Monday, May 10, 2010

A Night Away, Water Play, Mother's Day and A Murder On Sable Way

It's been quite a weekend.

Friday night, my best friend Pam was being honored at her work for being incredible, wonderful, amazing, the best... This is not news to me. I've known all of those to be true for the past 20 years. But, it was nice to see her formally get recognized in front of 520 people and be presented with a plaque for all of her hard work and dedication.

And it was my pleasure to join in on the festivities. ALONE. We knew it would be hard to get a sitter for a very late night, so I went down to Phoenix all by myself. I listened to my music for 85 glorious minutes each way. No Curious George, Alvin and the Chipmunks or Lion King was heard. I sung as loud as I wanted to Dave Matthews Band, Prince and the Black Eyed Peas. I even wore heels and an outfit that didn't have any baby puke on it. It was truly a lovely night.

We had decided to buy season passes to Wet and Wild in Phoenix. We woke up Saturday morning and thought it was a good day to use them. So, we packed up the family and sunblock and made the journey down the mountain.

After a little detour to avoid some construction on the freeway, we arrived at 11:30. The trip down was wonderful. David and I talked. The kids watched Peter Pan and Noah slept in the back.

Emily and Ben would have never been considered good babies. You know the ones you see asleep at a restaurant or curled up and passed out in a shopping cart. We don't have babies like that. We have babies that like to yell and not in a fun way. We had never been to a water park with kids, let alone 3. We were treading on new territory and honestly, I was scared.

We hit the lazy river first. It was something out of a comedy club. Emily wants to ride alone. David can't get on his tube and hold a baby simultaneously. Ben wants to go with me, but he's too scared to go in his side of our double tube alone. So, he has to go inside my tube with me. Between him, the lifevest and me, there wasn't any room for anything else inside that tube. After about 10 minutes of maneuvering, we all started down the river. And we had fun.

We went in the wave pool, down the kiddie slides, ate some fries and repeated the whole process. The kids had a blast. David took Emily down one of the bigger slides that Ben was too short for and I hung out with Ben and get this...wait for it...wait for it...a sleeping Noah. That's right. We had one of THOSE babies. People looked at him and smiled and I could tell they were thinking "what a great baby". Lord knows I thought it too about a million times.

We made it more than 4 hours. I couldn't believe the kids held out for that long. We left and went to a pizzeria down the street and headed home. David and I talked. The kids watched Monsters Inc for a bit and then fell asleep. And Noah, slept the entire ride home.

We can't wait to do it again.

Mother's Day started off wonderful. I slept 11 hours straight. Not a single interruption. I haven't done that in far too long. It was glorious. My kids were extra nice to me and Emily made me the cutest card in school.

{clockwise, flower, flower, games (I'm on the wii fit) and laughs}

She was so excited to give it to me along with the other cards she made. David got busy making breakfast - pancakes, bacon and hashbrowns. Yummy! I also got a gift card for 4 hours worth of pampering at a spa. Can't wait to make that appointment. The rest of the day was pretty normal, running errands, doing laundry, life...
It was nice to spend the day with my family.

Monday morning came much too soon after such a great, busy weekend. I got Emily ready for school and when carpool came, we walked out only to be greeted by a gruesome murder.

Blood and feathers everywhere. This is something that Max has done many times, but Max has been missing for almost 3 months and I know it wasn't him. Some other animal decided to murder a pigeon in our driveway. The huge black crows or ravens were already making off with the remains of the carcass. Not a pleasant site and I think I'll leave it for David to take care of when he gets home. Spraying blood off the driveway is not on my list of things to do today.

Today, I'm looking for beach house rentals in San Diego for Fall Break because you know, we have one of THOSE babies.
And I'll take that any day over feathers, guts and blood.


Linda said...

You know I always look forward to seeing what you're going to write about next! I love the way you tell stories :D

That's a wonderful photo of you and your friend and it's great that you had this night to yourself!

I miss the cards made at school ♥ Emily did a fantastic job.

And yea for all of you for having a wonderful day at the water park. Your story was hilarious - I could picture every detail.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gina let us know when you plan on heading down to the water park again, it is two minutes from my house. Maybe we could meet up at the park or for some pizza afterwards. Did you stop at Jo Jo's?

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog so much! You are so animated how you explain everything. So glad you had a great weekend! And so sorry you had to see the massacre this morning. I haven't been able to get the picture out of my head all day! AND THEN I ran over a HUGE snake on the way home from swim. Dead bird, dead snake! I'm having nightmares tonight!


Sarah said...

Congrats to Pam! What a fun day. For both of you.

Pam said...

Aahhh - Friend, that was so sweet! Thanks so much for coming down to share the evening with me. It meant so much to be with all the people I love - you're the bestest! So happy to hear you had a nice weekend and a lovely mother's day. Can't wait till my next trip up to see you and the fam. Love you!

P.S. - thanks, sarah!