Sunday, January 3, 2010

Books, Books, And More Books

My kids love books. We've acquired a lot through the years. My best friend Pam buys them books for every holiday. Grammie Gwynne gives us lots of books too. We have hand be downs from my nieces and nephews. David and I rarely buy them books.

Emily has 2 bookshelves in her room, so the majority of the books accumulate there. It was always packed so tight that you could never find a particular book. They were stacked on top, on the floor and every other direction. Then, she had no room for her toys or little ponies or anything else. Her room was always a mess and it was mainly due to the overcrowding of books. We had books everywhere else too. In Ben's room, in the bathroom, in the car, a basket full in the family room, there were books in every room of the house.

Whoever designed our family room should be fired as an architect. Where I'm standing in this photo is a walkway to the kitchen and to the left is another walkway to the living room and the sliding glass door to go outside. They built this nice cubby for a TV, but if you put one there, you could never see it from the only wall available for a sofa. It's completely wrong. This huge hole has always been used for our Christmas tree. The other 11 months, it just looks off.

We went to Costco and saw they replaced all of their Christmas toys and decorations with furniture. And there is a huge beautiful bookcase that would fit perfect in that spot. At Christmas, we can move it out and put the tree there. It'll give me a reason to dust it thoroughly once a year, which is about all I can handle.

Last night, we gathered all the books. It took over an hour. Mainly because my "helpers" kept getting distracted with books they hadn't seen in awhile.

Here is most of the stack.

We sorted them in piles for Noah, Ben and Emily. Each can have a row on the new bookshelf. Then we put them from biggest to smallest. You can see Noah's and Ben's row in the photo above of our living room.

Curiosity was killing me. I had to count them. Anybody want to venture a guess?

We'll have after pictures, well after.


Linda said...

I'm not good at guessing, but that's a lot of books :) It has always been the same at our house, though we have less now that Sarah is older, utilizing the public or school library instead of buying or receiving. But of course, I still love books. I have just a small bookcase in the living room that is filled. The remainder of Sarah's childhood books - some not so favorites, we gave to our public library - and the rest (favorites) are packed away in bins in the garage. There are literally hundreds of books in those bins.

I can't wait to see what the bookcase looks like in that spot - what a great idea.

pam said...

My guess is 225.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if there is a prize for the closest guess?? Actually I was going to say 225 but I see Pam already guessed that , so I'll go a "bit" higher and say 280. But I know with those tiny books you can get a whole stack of them and there might be 30-40 books in a 10 inch stack, so I'm going to say that even 280 might be an understated amount.
One thing for sure there are a lot of books. I have boxes of kids books in my garage left over from my Grade two experience. I should try to locate those someday and see if they are completely rotted out or if they are still readable and the paper doesn't crumble when you try to turn the pages. Oh well that's not happening today that's for sure. It's back to work for me. Enjoy setting up the new bookshelf. ☼