Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I'm the historian for our family. I take all the pictures, run the video camera and blog to capture and preserve our lives. I remember giving David a tutorial on how to use the video camera in between contractions with Ben. I wish he'd jump on the blogwagon and post something every once and awhile, but he leaves that to me.

And yesterday, it finally came in handy.

Usually, David helps me sweep and mop the floors. I sweep. He mops. We get it all done in about 30 minutes. We were supposed to do it last weekend, but didn't find time. David had spilled an entire container of orange juice the weekend before and even though we thought we cleaned it all up. We'd run into a sticky spot every once in awhile. Combine that with a golden retriever shedding his winter coat and you got disgusting. I decided yesterday to do the floors without David.

I will never do that again.

A one hour job turned into 4 hours. I'd get one section done and Noah would start crying. Diaper change, baby food, Elmo...he's good. Then, I'd start to Swiffer and Ben wants a sandwich. For the love of God, let Mama get some work done.

Around the fourth hour, when Elmo no longer held his allure. I decided to put on Noah's favorite person.
And nothing is better for him than hearing my voice on the TV and watching his sister.

That's Emily talking to herself in the mirror when she was 2.

Apparently, some things never change.


Linda said...

What's mopping?

lol, seriously all that gets done on our kitchen and connecting laundry room floor, anymore is sweeping and swiffering with swiffer wet jet. It shows... (white tile that needs replacing), but it's the best I can manage.

You focus on the more important things. It's great that you're the historian. You know I'm pretty much that way also, but Jim does take an equal amount of videos at the school functions, since he's better at that.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I love that one.☺ Noah sitting entranced by the sound of Emily's babbling. I'm sure she was still just babbling at that stage.
I know, although I love hearing your stories of everyday life from your refreshing and often comical point of view I would love to see David lend a hand in the writing department. After all two stories on each event would be interesting, at least to me. I guess David feels he gets his share of writing at work. Maybe he could do one or two a month as a tribute to you??? Hmmm!
But no matter who does the honors, I love to follow your lives on a regular basis and on the days when I log in and see you have not done one that day, I feel disappointed. I love your stories and as they concern those I love, that makes them doubly enjoyable. Keep up the good work and glad Noah has matured enough to enjoy your efforts as well.☼