Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Saturday of Firsts

After years of talk, we finally made it happen. We are doing a babysitting swap with our friends and taking a turn every month for date night. Today was the first swap. We loaded up the kids and headed over at 10:30. Early I know, but kids are always better behaved early in the day. As the day goes on, their attitudes decline. We were thrilled.

Luckily, the kids did really well and our friends aren't ready to back out completely. Or maybe they are just telling us that until they get their night in June. Noah even napped in the pack and play for the first time. It gives me hope that our vacation to Idaho in June won't be horrible.

Emily makes a very cute Batgirl.

My kids aren't really amphibian, reptile, insect people. I guess I don't help any, but they have never been fond of the creatures. Emily came home from school on Wednesday thrilled that she held a ladybug. It was the first thing out of her mouth when I picked her up. She told me her friend Ellie helped her and she did it. She was very proud of herself. On Thursday, she told me the same thing. Apparently, ladybugs must be drawn to sand and playground equipment because they see plenty of them at recess. On Friday, she held her third ladybug. It was a good week.

When we picked the kids up after our date, our friends gave us a coffee can full of worms from their compost bin to ours. Isn't that sweet? Emily wanted to hold one. I could tell she was nervous, but she did it.

I just noticed her shirt has ladybugs on it. Cute.
Then, she kind of freaked out and threw him in the compost bin with his family.

The cute flower on Emily's cheek came from a birthday party she went to this afternoon. While we were on our date, her and her friend were invited to a party. So, our friend left Noah and Ben with her hubby and took the girls to the party. She dropped them off. We have never done a drop off party before, but felt good enough about it since we knew the Mom and we stayed last year at the same party. We weren't sure how the girls would do, but apparently they took off when the door opened and didn't even say goodbye to my friend. I'm kind of glad I was spared as I probably would've gotten all weepy.

It was an awesome day.
I'm looking forward to our date in July already.


pam said...

Way go Emily! Next time I visit, I'll have to teach her how to catch grasshoppers! ;) Love ya, friend! Glad you had a great day!

Linda said...

That's a great photo of you and David! :)

Glad you had a wonderful date and that the kids had fun as well.