Sunday, August 30, 2015


My sweet girl turned 11 today.  How is that possible?  The time is going so fast.  Every time David and I talk about the kids growing up and moving it, I get all teary eyed.  I like right where we are now.  I just want to keep us in a bubble.  

But, I can't do that.  I need to teach my kiddos to fly and this little girl is learning.

I had presents out for her when she woke up.  She was dying to open her gifts.

She'll always be a Daddy's girl.

She got some money from Grammie and Grampie.  They also bought us Olive Garden last night too!  Em loves their chicken parm.  They got her the cute vest you'll see in a few pictures below.

Granny sent her a nice card and some money too!

Gifts this year were hard.  She has so many clothes and she's not really in need of anything.  I totally winged it on gifts since she asked for nothing.  Luckily, she liked everything.  Sadness is her favorite character from Inside Out, and this Sadness is just the cutest!

I found her this cute mug and it had an inspirational Bible verse in it.  

I got her some other owl stuff and a few bathing suits and a huge box full of gum and her favorite candies.  

My foodie girl wouldn't have just any breakfast, it was french toast with strawberries and whipped cream, hashbrowns and bacon.

While she was sleeping, I put streamers up over her door.

We went to the pool and she got to play with one of her buddies.

I didn't take a picture of dinner, but we made her a roast with mashed potatoes and carrots.  That's always her favorite.  Then, I made her a pumpkin roll for dessert!

Her friend, Alissa, from the pool came back for some cake and to play!

While I was writing this, the clock turned to 8:07.  I told Emily that she was sitting in my arms at that exact moment 11 years ago.  She started crying.  So did I.  She said she doesn't want to grow up.  As a parent, that's one of the nicest things I can hear.  That she loves her life here with us in our home.  But, she'll always have a home here.  I'm sure in another 8 years, she'll change her mind and want to fly.  But, if she doesn't, I'm okay with that too.  She'll always be our little girl.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Foodie Party

Emily's birthday isn't until the 30th.  But, two of her good friends also have August birthdays.  In an effort to spread out the parties, we chose to have hers this weekend.  She wanted a slumber party with 3 of her good girl friends.  

She's silly and cute.

One of her friends had a Minecraft party, another did a camping/movie night, another is having a spa party.  Emily didn't have a theme.  Then, when I was getting her party together, I realized it was a Foodie Birthday Party.  No pizza and store bought cupcakes for her.

Nope.  She wanted a taco bar.

I like her peace sign.  She loves olives.

The girls played on the swing set a little.

Then, got into the water balloons.

It was all nice nice until David got involved.

Then, it was war.  But, Emily got mad that her Dad was throwing all the water balloons, so she made the child behave.

They did some Just Dance.

For dessert, it was an ice cream bar....strawberries, bananas, peanuts, whipped cream, cherries, cookie dough, M&M's, Snickers, etc.

And we sang happy birthday.  

And she opened gifts.

Then, had to stop in the middle for her friend to film her opening a blind box, so they could post it on  you tube.  These girls...

They like this girl who does this alter ego with red lipstick all over her face called Miranda.  She's bizarre, but kind of funny.  Emily was impersonating her face.  

She got lots of Minecraft stuff.

Then, they actually fell asleep by 2:00.  Yea!  In the morning we had chocolate chip waffles, bacon and sausage.  Yep, a foodie party.  That's my girl.  

I started this blog post and was so disappointed with a lot of the pictures.  The ones I posted are fine, but without my flash working and my auto mode it just takes me too long to figure out settings on my camera.  I watched a bunch of You Tube videos and figured out what aperture and shutter speed are.  I know what my ISO is, but with kids, you have to adjust so fast and I'm just not that good yet.  Most of her pictures were blurry or orange colored or something.

I was thinking we'd have to get a new camera before we go to New York in October. Then, I went online (again) and did more research on why my flash wouldn't pop up.  I figured out there is a tiny pin under the camera hot shoe.  I knew that I hadn't seen that when I looked around.  So, I took the guys advice and cut a tiny piece of paper clip and put it in there.  And it worked!  Yea!  I can't believe it.  Whew.....

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Taking the Bus

For the most part, David takes the kids to school on his way to work every day. About twice a month, he has an overnight for work or he needs to leave early, and I have to take them. It's never been a big deal. But, next year, everything will change. Emily will be at Junior High and her school starts over an hour before the boys will start. So, David will take her to school every morning. It's about a 15 minute drive from our house. I'll take the boys.

David couldn't take them to school Monday and Tuesday this week. So, yesterday we are leaving for school and here comes the school bus at the exact time I'm leaving for school to drop off the kids. Last year, the bus picked up earlier, but they must have adjusted something and now it's about the same exact time that we leave. Now, our school isn't close. It's about a 7 minute drive each way and the drop off line can either take a minute or 10 minutes. So, it's easily 20-30 minutes to drop them. I see the bus and think they should try it. Come next year, Emily will have to take the bus home from school and I'll probably put the boys on the bus every morning too since it literally stops a few blocks from our house.

They tried it out this morning for the first time. Other than field trips, they've never been on a bus. Actually, Noah missed his only Kindergarten field trip because he was sick, so this was his first time on a school bus.

It makes 3 more stops in our neighborhood and then it's off to school. I almost followed it to make sure they got to school okay, but I figure that's ridiculous.

For the rest of the year, David will still take them to school. But, on the few mornings I need to take them, I'll put them on the bus. It'll be good for them to get the hang of it before next year.

I can't wait to hear how it goes. My predictions...Ben will hate it because it gives him almost no recess time in the morning. Emily and Noah will like it.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Smoothies, Allergies and Baby Bunnies

It seems every year we go to Canada, we come back with some new food plan. Last year, Uncle Terry and Aunt Paula were in to making veggie platters. They would just whip one up and then snack on it for days with a little dip. We got home and David did this for months. Instead of a bag of chips on the weekend, he'd dive into the veggie platter.

This year, they got a Ninja and were making smoothies. David had a few and really enjoyed them. When we got home, I decided I should substitute my morning bagel for a smoothie. We don't have a Ninja, but our regular blender works fine. And by fine, I mean it takes about 10 minutes to make it and you have to reach in there with a spoon a dozen times. I loved the smoothies, but found they were really time consuming, especially on school days.

So, every Sunday, I prep 5 days of smoothies to get me through the week. The fruit containers on top, with strawberries, bananas, blueberries and pears/peaches/pineapple, whatever is going bad) go in the freezer. The bottom containers with kale, carrots and apples go in the fridge.

I mix it with some soymilk, V8 veggie juice, whey protein and yogurt.  But, our little blender was having a hard time keeping up.  I dreamed of a Ninja, but not the $150 price tag.  David and I both noticed it in the Target ad on Sunday.  We even both looked it up online and looked at it longingly.  Thursday evening rolls around and the doorbell rings.  It's UPS with a big box from Target.  We open it and inside is a beautiful Ninja.  David is looking at me and I'm looking at him and we are both like, what?  I said, I looked at it online, maybe I accidentally ordered it?  He said the same thing.  We were both confused.  I looked at the receipt.  

My boss sent it!  Included was a nice note:
How nice is that?  I told her when we went to the ballgame that I was doing smoothies every morning.  It's nice that your boss appreciates you and listens to you.  She's on vacation for several weeks and so is another gal that works with us, so I'm holding down for fort for most of August.  I certainly wasn't expecting a Ninja as a thank you!  It's so nice.  I put in all my ingredients in those smaller smoothie cups and blend it in there and then just add the lid.  Easy peasy!  I love it.  Seriously, it went from blending for 10 minutes to 10 seconds.  No joke.  Plus, I've lost 4 pounds in a month with just this one little change.  Sweet!

On to other, I help out in the school every week.  Last week, I was waiting for one of the teachers when I noticed the signs outside pretty much every classroom door.

This is on Ben's class room door.  

This is another.  Peaches?  Really?  That sucks.  I'd rather be allergic to a peanut than a peach.

Bummer, the school has a dog and birds in the office and a cat in the library, which I think is pretty darn awesome. It should be a law that every library needs a cat.  Emily and Noah are both a little allergic to cats.  They just don't touch Dewey.  Isn't that a cute cat name at a library?  You know for the Dewey Decimal system.  Plus, the town next to us is Dewey.  It's adorable and was found as a stray on the school property.

And, then I saw this one and laughed out loud.  David thinks it's a joke.  I don't think they joke about this kind of stuff.  But, you know kids are always bringing shrimp to school in fourth grade.  :)

We keep seeing this adorable little guy on our way to the pool every night.  He's so tiny.  The kids named him Geo.  

Oh my gosh, I want to take him home.  But, we'd probably all get rabies, so we'll leave him in the bushes.

It seems like we live in a pretty populated area, but we are still in the country.  These bunnies are everywhere.  We have a bunch that live in our front yard.  The coyotes are howling at night.  On our walk the other day, David and I saw a skunk about 10 feet in front of us. Luckily, he scampered away without spraying us.  There are frogs all over the place.  My friends just got a snake out of their backyard.  We are definitely country folk.  I feel like walking around the neighborhood is a little episode of Nat Geo.  Oh wait, I just got the Geo reference for the bunny.  How cute is that?  

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Saving Nine Lives

After being with David for 13 years, you'd think I'd know just about everything about him. But, maybe not...

Last week, I texted him to see if he'd want to donate blood with me. He said sure and that he'd never done it before. What? How did I not know that? I used to donate often in my 20's, but just stopped after I fainted once. Then, life got crazy. Now, they were bringing the blood people to our clubhouse. How could we say no? I always think when Noah was born, I needed someone's blood and platelets. Thank goodness for kind people who donate such things.

So, I made our appointments. As it turns out, David is big enough to give a "Power Red" donation. They take more out and do something with it; basically, it can save six lives.

He also got back in some sort of solution hanging there in the bag on the left.  It took like 30 minutes too!

I'm not big enough for the power red, so I just did the regular donation, which they said saves three lives.

Sorry the pictures stink, I'm not good with my left hand.  

All in all, we saved 9 lives.  Not bad for one evening.

Saturday, August 8, 2015


Noah is six today. I seriously can't believe it. How did he get to be six? Maybe because his arrival was so dramatic, I remember it the most; almost dying kind of does that to you.

Noah has a best buddy at school, but with the summer and not seeing anyone, we didn't feel like having a big party and inviting a bunch of people. So, we just kept it nice and simple this year and filled the day with his favorite things.

I blew up balloons last night and tapped some to his door frame and put the other 15 in the living room. I would've loved to have seen his face, but we were all asleep, even David. But, he said he ran through them and then waiting patiently for us to wake up. How sweet.  Nice bed head!

He liked all the money he got from the Grandparents.

And he got lots of toys.

His expressions crack me up.

Our sweet friends even got him some Ninja Turtle stuff.

He wanted pancakes and bacon for breakfast.  Taylor Swift pancakes.

Then, he's been playing all day and hasn't gotten out of his pajamas.  That's a perfect day for him.  He's not a cake person, so I made him rice krispie treats instead.  Oh, and he wanted pumpkin muffins, so I made him those too.  Emily is doing her silly face here. I hate when she does that.  

Look how sweet he is.

He said he had big plans for his birthday wish, but wouldn't tell us what it was.

I hope it comes true.