Wednesday, February 3, 2010


David and I would never say we have a favorite child.
But, they have a favorite parent.
Don't get me wrong, everybody loves everybody, kumbaya and all that stuff.

But, when Emily comes into our room in the middle of the night, she goes to her Dad's side of the bed. When Ben comes in, he goes to my side of the bed. Emily is a Daddy's girl and Ben is a Mama's boy. It is what it is.

We both wondered what would happen when Noah came along. Whose side of the bed would he choose to go to? He can't walk yet of course, but he is already developing a preference. And the winner is...neither of us!

He lights up when he hears her voice. She can always get a smile out of him. He even laughs at her. And one day, I hope he will go to her bed in the middle of the night because Mama needs some sleep!

On to other favorites...
Emily's hair sure has grown. Seriously, look at this blog post from 18 months ago. She's had two trims her entire life, so she was due for it to really start growing. Her new favorite thing is having me straighten her hair. Flat iron and all!

Noah's new favorite thing is his fingers. Those bottom teeth are really coming through now.

First he tries one finger.

Then he gives two a shot.

There's room for a thumb too.

Of course all that chewing is accompanied with some cute little noises.

I think that's why he is waking up more at night. Is it safe to give him Tylenol every night, sometimes twice a night?

It's probably safer than me not getting any sleep.


Holly and Bo said...

That is so sweet! I don't know Emily but I bet she just eats that up, the fact that her baby brother likes her so much. Brayden has been chewing his fingers alot lately too. You can see him do it in the video I posted on Facebook about his dimples. Noah is getting so big! Isn't it just amazing??

Linda said...

That's all so adorable! :)

You'll have to read my latest, that includes the part where parents are no longer anyone's favorite. Those days are officially gone at our house and it makes me sad.

amyraye said...

i just have to say that i think noah is absolutely adorable. that's all.