Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday Night Housewife

Emily and Ben started gymnastics in June of last year. It was a good activity that both of them could do at the same time and they both loved it. Emily quit when school started because I thought it would be too much. I kept taking Ben throughout the year. After Christmas, I signed Emily up again but this time she took a class on Saturday morning since I knew it would be hard to get there after school.

We really didn't like the Saturday morning class. It threw a wrench in our weekend plans. Ok, the truth is, it messed up my pancake breakfast. In any case, I had her and Ben on a wait list for Wednesday evening classes.

After about 3 months, a spot opened for each of them. Ben is now in a tumble tot 3 class for 3 and 4 year olds. Emily is in a girls level one class. I am amazed at how much better they are doing in a year. They started just hanging from a bar and learning somersaults.

Now Emily is doing flips in our backyard on the bar.

And she's on the regular beam instead of the one that sits on the ground.

She was supposed to do a flip here, but when she saw me filming her, she stopped to pose.

Here's her flip in the backyard.

She is doing backbends and working on her splits. I'm so proud of all that she is learning.

Ben loves gymnastics as well. He thinks he is a superhero and flies everywhere.

His class ends 15 minutes before Emily's. You would think he would be tired, but he still has energy to pull off sweet stunts like this.

I think I should enroll him in martial arts.

As I sit in the gym and watch my kids, there is an adult tumble class going on. These are not 18 year old kids, more like 20's and early 30's and usually men doing flips off the wall and pulling off olympic style moves on the high bar and pommel horse. And just for a minute, or maybe all 60 of them, I feel so out of shape. At my peak, I would've been able to keep up with some of these people. I was never a gymnast, but I used to do a mean roundoff. If nothing else, I realize I need to get on my Wii fit and do some stretching.

Wednesday's are exhausting. Get Emily ready for school, feed Emily, load her in carpool for school, feed Ben, feed Noah, feed myself, get to the library by 10:00 for storytime, go to the grocery store after that, get home, unpack groceries, feed Ben, feed Noah, feed myself, unload the dishwasher, watch Glee, load up the kids to get Emily from school, drop off Josh from carpool, get Em to do homework, feed kids a snack, get them ready for gymanstics, be out the door by 4:45.

Now for the best part. We don't get home until 6:45. This is late for us as we normally eat dinner at 5:15 when David gets home. So, one day a month, we make our big pot of pasta sauce, and we have pasta every Wednesday after gymnastics. I call David when we are leaving and he gets it ready.

I walked in the door last week to find the table set. I had a glass of tea waiting for me. The pasta had just finished draining and the sauce and meatballs were hot. It took me by surprise...on Wednesday nights, I have a housewife to make me dinner. The roles were reversed. And you know what, it felt freakin' fantastic.

I love Wednesdays.

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Linda said...

Love it! :)

I was NEVER a gymnast, lol. I've never even been able to do a cartwheel. While I'm an abundance of energy, I was never good at sports. Which is why I get so excited at the fact that I've faithfully kept up my walks for over 2 years.

Sarah on the other hand, is good at many sports.

I think it's great and so important for kids to exercise and have fun while doing so. :) Good for you and good for David, having dinner ready. No wonder you love Wednesday evenings.