Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Channeling His Inner Rock Star

Noah is finally starting to feel good.

He had ear infections since December. He has taken an antibiotic every month since then because he kept getting sick. He made it through all of April without getting sick and needing an antibiotic.

We are all very happy about that.
In his month of good health, he is rockin' out.

Here he is playing the drums with his spoons.

He's either trying to talk or rap with some beat boxing mixed in.

And here he is channeling a little Van Halen with Jump.
(Never mind the loud "symbols" in the back, David is doing the dishes.)

We hope he continue to feel good and maybe he could start rockin' some Beethoven.


Linda said...

Love it :) So glad Noah is doing better. He's adorable. ♥

pam said...

Such a cutie! I need to plan another weekend to see you guys and get my kiddo time in. Hugs and kisses to all!

Anonymous said...

So sweet , my little man. He is almost as photogenic as his big sister was at that age. I love that he is smiling so much, that must mean he is happy.☼