Thursday, May 27, 2010

Emily's Big Day

I missed Emily's first day of school. I was in the hospital 100 miles away. David got her dressed, fixed her hair and packed her lunch. I'm still sad that I wasn't a part of it.

But, I got to be here for her last day and maybe I over did it with the pictures.

Then I decided to add a yellow clip to her hair. Now, 10 more pictures were necessary.

But she was done after one.

We were anxiously awaiting the kids to make their arrival.
Noah was a super star and hung out with Granny. He really is a great baby. And he slept 10.5 hours straight last night.

Ben was ready to wrestle with his Dad.

Here comes our girl.

They sung some really cute songs. Sorry for the jerky video. I only had toast this morning and my blood sugar was probably low.

David brought her some flowers and a graduation stuffed owl. She looks so proud of herself and happy. I love it. I love her.

This is Emily and her friend Ellie. Emily has asked over and over if Ellie will be in her class next year. They had a slideshow playing before the ceremony and there was a picture of Emily and Ellie eating lunch together. These girls are so cute.

Emily got a very nice diploma for graduation.

AND...she won Student of the Month for May.

AND...she had perfect attendance for the last quarter.
AND...she had a great report card. 5 S's, 18 O's and 7 O+'s

I love this girl and am so very proud.

Her teacher Mrs. Richey wrote on her report card:
"Emily is still a little shy in class but she pays attention and listens. She is a very enthusiastic student and tries very hard in class. I've enjoyed having her in my class this year. Emily is promoted to the 1st grade."

1st grade...Here we come!
But only after we enjoy our summer...


Linda said...

This makes me cry!! I'm filled with the remembrance of each and every beginning and end of the school year. Every year it's the same for me - photos (lots of photos) and bittersweet feelings.

I will not be as brave as you next Thursday - I will be the Mom sitting there in the crowd, holding up a kleenix covering up my nose and mouth so that you can't see my bawling. Hopefully I can remain silent in my tears.

The photos from Emily's big day are wonderful!! And WAY TO GO on so many accomplishments!!! It's such a blessing when our children make us proud. I'm so happy for you and all of these wonderful memories of today. :)

Congratulations Emily!!!

pam said...

Yea, Emily! What a smart, fun girl - like her mama!

valen said...

smart and cute girl