Saturday, May 22, 2010

Before and After

Stanley Steamer has come and gone. It took a little over an hour to get the three rooms done, living room, dining room and family room. Although, it's really a family room and giant play room.

I spent 5 hours yesterday moving everything out of these rooms. Where did I put everything?

Here. Guest Bedroom.

Here. Entry way.

And here. Kitchen.

It's been quite the adventure. We climb over the sofa to get to the kitchen sink. They said they would move furniture around for us, but if it's not plastic or has plastic legs, the furniture can't sit on the wet carpet. Nothing is plastic except our office chairs and the rocking horse.

Our high traffic areas were pretty awful and I'm almost embarrassed to post this picture. You also have to remember that we've had 2 huge black dogs who lay on these areas nestled around the sofa. The oils from their fur is virtually impossible to get out.

Here is the before.

Here is the after.

It's about 50-75% better, which is about what we expected.

Now comes the tough part of waiting 24 hours to put back all the furniture.
Noah doesn't seem to care.

And these kids didn't mind either. They are playing the snake game with a jump rope. David made it up this morning and the kids were having a great time. I'm starting to realize that less is more.

There will be no cooking for me today. And we'll be eating our meals on our patio. Although with the crazy wind we are having, I'm think Texas Roadhouse for dinner is a must.

And I guess I'll be watching TV tonight sitting on the rocking horse. It neighs and plays Give Me A Home Where The Buffalos Roam and the kids will play the snake game. It's going to be an exciting night at our house.

As long as my sofa is back in place for the finale of Lost tomorrow night, I'm all good.


Anonymous said...

You are a great reminder of why we got tile throughout the house! :-) Looks like they did a great job!


brownymama said...

Love it when the carpets get cleaned! Everything seems cleaner!

Linda said...

It looks great! :) What a lot of work! Noah is so cute.