Thursday, January 21, 2010

By 1:00 On A Snow Day

I haven't written "redrum" on the mirrors, so that's a good thing.

We had popcorn for lunch.

The snow is quickly melting from all this rain. I understand the flooding problem now because it's melted snow and rain all at one time. Luckily, we aren't close to any areas that may flood. I think.

Also, the problem with the great flood was taken care of. I seriously think if it had not, our block wall would come down with this storm. Did I mention they are expecting 70 mph winds later?

These pictures were just taken. Two blog posts down and only 4 hours ago, everything was covered in snow.

We are having pasta and meatballs for dinner. Doesn't that sound like a perfect meal for a day like today? I'm making these buttered rosemary rolls to go with it. The recipe is from the Pioneer Woman. We tried them the other night and I seriously could've just had the rolls for dinner. They looked just like the picture and they were incredible. Seriously try them. You will be loved by everyone at the table. Well, except my kids didn't like them, so I ate theirs. Emily thought the rosemary was grass and she wouldn't even try it. She's a visual eater. Her loss


brownymama said...

Hahaha! I think I'm escaping to Phoenix this afternoon. I know the driving conditions aren't great, but I'm already getting cabin fever and we're supposed to have heavy snow tonight and tomorrow through Saturday night. We still have some snow in the yard, but I swear everything is just slush!

Those rolls look great. Maybe we should have dinner at your house before I head out! If I actually do! (:

Linda said...

The rolls look delicious and I'll have to try them, though Sarah and even Jim are not fond of "leaves" in their food - that's what they call the Parsley that I use so often, or any green herb and so I know they would pick the herb off.
Right Jim (if you're reading this)?

Hope you have a great evening.