Monday, May 25, 2015

Camping, Lots of Fun, Lots of Work

We have a blast camping and think we have finally gotten the hang of it, going on our fourth year now. I'm not scared of bears attacking us in our sleep. Packing is a lot, but I have it down to a science by now. But, my fitbit doesn't lie.

The weekend before camping, I was getting everything ready. The goal on the fitbit is 10,000 steps a day. I hit that goal that day. I never left the house. That's just walking back and fourth getting stuff ready. Crazy.

This was my fitbit on Saturday. You know a nice day of relaxation in the woods. The lines each represent how many steps in a 15 minute period.

Yeah, 16,000 steps. I don't think I sat at all.

Then, comes the night time to rest. Yeah, doesn't look like I did a ton of that either. Every pink line is when I was awake or restless.

But, aside from all the work, it truly is lots of fun and we love going.

We went to the same place as we went last year, but this time, it was hailing when we got there. What? Luckily, there was only 2 tent families, so we went under the ramada. Everyone else, has a trailer.

And it was cold. Really cold, like my toes didn't warm up for 3 days cold. But, the kids didn't care.


There was lots of hot cocoa drinking.

And in between rain storms, we'd head in our tent for some family time.

We went on hikes.

And walked logs.

And we climbed lots of trees.

Noah loved to collect fire wood.


Our group of friends is girl heavy. Noah is a lucky guy.

We played hockey.

And during one rain storm, we let the girls go in our tent and play on ipads. Typically, it's a no electronic weekend, but it was only a few minutes.

Ben would walk around and come up with stories with himself as the hero. He called himself Indiana Ben. I don't even think he's seen the Indiana Jones movies, but I'll have to show them to him.

We played baseball.

And took Woody for a walk.


And we went to the lake. We didn't fish. It's not really our thing, but the water is pretty.

Noah threw rocks in the water.

And Ben jumped on logs.

Here's proof I was there.

Noah played tug of war with a rock.

Here's Dakri and Josh by the campfire.

I had read somewhere that roasting Starbursts was delicious. They were okay, but David came up with his own creation. An orange starburst roasted then stuffed in a marshmallow and roasted. Kind of like a creamsicle. He said it was good.


Someone brought sparklers for the kids. FUN!

The boys got a pound of bacon to themselves. They were happy.

Here's our friends trailer and our cooking area.

Noah with sweet Clara.

David took the boys on a walk and found this cool teeter totter tree. We had to go back. Emily's friend Alissa came with us.

There was more tree climbing.

Even Noah tried.

David his hiding behind the tree to catch him.

The teeter totter tree was so awesome, we took the Suttons there. Poor Alanah had a fever all weekend, so she'd come out when she was on a motrin high and then would be down and out for a few hours when it wore off.

We were supposed to spend three nights there. We woke up on Saturday and the forecast said rain and thunderstorms the entire day. It was cold and rainy that morning. We debated on what to do. We didn't want to try to pack up in the rain. I always say that two nights is good and just leave before dinner of the third night. What do you really miss? Dinner and a campfire. The next morning, we eat an easy cereal breakfast, pack up and are on the road by 9:30. So, early Saturday, we decided we'd leave that day, but we'd stay for as long as the weather would hold out. Turns out that it held out the whole day. It was actually sunny and warm out at some point. If I had a crystal ball, we would've stayed. But, it was really nice to come home and get a good nights sleep.

To make the kids happy, we decided at 4:30 to build a fire and make smores before we left. So, we did. Truly, that's all they really want with a campfire anyway.

While we were driving, I turned and found the kids like this. Something tells me they had plenty of fun.

It was glorious to shower and sleep in our beds and wake up fresh to tackle the mountain of laundry. David took care of the car which was a disaster. Everything is put away and waiting for our next camping 10 days. God help me.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Assemblies and Friends

The week is winding down and the school year is wrapping up. Today was filled with the kids assemblies and Noah's kindergarten graduation. The cutest was off the charts. Noah was in the back row and sure enough, this girl who is a foot taller than him was right in front. I mentioned it to his teacher and she very sweetly moved him. She rocks!




And this is Noah and his best friend, Levi. They became great friends this year and plot to go over each others house everyday.

I wasn't planning on bringing Noah home after his assembly but lots of parents were, so he wanted to come home. Whatever, grades are turned in. Who cares? So, we came home and I made him his favorite....Taylor Swift pancakes.

This is Ben and his best friend, Andrew. They are like two peas in a pod. They worked on this moray eel project and got to present it together the other night.

Ben got Principal's List, which is all A's. He also go in to the million word club. 11 kids in the entire school read over a million words. Only two were third graders. The rest were all 5th and 6th grade. Ben was one of the kids who did it. I'm so proud of him and love that he loves to read. This doesn't even count all the comic books he reads. They have to take a quiz on the book and pass with 80% or better for the book to count towards their reading goal. Comic books don't count. Well, they do to Ben!


Emily got Principal's List, again all A's. I'm so proud of her. She works hard and if she doesn't do well on an assignment, she'll do it again to improve her grade.


This picture isn't the greatest as Emily was like "Aw, Mom, don't take a picture." But, I did anyway, because that's what us Moms do. I'm just like my Mother. :) This is the first year that I feel like Emily really developed some strong friendships. She always had friends, but she could take or leave them. She really loves this group of girls, and it's sweet to see their friendship grow.