Friday, May 28, 2010

Celebrating and Granny

My Mom came up to visit for Emily's graduation. She lives in Phoenix and hadn't been up in way too long. Emily was so excited to see her when she got home from school that she tackled her.

Noah was happy to see her too.

After Em's graduation, the kids seemed really tired. Ben crawled up on his bed and was playing with his superheros. And Emily seemed happy to lay with her head in my lap.

I decided to try to have everyone take a nap since we were going out to dinner to celebrate. My kids haven't napped since they were two. Emily and my Mom went in Em's room. Emily came out about 15 minutes later. I asked her where Granny was. She said sleeping. The only one who fell asleep was my Mom.

We went to Red Robin for dinner. Mainly because Emily got a gift certificate for a free milkshake for being Student of the Month. When she saw the whipped cream and sprinkles on top of the chocolate shake in the picture, she HAD to go. And since she did so well in school, we decided to go out for dinner.

Noah was excited too.

Emily loved her shake. And barely ate her dinner.

Ben loved his shake and ate lots of dinner. All he wanted was a ceasar salad and fries. We are at a burger joint and this kid wants a salad. And a milkshake.

Noah was not too crazy about the shake or maybe it was just the cold.

Then the Red Robin came out for a picture.

It was a great day.
I'm thinking I could get a part time job as the Red Robin.

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Linda said...

lol, I love it. Your Mom is the only one who falls asleep. That seems about right (Sarah never took naps past age 2 either). :)

I'm glad you had a fun day. Congrats to Emily again and the pictures are really super cute.

Have a fun weekend. We're off on our whirlwind drive to Toronto - which is 12 hours there and back, for a Saturday afternoon/evening visit with the girls. Thankfully, we have Monday off to recuperate, even though it will be Jim doing all of the driving, and yes - I'll likely be.... napping.