Friday, January 22, 2010

By 2:00 On Our Second Snow Day

As quickly as the snow came...

**This was Roxie's last photo.

It started to melt. But, the kids didn't mind.
In fact, I think they had fun in the slushy water.

She needs to get her brother with these snowballs, not me!

These are the Mingus Mountains. They reach an elevation 2,000 feet higher than we are. I'm thinking sledding on Sunday will be a must!

Ben likes to eat the snow.

I carried you in my womb for 280 days. Be nice!

The snowy slide is always fun.

The wet clothes and boots and socks and overalls....

My washing machine is calling.

1 comment:

Linda said...

That's so sad about Roxie, though I totally agree it's the right decision. I'm sorry she didn't work out :(

The pictures of the kids having fun in the snow are adorable and yes, I think sledding would be a great idea. I haven't been sledding in many years - probably at least 11 years here at the only sledding hill in Rantoul, and it's a poor one at that (not set up right and too dangerous).