Saturday, May 29, 2010

Someones Gotta Do It

I'm a Mom and I take my job VERY seriously. That's why I took it upon myself to teach Emily the art of squirting whipped cream into her mouth straight from the can.

She thought it was awesome.

Next week, drinking milk from the carton, belching the alphabet and not putting the cap on the toothpaste.
We have BIG plans this summer.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Celebrating and Granny

My Mom came up to visit for Emily's graduation. She lives in Phoenix and hadn't been up in way too long. Emily was so excited to see her when she got home from school that she tackled her.

Noah was happy to see her too.

After Em's graduation, the kids seemed really tired. Ben crawled up on his bed and was playing with his superheros. And Emily seemed happy to lay with her head in my lap.

I decided to try to have everyone take a nap since we were going out to dinner to celebrate. My kids haven't napped since they were two. Emily and my Mom went in Em's room. Emily came out about 15 minutes later. I asked her where Granny was. She said sleeping. The only one who fell asleep was my Mom.

We went to Red Robin for dinner. Mainly because Emily got a gift certificate for a free milkshake for being Student of the Month. When she saw the whipped cream and sprinkles on top of the chocolate shake in the picture, she HAD to go. And since she did so well in school, we decided to go out for dinner.

Noah was excited too.

Emily loved her shake. And barely ate her dinner.

Ben loved his shake and ate lots of dinner. All he wanted was a ceasar salad and fries. We are at a burger joint and this kid wants a salad. And a milkshake.

Noah was not too crazy about the shake or maybe it was just the cold.

Then the Red Robin came out for a picture.

It was a great day.
I'm thinking I could get a part time job as the Red Robin.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Emily's Big Day

I missed Emily's first day of school. I was in the hospital 100 miles away. David got her dressed, fixed her hair and packed her lunch. I'm still sad that I wasn't a part of it.

But, I got to be here for her last day and maybe I over did it with the pictures.

Then I decided to add a yellow clip to her hair. Now, 10 more pictures were necessary.

But she was done after one.

We were anxiously awaiting the kids to make their arrival.
Noah was a super star and hung out with Granny. He really is a great baby. And he slept 10.5 hours straight last night.

Ben was ready to wrestle with his Dad.

Here comes our girl.

They sung some really cute songs. Sorry for the jerky video. I only had toast this morning and my blood sugar was probably low.

David brought her some flowers and a graduation stuffed owl. She looks so proud of herself and happy. I love it. I love her.

This is Emily and her friend Ellie. Emily has asked over and over if Ellie will be in her class next year. They had a slideshow playing before the ceremony and there was a picture of Emily and Ellie eating lunch together. These girls are so cute.

Emily got a very nice diploma for graduation.

AND...she won Student of the Month for May.

AND...she had perfect attendance for the last quarter.
AND...she had a great report card. 5 S's, 18 O's and 7 O+'s

I love this girl and am so very proud.

Her teacher Mrs. Richey wrote on her report card:
"Emily is still a little shy in class but she pays attention and listens. She is a very enthusiastic student and tries very hard in class. I've enjoyed having her in my class this year. Emily is promoted to the 1st grade."

1st grade...Here we come!
But only after we enjoy our summer...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday Night Housewife

Emily and Ben started gymnastics in June of last year. It was a good activity that both of them could do at the same time and they both loved it. Emily quit when school started because I thought it would be too much. I kept taking Ben throughout the year. After Christmas, I signed Emily up again but this time she took a class on Saturday morning since I knew it would be hard to get there after school.

We really didn't like the Saturday morning class. It threw a wrench in our weekend plans. Ok, the truth is, it messed up my pancake breakfast. In any case, I had her and Ben on a wait list for Wednesday evening classes.

After about 3 months, a spot opened for each of them. Ben is now in a tumble tot 3 class for 3 and 4 year olds. Emily is in a girls level one class. I am amazed at how much better they are doing in a year. They started just hanging from a bar and learning somersaults.

Now Emily is doing flips in our backyard on the bar.

And she's on the regular beam instead of the one that sits on the ground.

She was supposed to do a flip here, but when she saw me filming her, she stopped to pose.

Here's her flip in the backyard.

She is doing backbends and working on her splits. I'm so proud of all that she is learning.

Ben loves gymnastics as well. He thinks he is a superhero and flies everywhere.

His class ends 15 minutes before Emily's. You would think he would be tired, but he still has energy to pull off sweet stunts like this.

I think I should enroll him in martial arts.

As I sit in the gym and watch my kids, there is an adult tumble class going on. These are not 18 year old kids, more like 20's and early 30's and usually men doing flips off the wall and pulling off olympic style moves on the high bar and pommel horse. And just for a minute, or maybe all 60 of them, I feel so out of shape. At my peak, I would've been able to keep up with some of these people. I was never a gymnast, but I used to do a mean roundoff. If nothing else, I realize I need to get on my Wii fit and do some stretching.

Wednesday's are exhausting. Get Emily ready for school, feed Emily, load her in carpool for school, feed Ben, feed Noah, feed myself, get to the library by 10:00 for storytime, go to the grocery store after that, get home, unpack groceries, feed Ben, feed Noah, feed myself, unload the dishwasher, watch Glee, load up the kids to get Emily from school, drop off Josh from carpool, get Em to do homework, feed kids a snack, get them ready for gymanstics, be out the door by 4:45.

Now for the best part. We don't get home until 6:45. This is late for us as we normally eat dinner at 5:15 when David gets home. So, one day a month, we make our big pot of pasta sauce, and we have pasta every Wednesday after gymnastics. I call David when we are leaving and he gets it ready.

I walked in the door last week to find the table set. I had a glass of tea waiting for me. The pasta had just finished draining and the sauce and meatballs were hot. It took me by surprise...on Wednesday nights, I have a housewife to make me dinner. The roles were reversed. And you know what, it felt freakin' fantastic.

I love Wednesdays.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Ice Cream Man

Emily had her friend over on Saturday to play. They have perfected their balancing act on the teeter totter. I think they should try out for the circus.

Then, they heard the familiar music that has been blaring down our streets on the weekend and they hopped off the teeter totter and went running for the door.

The Ice Cream Man was coming.

I have wonderful memories of the ice cream man coming every summer afternoon on Paradise Drive. We would all stop whatever we were doing, usually we were in the pool, and we'd grab our Mom's wallet and run outside. We'd be dripping wet from the pool and barefoot, so we'd have to stand in a neighbors grass or on our beach towel to avoid third degree burns from the asphalt. Yes, you really could fry an egg on the pavement during the summertime in Phoenix.

And on those hot afternoons, nothing tasted better than a frozen treat from the ice cream man.

Sometimes, we'd only have a dime and we'd have to settle for some candy inside the truck instead of the frosty cold pictures on the outside. Cinnamon toothpicks, bubblegum cigarettes or candy lipstick were among my favorites. When my Mom had a little more cash, I would get a Flinstone orange push up or a bullet.

And if we were really good, the ice cream man would throw a handful of little candies, tootsie rolls and PAL gum, out the window as he left and we'd all scramble to get one last treat.

I was shocked at the ice cream man prices. Only 2 things under a dollar. And when I touched a picture, I realized it was those nice shiny magnetic pictures that can easily be moved around. My ice cream man always had stickers that were peeling and you could barely see 1/4 of the picture of the ice cream sandwich. And we weren't allowed to get anything over 50 cents.

This is the second time we've run outside for the ice cream man even though we have popsicles and ice cream in our own freezer. But, I wasn't about to deprive my kids of learning this tradition.

I'm a Mom and it's my job to teach my kids about the joys of being a kid. So, I let them pick whatever they wanted.

But at $5 a shot, I'm hoping we won't be home next Saturday afternoon.

Monday, May 24, 2010

At Our House...

We had a really fun weekend.

Friday night Noah graduated to taking baths in the kitchen sink.

I had to cut Emily's hair because she really needed it. This is the first time she has actually needed her hair cut. I've trimmed her hair three times her entire life.

I cut her hair and Ben's hair. Ben's is easy, I just put on the 1/2" shield on the trimmers and go to town. I've kept Emily's hair all one length on purpose. First, it's easy to cut. Second, she has my hair. I was not about to give the girl bangs and have her look like me with a lovely cowlick for her first 10 years of life.

She'll thank me latter. I, on the other hand, need to ask my Mother some serious questions about those ribbons. And can I get an Amen for flat irons! If they had only been invented a few years earlier, my Junior High years would have been a completly different experience. I will never post a picture of myself from 1984-1988.

Emily spent some time reading books to her Dad and Ben. I'm really going to have to keep her reading all summer so she doesn't forget everything she learned in Kindergarten. She is doing so well.

Saturday was not very exciting. I watched some guys clean my carpets and David took the kids on errands. The End.
Sunday was fun. We had pancakes, bacon and hashbrowns for breakfast. My husband is a great cook. It's so nice waking up at 9:00 and he's already got breakfast going. I pour orange juice and put butter and syrup on the table. It's a tough job.

Noah has been trying to wave. He's not quite up to Miss America level yet, but he is doing well.

We had horrible winds this weekend and gusts up to 50 mph. Going outside was not an option. So, we went to the Y and went swimming in their indoor heated pool. We had so much fun and the kids were plain tuckered out by the end.

This little man was tuckered out too and he slept in my arms for 30 minutes. The last time I was at this pool, he was in my belly. We'd soak in the warm water while the kids had their swim lessons. It was nice to be in the same pool and hold him and kiss his sweet big head.

This week is Emily's last few days of school.
Where is the time going?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Before and After

Stanley Steamer has come and gone. It took a little over an hour to get the three rooms done, living room, dining room and family room. Although, it's really a family room and giant play room.

I spent 5 hours yesterday moving everything out of these rooms. Where did I put everything?

Here. Guest Bedroom.

Here. Entry way.

And here. Kitchen.

It's been quite the adventure. We climb over the sofa to get to the kitchen sink. They said they would move furniture around for us, but if it's not plastic or has plastic legs, the furniture can't sit on the wet carpet. Nothing is plastic except our office chairs and the rocking horse.

Our high traffic areas were pretty awful and I'm almost embarrassed to post this picture. You also have to remember that we've had 2 huge black dogs who lay on these areas nestled around the sofa. The oils from their fur is virtually impossible to get out.

Here is the before.

Here is the after.

It's about 50-75% better, which is about what we expected.

Now comes the tough part of waiting 24 hours to put back all the furniture.
Noah doesn't seem to care.

And these kids didn't mind either. They are playing the snake game with a jump rope. David made it up this morning and the kids were having a great time. I'm starting to realize that less is more.

There will be no cooking for me today. And we'll be eating our meals on our patio. Although with the crazy wind we are having, I'm think Texas Roadhouse for dinner is a must.

And I guess I'll be watching TV tonight sitting on the rocking horse. It neighs and plays Give Me A Home Where The Buffalos Roam and the kids will play the snake game. It's going to be an exciting night at our house.

As long as my sofa is back in place for the finale of Lost tomorrow night, I'm all good.