Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nothing's Gonna Change His World

Ben is a special boy.
He's funny and dramatic and sweet.
I think he's pretty wonderful.

He rarely puts on weight. He's always at the low end for his weight and the mid-high range for height. His last doctor's visit, he was in the 18% for kids his edge in weight. And this is why:

***Notice Noah in the jumperoo staring at him like he's crazy.
He will take a bite of food and run 4 circles around the house. Take another bite and do the same thing. It's really a genius strategy. He burns the calories as he consumes them.

I wrote about shaping musical interests about 18 months ago. Much to my surprise "Across the Universe" is still a favorite in the car. But it's now one of Ben's favorites and he requests it whenever we go anywhere. I always laugh when I hear him sing it.

I love that he sings it with such conviction. Nothing's gonna change his world.
If only...there will be school, jobs, college, bills, girlfriends, broken hearts, a mortage, a family of his own....

For now, I'll keep him under my wing for as long as possible before the challenges of life rock his world.


Linda said...

This post has me bawling. It's completely, utterly, precious, thought-provoking, and priceless. Bless Ben's heart - and yours. Truly, don't we all wish, nothing would change our world? ♥

Anonymous said...

The secrets of what makes Ben, Ben are slowly unfolding.... He is too cute and we all love ♥♥♥ him ♥♥♥ because of who he is and what he gives back to us. HAPPINESS for sure. ☼