Saturday, July 26, 2014

Spider Love

Emily was dressed up as Spidergirl and Noah as Spider-Man. They really do love each other. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Vacation, day 15

We are about 20 minutes from home and it's about 10:30 at night. It's been a long travel day. It's good to be home. This is the sunset from the plane. 

We are so fortunate to have had such a great trip and thank Dad and Suzy and The Kelley family for having us. And my Mom for holding down our fort and watching our sweet dog.  

And God willing, we'll do it again next year!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Vacation, Day 14

It was our last day of fun for our vacation. Tomorrow is a travel day.

We headed to the beach we were at yesterday. Emily wanted to jump off the pier. She was a little scared still, but I knew she could do it and I didn't want her to regret not doing it. We warmed up on the beach. You know stretching out for the big jump.
 photo IMG_3404_zpsa0e227d5.jpg
 photo IMG_3406_zps46b152f3.jpg

Cousin Amy went first.
 photo IMG_3410_zpsf53b37bb.jpg

Then, Ben. I love that Emily was clapping for him. She was so nervous. The tide was high though, so it was a good 5-10 feet higher than yesterday when we jumped.
 photo IMG_3415_zps38318c67.jpg

Emily and Ben decided to go together. She was scared.
 photo IMG_3420_zpsf6bd6f69.jpg

She needed a little encouragement. And by encouragement, I mean a push from her Dad. I love that Ben's arm was going around "help" her too.
 photo IMG_3421_zpsb4336a4e.jpg
 photo IMG_3422_zps122c8f92.jpg
 photo IMG_3423_zps073717c9.jpg
 photo IMG_3424_zps66bef35f.jpg

When Emily came up, I thought she would either be crying or happy. She came up and said, "That was AWESOME!" And jumped about 10 more times.

Here's a video of one of her jumps.

Then, all three of them jumped together. This picture makes me laugh. Amy jumped off first and jumped farther, so it looks like she is the size of a lego man and it looks like Emily is pushing her.
 photo IMG_3430_zpsa8d8e165.jpg

 photo IMG_3431_zps3cf0cb99.jpg

Emily jumped by herself.
 photo IMG_3435_zps669f584d.jpg

Ben being Batman.
 photo IMG_3438_zpsdc544846.jpg

Emily liked jumping from the lower part which is about a foot lower. She finally jumped from the higher part.
 photo IMG_3444_zps19ebc516.jpg

Then, Noah kept wanting to swim from the little dock over to the ladder by the pier where we were jumping and climb up. Aunt Paula had a lifevest. And off he went. I couldn't believe he didn't even look back. He just swam out in the ocean all by himself.
 photo IMG_3449_zps069a0ecf.jpg

 photo IMG_3450_zps1e0eb3d4.jpg

Cousin Amy helped her get through the pier without getting cut on barnacles.
 photo IMG_3451_zpsee4a3211.jpg
And up the ladder he went.
 photo IMG_3454_zps1d804dbc.jpg

That's pretty brave for 4 years old!

Then, he was freezing. Ben was freezing before too and I put David's shirt on him followed by my cover up. Since Ben was dry at this point, we got Noah dressed. He looks like Yoda. Cold, I am.
 photo IMG_3457_zpsbcf10119.jpg

Then, Amy and Emily swam from the pier to the shore. Emily used the lifevest for a little help since it was such a long swim.
 photo IMG_3458_zpsbe8cd6ed.jpg

Then, David jumped off the pier and tried to catch them.
 photo IMG_3462_zpsfd9ac95c.jpg

 photo IMG_3464_zps0a7333ad.jpg

He won! Although, they didn't know they were even in a race.
 photo IMG_3465_zpsb341bd6f.jpg

Noah build a sand castle.
 photo IMG_3466_zpsc671f57a.jpg

The boys played on the logs. I love the beaches here. This long wasn't there yesterday, but anything can come in with the tide.
 photo IMG_3469_zpse1d578c1.jpg

Emily and Amy went back out and I thought Emily was going to jump from the super top. But, she didn't.
 photo IMG_3471_zpsb7d39c1d.jpg

Then, David and Noah joined them.
 photo IMG_3481_zps16ae65c3.jpg

A Momma and her ducks.
 photo IMG_3479_zpsb97700bd.jpg

Then, we went out for one last gelato. Yum! We stopped at a different beach just to check it out tonight. The beaches here are all so different. This one had crashing waves and smooth pebble rocks everywhere.
 photo IMG_3513_zps0dfea62f.jpg

And that wraps up our big vacation of 2014. We have a 14 hour travel day tomorrow. Leaving by 7:45 to catch an 8:30 ferry. Then, on to a three hour drive to Seattle as well as crossing the border, which can sometimes take hours. Then, we have a 5:00 flight and then land in Phoenix. Then, get our car and drive the 90 minutes home. We should be there around 10:00 at night. Whew, I'm tired already. It's been a great trip and who know, if we aren't at the border for long, we may have time for something fun in Seattle!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Vacation, Day 13

I actually did take one photo yesterday. Noah found this old Fisher Price toy that used to belong to cousin Greg. David thought it was super cool because he used to play with an identical toy. It was from 1970!
 photo IMG_3249_zps87acf39b.jpg

We headed to a different beach this morning. It had a pier and David and the kids went out to take in the view. I stayed on shore.
 photo IMG_3252_zps2e84e217.jpg

They found a starfish.
 photo IMG_3266_zpseb2f1828.jpg

Then, two...
 photo IMG_3267_zpsd8dad541.jpg

Then, three...
 photo IMG_3268_zpsb04446f0.jpg

They were all dead.

Emily made a habitat for them complete with seaweed, rocks and dead crabs.
 photo IMG_3269_zps37c6f389.jpg

There were lots of dead crabs.
 photo IMG_3270_zpscc7ef42b.jpg

Noah found one that was his size.
 photo IMG_3271_zpsd72fda8b.jpg

And a middle one for Ben...
 photo IMG_3276_zpse759d58c.jpg

David and Ben went off exploring.
 photo IMG_3272_zpsac10352e.jpg

Here's the pier. Notice how tall it is at the very end?
 photo IMG_3273_zps270f9db1.jpg

Everybody jumps off the end of the pier. So, we decided when in Rome. David was going to go first, but he kept chickening out. I said, I would go, but once I got ready, David wanted to do it first. This went on for close to 45 minutes. Then, he finally went.
 photo IMG_3280_zps89e8252f.jpg
 photo IMG_3281_zps7d13419d.jpg
 photo IMG_3282_zpsc09954dc.jpg
 photo IMG_3283_zps673701d3.jpg
 photo IMG_3284_zpsb25a724b.jpg

It's probably 15-20 feet down as we were at low tide. Ben wanted to go next, but with David. I love that Emily was so encouraging and she's clapping for him.
 photo IMG_3286_zpsc553718b.jpg
 photo IMG_3287_zps9c8b42dd.jpg
 photo IMG_3288_zpsd16eed5c.jpg
 photo IMG_3289_zpsbed57ae8.jpg
 photo IMG_3290_zpsff3a7139.jpg
 photo IMG_3291_zpsb864668f.jpg

Ben did great. He swam to David so fast when they hit the water.
 photo IMG_3292_zps0c0b0ea5.jpg

Then, they went again.
 photo IMG_3296_zps0936f495.jpg

Now, it was my turn. I couldn't do all talk and no action, so I freaked once and went on my second try. Notice my eyes are closed the entire time.
 photo IMG_3302_zpse454545d.jpg
 photo IMG_3303_zps0cf6623f.jpg
 photo IMG_3304_zpsce6463d1.jpg

It was soooo freaky. Can you tell who the photographer is in the family? David barely got me in a frame, but at least he got it. I'm 40 years old and I've never jumped off a pier. Neither had David. Emily was too scared. She tried and tried, but in the end couldn't bring herself to do it. This from the girl who wants to ride upside down roller coasters over and over. But, this had several different factors, height, cold water, the ocean.... I tried to get her to go just because I don't want her to have any regrets.

We left and came home for lunch. Then, we hit another beach by their house. Both of these beaches are within a 2 minute drive, so since the weather was bad yesterday, we hit up two today.

Ben loves this log and he makes standing up there look so easy.
 photo IMG_3312_zpsa8f04afe.jpg
 photo IMG_3315_zps1682743c.jpg

Noah was camped out. The second we get to the beach, the kids want snacks. Drives me crazy.
 photo IMG_3314_zps890d80b5.jpg

Emily and Amy were out swimming. Amy was dunking her.
 photo IMG_3317_zps9591a8be.jpg
 photo IMG_3316_zps995739a4.jpg
 photo IMG_3329_zps36216959.jpg

Noah found this log that was like a teeter totter.
 photo IMG_3336_zpsad344a52.jpg

Emily LOVES her cousin Amy.
 photo IMG_3341_zps29423011.jpg

I decided to try the log. Not as easy as it looks.
 photo IMG_3345_zps85d82096.jpg

Then, David waltzes out there just to show me up!
 photo IMG_3350_zps55c4b67d.jpg

The kids having fun.
 photo IMG_3353_zps7096a62c.jpg
 photo IMG_3362_zpse623ac3d.jpg

Cousin Amy was playing seaweed monster with them.
 photo IMG_3357_zps589079b8.jpg

Emily and Ben were trying to stand on this log. It lasted about 3 seconds each time.
 photo IMG_3368_zpse6124427.jpg

We went to Chinese for dinner. Noah had my camera again for these next few shots...
 photo IMG_3373_zps9f108a58.jpg

Noah was sitting next to me when I went through these pics and he told me he wanted me to put this one on our blog. So, he took it and there I am.
 photo IMG_3378_zps832fea2a.jpg

Then, we went for gelato.
 photo IMG_3382_zps35a43697.jpg

Then, we went back to the pier, so Emily could see it at high tide. It's probably only a 10-15 foot drop around dinner time. She said she would do it tomorrow night!
 photo IMG_3388_zps3b1ddf0b.jpg

Here's our tribe.
 photo IMG_3391_zpsc77e7293.jpg

And here's a picture of the ferry that will take us on our journey home on Wednesday. Boo.
 photo IMG_3401_zpscbacbbe4.jpg