Sunday, May 2, 2010

Boy Wonder and Super Girl

Our yard sale was mildly successful. We made about $100. Better than nothing!

The signage to our house was misleading for 2 prime hours of selling time. Other people put their sign to go right onto their street, so unless you kept going down our side street, you wouldn't know we were there. A kind lady informed me, but it was already 10:00. I was wondering why it seemed a little slow.

The good news is we got rid of tons of tiny stuff for under a dollar. We didn't have a lot of big ticket items anyway, but the few we had didn't sell, so I'm listing them on craigslist. Prior to the yard sale, I had sold several things on Craiglist and Ebay. So, in the past 2 months, I've made over $200 on sales through those outlets.

We can't ever come up with enough stuff to itemize on our tax return, so we take the standard deduction. Therefore, donations don't mean squat for us financially. So, if we can make something on stuff that we would otherwise donate, I'm thrilled.

The highlight of the day was receiving the Robin costume that we won on e-bay direct from Hong Kong. It was torture on Ben to wait 2 weeks. I knew I shouldn't have told him that it was coming. "It's on it's way, it has to come from Hong Kong" means nothing to a 4 year old. I even got out the map to show him and took the long way to the U.S., but that didn't help.

He was so excited when Emily told him it was here. Much to our surprise a Superman costume was in there also. Suzy (my Dad's wife) also won a few costumes for him and I put in their address in Idaho. So when we went to visit, he'd have a few new costumes. Apparently, the Superman and Robin costumes were from the same seller in Hong Kong who decided to save on shipping and combine our order since it had the same name. I did put down a different address, but it is what it is and he was thrilled to have 2 new costumes. Emily thought it was pretty cool too and she is more than happy to be Supergirl.

All in a day...


Anonymous said...

Yeah Team! Love the muscles and such. I'm surprised Ben allowed Emily to get in on the action:) They look like they were having fun showing off who had the biggest muscles.
P.S. Kudos to you for taking the time to show Ben where the other side of the world is on the map. What an amazing Mom you are. ☼

Linda said...

How cool is that? And did you see.... I am now a Super Hero as well (pics on FB of the cape Sarah brought me).

Okay... it's not as cool as their costumes but the fact that my teenage daughter thought to bring me a Super Hero cape thrilled me! :)

Glad you had a pretty good sale.

The pics are adorable.