Friday, January 22, 2010

A Difficult Decision

As you all know, we've been battling with the anxiety issues with our dog Roxie. She has had them from the day we got her, but things have gone downhill since October.

We doubled her dose of Prozac a week ago per the Vet's instructions. He wanted us to try it for a week and see how she does.

She has gotten much worse. She has had 5 accidents in 5 days. Four while we were home. It's like she isn't getting the message that she needed to hold her bladder. She has also been shaking almost constantly and her teeth are chattering.

We talked with the vet tech who had been helping us through this. She said the Prozac is usually a "wonder drug". It's having no effect on Roxie. She thinks she is mentally ill, that she is suffering from doggie dementia.

Still we are struggling with the decision to put her down. We know her issues won't get better. We know her quality of life is poor. She is either sleeping or in a state of panic and anxiety. She doesn't like to go on walks. The only thing she wakes up for is food. Yesterday, she started limping. We know she has arthritis and I imagine it's bothering her with this weather.

We are happy that we got to give her a good life for the past 15 months.

The vet tech told me, "We love our pets and we make a lot of choices for them. The hardest choice is knowing when it's time to put them down."

It's her time.

Goodbye to Roxie Cinderella.
She was not what we expected, but we loved her just the same.
She will never be forgotten.


Linda said...

I'm sorry. :(

Anonymous said...

So sorry that you were faced with this tough decision. You shared a lot of love and laughs with Roxie!


Anonymous said...

So sad Gina! Roxie was very lucky to have a great family for 15 months!


Anonymous said...

Oh Gigi, I am so sad for you guys. xoxoShar