Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I've never had a great imagination. I would much rather research and write a report based on fact than write a short story based on fiction. Maybe that is why I encourage Ben's infatuation with dressing up. Who am I to hinder his imagination? For now, I let him wear whatever he wants. Even out of the house.

This is what he wore to pick up Emily from school one day last week.

This was his outfit on Monday to get Emily.

And he put together this costume today. It's actually green dinosaur thermal underwear and it's 78 degrees outside. Do I care? Nope. He said he was a green power ranger.

The first time he wore the Batman mask to Costco I thought everyone was going to be looking at him (and me) like we were crazy. But the truth was, nobody really cared. We got a lot of smiles from elderly folks and a few people called him Batman. And he eats it up. He loves the attention.

In the fall, he will start preschool. I'll pick out a regular shirt and pants every day for him and he will wear it. But for now, I let him wear what he wants. He'll be told what he can and can't do for the rest of his life.

For now, he can just be Ben....
and Batman, and Green Power Ranger, and Mr. Incredible, and Superman, and Spiderman, and Red Power Ranger, and Robin, and Super Why, and a dinosaur, and the Riddler, and a witch, and Buzz Lightyear, and Lightning McQueen, and Captain America...


joven said...

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Linda said...

I love Ben's imagination. It's marvelous! :o)

Maybe it's too late to share on my blog since Sarah is now grown, but I'll tell you the story of her elephant nose. It's a rubber-like elephant snout that fastens with elastic. I think we found it with some abandoned stuff by one of the townhouses that we were living by and she snagged it from that pile and I washed it out/sanitized of course.

Now, I'm thinking I'll share the whole story someday on there, because there's more to it that transcends to now... but I'll just say this to you right now: She wore it to Daycare. We didn't do pre-school, but it was before and after school day care in Kindergarten. She insisted on wearing the elephant nose. More power to her (and Ben!) :o)

Amy said...

So funny! Encourage imagination! On the first day of kindergarten, Amanda was supposed to bring in her favorite stuffed animal. She brought, Eunice, her imaginary unicorn. It ended up coming every day with her (like mary's little lamb). It was really funny last year, but now her first grade teacher wants her evaluated by the schools phsychologist! I think it's hilarious!