Santa came and didn't bring him any presents. He was almost in tears just recalling the horrific nightmare.

I'm happy his life is so simple and that's all he has to worry about.

Monday, June 22, 2009


I am not nesting yet.

But I did find this lovely family of wasps that are making 2 nests on our house.

David is stopping by Home Depot for emergency supplies on his way home.

Wish us luck, or rather just him. The kids and I will be inside watching through the window.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The kids started their swim lessons at the Y this week. The best part is the pool is heated and indoors, which means we don't have to spend 10 minutes lathering on sunscreen and it doesn't matter if it's a cloudy, windy day out. I'm very happy with the classes so far and the kids seem to be doing well. The class size is small. Emily has 2 instructors for 5 kids and Ben's is 4 kids with one instructor.

Emily is in a second level class. Here she is learning to float.

Ben is in the first class they offer. He's doing really well.

Emily was practicing some of what she learned in class afterwards. I'm so proud of her. She is already holding her breath for longer after only 2 classes.

The classes are great as they really focus on technique. Emily was learning backstroke today and they teach freestyle. The underwater "frog" technique is apparently not lifeguard and swim instructor approved. Ha!

I'm just glad they are having a good time.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lucky # 10,282

One of my favorite blogs to read is by Ree, The Pioneer Woman. I wrote about her blog here a few months ago. I also have her listed on my blog roll list.

Her cooking section is to die for. She also has a lot of giveaways. I always enter because I figure, someones got to win a new knife or gift certificate. It might as well be me. She recently had a giveaway for a new Green Kitchenaid Mixer. Out of 15,436 entries, I won (by random drawing)! I can hardly believe it. You can read about my exciting win here .

Now, we have a mixer. It's nice, but it's official color is called "imperial grey". I'm sorry, I don't think there is anything imperial about grey. But, it was what we found on Craigslist, so we took it. My kitchen is orange. I love color. If you have any doubt, you can read my blog from a few days ago about the color of our baby's nursery, apple orchard green.

Everytime I saw one of those awesome Kitchenaid mixers in some fun color, I'd feel a tinge of jealousy. But now, everyone else can be green with envy because I'm keeping my new shiny green mixer and poor imperial grey will end up on Craiglist for a second time. Hey, it's not my fault he's boring.

You can read my post on my boring mixer here . I even complained about the color back then.

Out with the old and in with the new:

I really am a lucky girl. And I'm sensing a theme with my blog lately...green and lucky. I am Irish after all, well a little.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

And Many More

Yesterday was my dear sweet hubby's birthday.

He took the day off from work (his last mandatory furlough day). We didn't do a whole lot, but it was just nice to spend the day together. We are finding that as we get older that's all that really matters.

We did go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. We love that place.

We also baked him a cake.

I love David for many reasons. But, he continually does things to prove he really is the best husband around.

The other day he brought me home flowers just because. He's pretty special like that.

This morning, our housing development was having their annual community yard sale. He watched the kids while I went out and found some deals for the baby and a few things for Emily and Ben. When I got home, he was steam cleaning the carpets.

I know, I know, he really is the best.

I'm a lucky girl.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

20 Questions

My kids were never "Why?" kids. They never went through that phase, which I'm grateful for.

However, Emily has been asking me real questions lately. Well, why is a real question, but when a 4 year old asks it 20 times, I think they are just trying to be a pest.

Most of her curiosity comes when we are driving.

Here is a sampling lately:

"How does the car go backwards?"
"I put it in R for reverse. Then, I put it in D for drive and the car goes forward."

"Daddy isn't in the car. How can we pump gas?"
"Um, I've been pumping gas for 20 years. It's just something your father normally does if he is in the car with us. He's a gentleman like that."

"When I die, will God make me again?"
"Not unless you believe in reincarnation, which we don't." (Luckily I did not get the obvious next question of what is reincarnation?)

"How did the baby get in your belly?"
"Next question please."

"Mom, how can you drive with only one hand?"
"I'm very careful and I need the other hand for eating my bowl of fruit."

"Will we see Forest in Heaven?"
"I hope so."

The list goes on. I just think it's funny. As I was laughing today at one of her many questions, she asked, "Mommy, why are you laughing?"

And I finally gave the lame answer of "just because", but I followed it up quickly with "just because I'm happy".

Monday, June 8, 2009

Night and Day

Their personalities really are that different.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


We can't get the nursery ready yet. Our current guest room will become the nursery. When my Dad gets home from Idaho, he's going to help us enclose our den. Then, the den becomes the guest room and the guest room becomes the nursery. My Mom is coming the month before I'm due to help me as I roll/waddle around the house, so we need to keep our guest room for her. Not that it really matters that the nursery isn't set up. My kids slept in a swing or vibrating chair for the first 3 months of their lives, so I'm not too concerned that the crib is not set up for this little guy.

We did get the painting done though for the nursery. It's green, really green. What I call "superhero green". We did a minty pastel green for Emily and Ben, but I can't imagine any 2-3 year old little boy wanting a room that resembles mint chocolate chip ice cream. It always made me want a bowl. So, we went with a bold green because we are not painting it again in 3 years. It's just calling out for a giant Buzz Lightyear to be plastered on the wall. However, we bought some adorable bear and bunny crib bedding from a friend for now.

Sorry Buzz, you'll have to wait, but only for a few years.

Monday, June 1, 2009


We joined the YMCA last month. They have swim lessons in an indoor pool and a gymnastics facility. Classes for both are included in your monthly membership. You can't beat that.

Swim lessons start in 2 weeks. Gymnastics started tonight.

Emily and Ben are both in the same class. It's for 4 year olds with no previous gym experience and 3 year olds that can follow along in a class. Gulp. I knew Emily would do great. Ben, I was not so sure about. He's never been in any formal class and he just left my side willingly for the first time a few days ago. I was hoping for the best because this is something that they can both do together.

They recognized the facility right away from Emily's birthday party. You can refresh your memory here. ( I just realized Ben is wearing the same outfit he was then, funny.) They were both so excited.

I was greeted by a front desk person who knew our last name and pronounced it right when I said Ben and Emily. The coach was really great with the kids. Everyone was given a card with their name on it and on the back was a set of criteria of exercises they had to meet before advancing to the next class in 8 weeks. Friendly, organized and efficient, unusual in this town.

They did some stretching in a circle and then started on an obstacle course of balance beam, somersaults, high bar and vault. It was so cute. I think I was smiling from ear to ear just watching and laughing. They were adorable and having so much fun.

Ben did really well and only needed to be refocused a few times. There was a lot going on in the gym with several other classes and distractions, so I was impressed that he followed along so well. He also didn't even give me a glance as he tore off onto the gym floor.

Emily did awesome. She was quickly picking up each move the coach showed her. She is always a good student and this was just another example of her listening well. She looked so cute out there and a few times I saw her watching the bigger girls on the beam or doing backbends. Maybe this will be something she will want to continue even when school starts. She did tell me that she saw a big gold trophy and she wants one. I told her she needs to practice a lot and this is a good start.

David is on call this week and had to work for 30 minutes over the weekend, so he needed to flex out that time. He was able to leave work 30 minutes early and catch the last 20 minutes of the class which took place on the trampoline. I was so happy he was able to come watch them. We just sat and laughed. It's amazing how when your kids are happy, you are happy. Nothing else really matters.

This is going to be our Monday early evening activity for the next 2 months. It was a fun time for all of us. Now I'm just waiting for my two little monkeys to convert all of my sofa cushions to gym mats over the next week.

Chicken Pox

My kids will never get chicken pox. They shoot them full of a vaccine at 2 years old to prevent it. I'm not sure why. It was never really a dangerous disease, was it? Nobody died or became mentally or physically disabled from it. I've never done the research, maybe some people did. As far as I knew, you got some spots, they itched, your mom took care of you, you got a week off of school, the end.

I knew if I opted out of this particular vaccine, they probably wouldn't let my kids in preschool or elementary school. So, I'll never have to yell at them, "stop itching or you'll scar!" and I'll never need to bathe them in calamine lotion. Geez, I bet the makers of that lotion were mad when this vaccine came out.

In any case, my kids are fascinated by a book they found at the library about Arthur getting chicken pox.

While I was napping yesterday and David was on the computer, Emily gave Ben the chicken pox with an orange highlighter. Luckily, it was nothing a warm bath couldn't get rid of.