Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cheap Entertainment

Babies are so much fun. I love watching Noah explore something new and figure out how it works.

Now that he sits up really well on his own, he is playing with all his bigger baby toys. It's a whole new perspective from laying down.

I love that babies find anything amusing...a spoon, cheerios on his tray and in this case, a Room Store ad.

He loved it! Just another use for the newspaper before it goes in the recycle bin.

Uh oh, what's that? It's a dinosaur and not the nice one like Barney.

And then it roared and freaked him out!

I think we'll stick to newspaper for awhile.


Linda said...

I loved the sequence of photos :D

Holly and Bo said...

Those faces, the scared, I want to cry ones are exactly what Brayden does. And he loves a weekly ad just the same. I never knew how much fun watching a baby grown and learn would be. We love it!