Saturday, May 8, 2010

9 Months

Noah is 9 months old today. With the exception of when he is hungry, tired, has a dirty diaper and between the hours of 9 PM and 7 AM, he is just the sweetest baby. When any of those other things happen, well, he let's you know he is a little angry. My boy has a voice. A big one.

He loves his bath and going for walks on Daddy's back. He's a huge fan of bananas. He's not too fond of sweet potatoes and peas, but he has grown to like them as we mix them with bananas. Yeah for bananas! Emily is still his favorite person. And he just likes to stare at Ben. I think he's trying to figure out who he is half the time because he's always wearing a mask of some sort.

He's growing like a weed. Four months of being sick really put a hitch in the whole growth chart. Here is his progression that I've been doing every 3 months.

3 weeks old - 17 inches, not even 5 pounds

3 months old - 22 inches, 10.7 pounds

6 months old - 26 1/2 inches, 14.6 pounds

9 months - 30 inches, 18.4 pounds (using the blanket and the Wii fit)

I put the doll on the left in the outfit he wore home from the hospital. It was way tighter on the doll than it ever was on him. He's wearing the same pants and same type of onesie in the first 3 week photo.

Plus, he's getting so big, I had to turn the camera vertical which got my toes in it. Hey, at least they are painted.

We have a doctors appointment Wed. where I'll get his official stats. I already looked at Emily and Ben's for 9 months, and Noah is technically only 7 month, but he is taller than the both were.

Maybe he'll be a giant.


Anonymous said...

Oh I love these updates with pics. Noah is indeed a going concern for sure. Too bad he is such a night owl. He might be the 1 in 5 in your family that is geared that way. ( Oh Oh I suspect #1 is also, that's Emily of course)
It is amazing to see that huge 18lb body was once in those little brown pants and there was still room to spare. I know I saw how tiny they were.
I guess the next one of these updates will be at month 12 and he'll probably be completely off the blanket.☺ I hope you guys survive those night time hours.
But,on Mother's day tomorrow you should feel great especially if it's David's night tonight. Wishing a beautiful day with your lovely family.♥♥♥
Love, G.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures..Noah is indeed growing like a weed..It makes me really happy to see how well he is doing..Happy Mother's day Gina, you make nice babies and wonderful little kids...Auntie Barb

Linda said...

Sarah and I continue to be night owls, so is my Mom and she's 80. :)

Love the pictures and am glad that Noah is doing so well and hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day :)

Sarah said...

he's a growing MACHINE! So fun to see him compared to the dolls. I think you should do this until he's 5.