Thursday, September 24, 2015

Aint Nobody Got Time For This

So, this sick bug is running around our house.  Emily came home from school on Monday sick.  Well the nurse called me because I requested to be notified if my kids go to the nurse.  They don't just go because they are bored.  They only go if they really need to be there.  Yes, they might not have a fever or explosive vomiting, but that doesn't mean they aren't sick.  Those are basically the only two reasons the nurse will call your parent.

So, the nurse calls me and tells me Emily "convinced her teacher she had a fever and she only coughed once when she was in the nurse's office."  I still went down there.  I know my kids well enough.  The nurse sent her back to class.  I get to school, and they call her to the office.  She comes around the corner, sees me and starts crying.  

Yeah, we need to go home.

And an hour later she has a 101 fever.  We erred on the side of caution and made a doctor appointment.  She had been coughing for a month, so we just wanted to rule out any lung stuff since she isn't getting better and now has a fever.  Plus, we leave for NY in 7 days.  I don't want to do the wait and see stuff with this.  And she has the onset of pneumonia.  Her lungs were just starting to wheeze.  So, she's on an antibiotic.  The rest of us are fighting it.  Nobody else has a fever, so I think we'll be good in a week.

In the meantime, I've been tasked with making a 90th birthday video montage for my Grandma's party in NY next Sunday.  It's so fun looking at old photos.  

I like this one best.  I'm a bombing before they were even cool.

He he he....

Sunday, September 20, 2015

New York Super Week

Ben drew this picture at church last night.  They had to draw themselves and write what they are good at.  No surprise that Ben drew something about superheroes.

We are going to New York in 12 days for Fall Break.  Ben has been wanting to go to New York forever.  Most 9 year old boys would want a trip to Legoland or the beach.  But, we've done all that.  I truly feel like we are going to be introducing Ben to his future home.  I can almost guarantee he'll live in New York one day.  It's just his type of place.  He says he likes it because it's fast, like him.  Although, he can spend all day playing at the beach and not want to leave.  But, I know Ben is a big city type of kid.  And not just any big city, Ben wants the biggest....NYC.  

I asked him why he wants to go there so bad.  I assured him that there are not superheroes walking around.  That Spiderman will not be swinging from buildings and you can't lift a sewer cover and find the ninja turtles.  But, he knows that and can separate reality for his fantasy movie/comic book life that he loves.  His response to why he wants to go to New York City, "There's the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, The Empire State Building and hello....the Brooklyn Bridge!"  Seriously, this kid loves NYC already and he's never been there.

I didn't want to go when Noah was smaller, so we waited.  We were playing with the idea of going at Fall Break, still a little unsure.  Then, my Aunt tells me she is having a surprise 90th birthday party for my Grandma the first weekend in October.  

Ok, as I write this, Ben just came in and tried to climb our rock fireplace like Spiderman.  Seriously, no joke.  

Okay, so back to the plans.  The first weekend in October just happens to be the start of our Fall Break. This is perfect.  We can fly out there, spend the day with relatives, and there is nothing better than a 90th birthday party.  Everybody will be there.  Perfect!  Then, we can head to the city for 4 days and be the biggest tourists ever!  My Dad and Suzy are going to join us in the city too.  I'll feel better since the adults will outnumber the kids.

I got it all planned and can't believe we leave in less than 2 weeks.  Then, I find out we are there during New York Super Week.  Yes, it's superhero week in New York the week we are there, including comic con.  So, guess what?  There will be superheroes walking around the entire week.  Oh brother.  I know Ben is going to fall in love with NYC, but this will just put it over the top!  

He is counting down the days....

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

You Know You're Country...

David and I were out on our nightly walk when we spotted two very large dogs up ahead.  I told him maybe we should cross the street and go around.  But, we kept going forward as these were oddly shaped dogs.  

When we got up to them, we realized they were horses!  You know you live in the country when people walk their miniature horses instead of dogs.  

Rocko was totally freaked out by them.  He loves sniffing other dogs, but these things, he coward backwards to avoid them.  I guess something was off with their scent.  They were 4 months old, but probably won't get much bigger than they are now.  

We wished the kids would've been with us to see them.  They were so cute!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Hanging Out

The weather was absolutely perfect tonight.  High in the 70's with a cool breeze.  We decided to skip the pool after dinner and walk to the park.  As the crow flies, it's about 1/2 mile from our house.  

We walked/ran to the park.  The other night while David was away for work, I took the kids and dog on a walk.  Emily and Noah road bikes.  Ben and I walked.  A few times, Ben would run and holy moly, that kid is fast.  I couldn't believe it. 

So, David and Ben raced here and there on the way to the park.  Ben won once.  David won once.  Pretty impressive for a 9 year old whose stride is half that of his Dad's.  

Anyway, we had a great time at the park.  The boys rolled down the hill.

These are the goal posts for the soccer field.  The kids were channeling their inner "American Ninja Warrior."

Rocko joined in on the racing and smoked everybody.  :)  He's the top dog.  He was tired too after chasing a bunch of tennis balls.

It was the perfect start to our holiday weekend!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Around Our House

Things have been so busy around here.  So, here's a little catch up on the goings on.

Here's Emily with her birthday sundae from Olive Garden last week.  I helped her eat it!

She's so cute and innocent. I took her to her 11 year old well visit at the Doctor.  They need shots at 11, so we had to get on it.  I told Emily to read the handout after that they gave us and ask me if she has any questions.  She read it and said, "what's sexually active mean?  What's birth control?  What is genitalia?  What is masturbating?"  Oh good Lord, we've skirted issues about all of this for years.  Like when she watched the Bachelor with me, "Mom, what's a virgin?"  Ugh.  But, David and I both figured it was probably time to have a talk. 

So, we explained things to her.  I was expecting horror, shock, disgust.  Instead, she started crying.  Not just a few tears, bawling!  She said she doesn't ever, ever, ever, want to do that.  I couldn't help but giggle a little.  David handled it much more maturely.  He's really the only adult in this house.  Well, that's a stretch sometimes if you've ever seen him play with the kids.  But, "The Talk" has been put out there and we told her to come to us with any questions.  

This is a cute pic that Ben did of himself outside his classroom.  It says:  My goal is to get better at division.  I'll do this by using flash cards at home for 15 minutes every friday and on weekends.  

Great idea Ben!  Ask me how many times he's done this so!  I love how he drew himself.  Glasses, and big ears and that kind of one sided smile.  Nailed it.

In Noah's class they have clothespins with their names.  They all start on Good and can move up to Wow or down to Oops and Yikes for things that happen throughout the day.  Noah got on Oops last week.  There was a girl in his class wearing one of those puffy vest jackets.  He said she looked fat.  She was upset, like really crying upset.  He didn't mean she was fat, just that the jacket was puffy. She's actually a skinny girl. In any case, he hurt her feelings, so he made Paloma a card and gave it to her the next day.

I added these from my phone and they are the wrong way.  But, whatevs, just tilt your head.  I asked Noah what he should write inside.  He said, "Palmoa, sorry for calling you fat."  I told him you never call a girl fat, ugly or stupid.  Or anybody for that matter.  Unless, of course, you're 100% positive that they can't hear you.  :)  HA! Just kidding.   Anyway, he wrote:  Paloma  I'm sorry for being mean.  Will you forgive me?  I'll never do that again.  From Noah.  

Noah is in the highest reading group in his class and this little girl is in the lowest, so she couldn't read it.  So, he read it to her.  How cute is that?

We were at our friends last weekend and Ben had a totally wiggly tooth. So, Ryan tried to take it out with floss twice, but it broke the floss both times. So, he went to pliers. That did the trick.

And that's about it on our home front!