Saturday, May 22, 2010

Smalltown Friends

We have friends that live around the block from us. We met them during trick or treating on Halloween shortly after we moved here. They are awesome people. The Dad is a pediatric dentist and coached our pee wee soccer team last fall. The Mom is...well, she's everything.

They do fun things like have an ice cream social every June because it's national ice cream month. Who knew? Well, they did and they even make homemade ice cream. They are the fun neighbors everyone hopes to have, but usually we all just end up next to somebody who leaves their Christmas lights up all year, doesn't pull their weeds and won't take in their garbage cans for a week. (By the way, we live next to that family too.)

On the way home from school yesterday, this is what we saw.

They are adorable. They decided it would be a nice day to sell lemonade and cookies on the corner, so they did. I love that!

And I love them. Sadly, their house is on the market and they are planning to move to Prescott. So, if they are moved by June, we'll have to drive 20 minutes instead of walking 20 seconds to get to their house for the ice cream social. And we'll gladly do it because they are good people who make great ice cream.

Plus in this small town, we will still run into them at the store or library.

But, it won't be the same as having them around the corner.
I guess I'll have to make my own lemonade.

I wrote this post and set it to publish Saturday morning. 3 posts in one day is a bit much, even for my wonderful mother in law. We just ran into Krista on our nightly bike ride. They made $33 in one hour. They did it on donations and she said a lot of older people would give $5. Holy cow...I'm going into the lemonade business! I'll work a new corner every afternoon. HA!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Prescott Valley(Pronghorn Ranch) has a booming economy. Maybe they better re-think their move to Prescott. The neighbors might not be so supportive there. Ha! Just joking, I'm sure you will miss these fine neighbors when they move. ☼
PS never too many blogs for me to consume. Just commenting is the effort that has to be put forth by me. I love everything you write and send out. ☺

brownymama said...

Ah... what a sweet post. You almost made me cry. Especially when I saw the pics of me looking so terrible!! (:

It makes us sad to leave because we love our neighborhood. Such great friends all around us. The kids have so much fun with all the neighborhood kids... AND I like their parents! We'll miss you too, but hopefully we'll all stay friends. You better be there for our ice cream social in July.... no matter where we live. I'll even make your favorite!