Friday, April 30, 2010

Setting The Stage

Tomorrow, our housing sub division is having a community yard sale. I shopped at last years trying to get baby clothes. This year, I'm selling baby clothes and a bunch of other stuff. Hoping lots of it sells because we already have plans for the money.

Since North Phoenix is only 70 minutes away, we want to get season passes for Wet and Wild. I think the kids would have a blast. Plus, it's the perfect day trip to help me scratch my itch. We might be crazy to take a baby, but I plan to sit under an umbrella and take a nap with him whenever he wants. Season passes with parking and taxes for the four of us (Noah is free) is $280. I'm hoping we can raise half of that at the yard sale. We don't have a ton of big ticket items for sale, so I'm hoping we can sell lots of 50 cent items.

Maybe if I show the kids the waterpark online, they will be more motivated to go in their rooms and gather toys that they don't play with anymore.

That may be the best idea I've had all day.
Wish us luck!


Linda said...

Hope you had great success with the sale today!!

This must be the weekend for the community wide garage sales, as our town had theirs this weekend. I'm reminded of last year, when we participated and had a successful sale, but I don't necessarily want to do one again as they're a lot of work. :)

Anyway - hope your day went well :)

Amy said...

when we left Flagstaff, I made over $1000 on our sale, all because I accepted credit cards through paypal. No haggling on the big ticket items! it was awesome!