Friday, March 29, 2013

I'm in LOVE...again!

First, I just realized this is my 1,000 post!!!!  Wow!  I started this blog in June of 2008 as a way of documenting our lives.  I never realized I'd ever write 1,000 posts!  Yea me!!!!

Back to our regularly scheduled post already in progress....

The Dead Man's Chest is holding up great. I go in several times a day to admire it's beauty make sure it's still working. So far, so good. But, I've found another love.

After several years of coupons and working for a coupon site, Bargain Believer, I've realized that organization is key. I have my stockpile everywhere. For example, my Mom was going to get more peanut butter the other day. I knew we had more, but it was buried behind all the stuff in front. Low and behold, we had 7 jars of peanut butter. I saw this door organizer at Costco and what can I was love at first site. At only $35, I knew I had to have it.
My family is so over how excited I get. Luckily, my Mom understands my enthusiasm. I guess it's a Mom thing. I can now see everything I have and I have space for all the little things on the door.

Now, this might seem excessive, and I realize that I'm kind of becoming one of those people on that TLC show. In my defense, I will say that we have 6 people in this house. We eat out about once a month, and that's usually pizza that David brings home if you call that eating out. We go to Red Robin 4 times a year for the kids good grades.  We go out for Chinese food to our favorite place about 4 times a year too.  That's it.  No McDonald's.  No Starbucks.  Mainly because I honestly think we make better food.  And Starbucks, I almost faint at the price tag.  Really?  It's coffee, not liquid gold.  Plus, I love how we make coffee and David makes us all a pot every morning starting with fresh ground beans.  What more could I ask for? point is, I pack the kids lunch for school and David packs a lunch for work every day. We all eat dinner together every night.  So, that's 126 meals a week that the 6 of us eat that come from this kitchen. Not to mention, snacks and dessert. Our nearest grocery store is 30 minutes round trip, so you have to plan ahead. I love being able to make whatever I want whenever I want and not worry about if I have a can of tomatoes. Because you know what? I think I have about 37 of them!

And if there is a zombie apocolypse, I'm set!


Thursday, March 28, 2013


The kids have been hounding me about coloring eggs all week. We have a really busy few days coming up, so I decided today was the day. The are off school tomorrow, so it feels like a Friday anyway.

Noah wasn't sure what to do at first.
 photo IMG_5552_zps02105f9a.jpg
Ben helped him.
 photo IMG_5549_zpsd841fc3c.jpg
I tried to tell him to use the spoon, but he liked using his fingers. Ben too.
 photo IMG_5576_zps607ce949.jpg
Emily took a much more creative approach.
 photo IMG_5577_zps0da95c2f.jpg
I think they had fun and made a thorough mess.
 photo IMG_5567_zpscd69e0a2.jpg
Noah just liked to dunk the same egg in all the colors and see what he got.
 photo IMG_5570_zps3daf36ae.jpg
What he got was green hands.
 photo IMG_5578_zps0e49d6fd.jpg
He thought he looked like the Hulk and did a Hulk smash on the countertop.
 photo IMG_5580_zps1c433403.jpg
They came out pretty.
 photo IMG_5586_zps826a4f76.jpg
The kids are excited to have a 3 day weekend and for the Easter bunny to come. Ben came home with several different Easter crafts. One included his version of our Easter.
 photo IMG_5598_zps8bff723a.jpg
Emily came home with a 10 page packet about learning cursive.
 photo IMG_5600_zps7c3432cb.jpg
Ah, to be in young again...

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'm in LOVE

The craziest thing happened. I posted Noah's crib mattress on Craigslist. You wouldn't think that would lead to much but 20 bucks. But, the lady who bought it is a couponer and her husband does real estate. We got talking about couponing and how I need more space. Her husband just happened to be selling items from a dead mans home. One of those items was a chest freezer.

I've been dreaming about a chest freezer. Now, we have 2 full fridge/freezers and they are full. The freezer was getting so bad that I heard David open the one in the garage and things came falling out on top of him. We briefly looked at them at Sams Club and just as quickly kept walking when we saw the price tag. Enter dead man's chest and 50 bucks and it was mine!!!!

Isn't it just beautiful?
My daughter is beautiful too.

We cleaned it up and found a mouse's nest on the side in the grate. Luckily, the mouse house was vacant. Sixty minutes, a broom, dust pan, vacuum, soapy water,Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and elbow grease, and it was good as new! If you've never used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, they are quite possibly the best thing ever.

Ok, now back to my freezer or as we affectionately refer to it as the dead man's chest. I had all sorts of visions of organizing it, and I think it turned out perfectly. I put specific meats in each crate. Beef in one. Chicken in another. Pork in another and one for turkey. It works out nicely so everything isn't thrown on top of each other.
Now, you may be saying holy Gogurts! And you may think what does someone need with 10 boxes of Gogurt? But, it's one of the 5 foods Noah will eat that aren't classified as junk food. So, when they are free or under 50 cents, you stock up.

The other half has a nice shelf for all my homemade pasta sauce. A basket on top for the little things like hot dogs. And yes, we need a dozen packs of Holy Guacamole because that's how many you buy when it's free. Oh and I have tomatoes from our garden last year in a baggie. I add them to my homemade sauce.
Anyway, I think it's a thing of beauty and I'm totally in love. I find myself going in the garage just to look at my freezer. See, I'm a simple girl and it's the little things in life that make me happy.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Noah, You Gotta Love Him

Noah is my most difficult kid. He's stubborn, strong willed and sometimes just a complete pain in the ass. He really hates food. If he didn't have to eat, he wouldn't. He'd live on coffee if it was up to him. As for fruits and vegetables, he will only eat apples, carrots, corn and bananas, but they have to be perfectly ripe. It's like a 12 hour window of being not too green and not too brown. If you happen to get the banana in that time frame, he'll eat it. Otherwise, it's too hard or too mushy. He typically won't even try things. He acts like we are tryin to fed him battery acid and will sometimes vomit to get out of eating something. I bribed him into trying a grape yesterday.

Seriously, who doesn't like grapes? He even likes grape juice. I think it's a texture thing. That or he's just a freak.

He can go from being a completly cray cray about trying a grape to being so cute and sweet playing the piano dressed as a ninja turtle.

It's those moments of cuteness scattered throughout the day that keep me from selling him to the gypsies.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Date Night

Last Thursday, David and I had a wonderful date night. It included a trip down to Phoenix, sharing a pizza at one of our our favorite restaurants, having ice cream and taking in an Eric Clapton concert.
With all that on the agenda, it was set up to be a great evening. But the part that I found the greatest was that I was with my husband. After almost 11 years together, I still find him to be the sexiest and most captivating man on Earth. And he's all mine. I'm one lucky girl.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Move Over Venus and Serena

We've been playing lots of tennis lately. It's great fun and even greater exercise. I hung up our rackets and think we look way more serious than we really are. Tennis anyone?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Biking

Ben just turned 7 and hasn't gotten the hang of riding a bike without training wheels. We sometimes take family bike rides and he's always so much slower than the rest of us. Sometimes, he just says he wants to stay home with my Mom. It's hard for him to go as quick as we do with training wheels. I put Noah on the back of my bike in his seat. I decided it was time for Ben to learn and if we went out every day on Spring Break Ben might get the hang of riding his bike.

Last night was a little disasterous. Ben has a hard time going straight. He crashed a few times. David was exhausted running behind him and catching him 100 times.

This morning I suggested we try it again. I wasn't sure what I was expecting, but within a few tries, he was getting it.

He can't turn or get started on his own, but at least he's finally going straight and he can stop! I'm so proud of him.

Ben asked me a few minutes ago if we were going back out front tonight. I asked him if he wanted to try riding his bike again? He said, "You know, I think I'm more of an indoor person." He's so funny. And he can hang out inside all he wants once he learns how to ride his bike.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Work

Two days ago, the kids were playing in snow. Today, it was sunny, warm and beautiful. I've been meaning to tackle the yard since October. Just as quickly as it seems to have gone from Winter to Spring, it did the same thing in October. It went from Fall to Winter in a day. And nobody wants to do yardwork when it's cold outside. So, we didn't!

Today was the perfect day for hardwork. Ha, I meant yardwork. My kids would agree with the first sentence. I blew all the leaves into 3 piles and told the kids to get outside. We just found a great deal on gloves at Costco. 6 pairs for $6. I like that. It meant each kid had a pair! They were none to happy.
Aren't they hysterical? I felt no pity. They only did 2 1/2 bags of leaves and I figured I tortured them enough. My Mom picked up dog poop and Gwynne brushed Rocko. We all had jobs. Noah was a total trooper and hung out with me for the full 3 hours.
The backyard looks all pretty now. It was nice to not have a schedule. I didn't have kids to pick up, work to do or anything else to worry about. It was a lovely day.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


What do you do when the weather gets nice? Have granny ride the green machine!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Old Friends

I've written about Emily's friend Ellie over the years. Emily met her in Kindergarten and they quickly became friends. So much so that Emily was willing to eat school lunch just to sit by Ellie at lunch time. If you've seen a school lunch recently, you'd realize what a sacrifice this was.  They had their first playdate in the beginning of 2010.
 photo ellie1_zps080220bb.jpg
This is them on the day they graduated Kindergarten.
 photo ellie4_zpse5b2e2a7.jpg
Then Ellie's family moved. Emily was heartbroken. So was Ellie. Remarkably these girls have remained friends. They send letters and Skype or do Face Time. Luckily Ellie's family still comes up here from time to time and her Mom is always great about calling and getting the girls together.

Here they are in 2011.
 photo ellie3_zps08aec66b.jpg
And in 2012...
 photo ellie2_zpsea3964f3.jpg
And here they are today in 2013...
 photo IMG_5492_zpsc05510c3.jpg
Their hair changes.
Their teeth fall out.
They grow like weeds.
But, their friendship remains the same...

I don't think time will ever change that.

Friday, March 8, 2013


Grammies (David's Mom) is visiting and the kids (and us) couldn't be happier! Plus it's snowing and the kids just started spring break. Life is good.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


We have a tennis court at our clubhouse and for some odd reason, we decided to play last Friday night. Oh that's right, it was gorgeous out. We took the kids and they had fun. Noah is a natural.
We've gone up several times in the past week and have a good time. Noah chases all of the balls that we hit over the fence. It's great to have him around. But, he tires easily...
Within about 15 minutes, Noah is laying on the court and Ben is sitting on the bench playing on my iphone. Emily hangs in there though. She's a trooper.

I work out with my friend a few times a week and we've started playing tennis now. I bring Noah, you know to fetch the balls. Today we found something strange on the court. I think it's a jackrabbit leg.
Noah was doing a great job but quit by the end. When I asked him to get a ball that went over the fence, he huffed and yelled, "I'm eating a cracker!" So much for our ball boy.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Tale of Two Porky's

My best friend Pam gave Emily "Porky" before she was born. He sat on her dresser overlooking her crib until she was about 3 months old. Then, we started putting Porky in the crib with her. They quickly became best friends. She has slept with Porky every night for the last 8 years. He's with her on the sofa when she is relaxing during the day too. She plays with his ears and his tail. He of course comes on trips with us too. He's been to California countless times, Canada, Florida, Idaho. I tell you that pig gets around. Here he is enjoying the sun on the back of Papa and Grandma Suzy's boat in Idaho.
 photo IMG_35362_zps372c7cea.jpg
Luckily, we've never lost him. I did find out once that he was made by Ty and technically called Corkscrew. I think this was one time when we thought we lost him and were hunting around the house for hours. David's sister found him under the coffee table half stuck in the drawer. Emily was laying under there and thought she should hide him and forgot. David has "done surgery" on his ears, his tail and when his eyeball fell out, David made him a new one with black thread. Porky is a suvivor.

Porky has also become thread bare in several areas. We told Emily the other day that we didn't know how much longer he would last before he got a permanent hole in him that we couldn't fix. I suggested we retire him and get another one and she burst out in tears. We told her she could always keep him, but he's going to need to spend his days on her dresser watching over her. Just the way he started. She finally agreed and got a little excited as we searched for "Ty Corkscrew" on Ebay. We found several, and I bought one from Fort Worth and we awaited his arrival. He came on Saturday.
 photo IMG_5104_zpse5df2421.jpg
She loves his Corkscrew tail.
 photo IMG_5106_zpsd9b0610f.jpg
She was shocked that her Porky once looked just like the new one.
 photo IMG_5108_zps7a811869.jpg
We've named them Porky and Corky.
 photo IMG_5112_zps18e62297.jpg
So, is Porky on her dresser? Heck no! She say's Corky feels weird. By weird I think she means clean and soft. She can't play with his ears the same or his tail. So, now she has 2 lovies. I'm hoping she will break in Corky, and Porky can retire before all his stuffing falls out. I'm not counting on it though. I think our trips this summer will include Porky and his sidekick Corky. The the tale of two pigs will continue...

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Read Across America

It was Read Across America week at school. This meant fun projects about Dr. Suess for the kids all week. My favorite was this one of Horton and his clover. How cute is that?
I went to help in Emily's class with some crafts. I was there for morning announcements. The kids all do the pledge. I love listening to kids say the pledge of allegiance. It's awesome. The crafts were fun. Here's Emily sticking her hand in oobleck or something like that.
And it happened again. The same boy who tapped me 100 times a few weeks ago starting right back up like he never stopped. Tap, tap, tappity tap, my birthday is next Friday. Tap, tap, tappity tap, I'll be 9. Oh geez. And I found out Malibu Barbie gave the ring a boy gave her to Valentine's Day to her B.F.F. Wow, that must have made that boy feel great. He's going to need therapy one day. I snapped a picture of my station. That's Malibu Barbie's back.
My Dad and Suzy came up for the day on Wednesday. Suzy made Ben a great blanket for his bed. She made one for me at Christmas and Ben asked her to make one for him. He loves it. And she did it in the colors or Spiderman!
My Dad was moving up our electrical plug as we want to get cabinets for this wall. Noah was assisting.
There was one night that certain grades put on a performance. Emily's class was doing a short play of Charlotte's Web. She got the part as a narrator. Unfortunately, it was so loud in there. K, 1 and 2 all did a little something and usually people clear out after their kids perform, but the principal was getting slimmed. Everyone wanted to stick around for that and I understand that it's hard to contain small children for over an hour as evidence to all the noise in the background. The kids did well though and Emily did so great! The whold thing was over 10 minutes! My camera cut off in the middle of it as my disc was full! I quickly switched to my cell phone and didn't miss any of her lines.

After the principal got slimmed and it was a total cop out. She wore goggles (that I can understand), a shower cap and a raincoat. That's cheating in my book. Oh well, the kids thought it was great. Emily filmed this.

Ben missed a day of school this week because he puked in the middle of the night. Just one random puke and he was fine after that. I'm still trying to recover. I had 3 loads of laundry to do in the middle of the night, and I can't say that I will eat chili again anytime soon. I asked his teacher to send home his homework and she said they really just did some crafts and had guest readers that day. Ben was thrilled. I'm glad that my kids can have such a great week at school and truly have fun.